1 Inch Buzz Cut: How To Rock It The Right Way

Before, and even more so during the pandemic, buzz cuts are and have been a popular choice for maintaining one’s hair due to their looks and versatility. It’s an easy method to cut one’s own hair that yields great payoffs in the maintenance department.

When it comes to buzz cuts, there are 3 main lengths, with most people thinking of the 1/4 and 1/2-inch buzz cuts. Often ignored is the 1-inch buzz cut, which offers more style versatility but a little extra attention to detail.

What Is Buzz Cut

What exactly qualifies as a buzz cut? A buzz cut is a haircut obtained using solely a pair of clippers, either with or without a clipper guard. Scissors can be used on longer styles, but the buzz cut itself relies primarily on one clipper guard all the way around the head. Using this method, we can achieve any number of different buzz cut styles.

Buzz Cut Lengths


Shaving head with a hair clipper.

Induction cuts use a lower numbered attachment, giving the same length buzz cut all over the head. Induction buzz cuts are great due to their simplicity to achieve, as only a single attachment is used to cut hair to the same length all over the head.

Normally induction cuts are shorter at 1/4 inch which would be the #2 clipper guard. Induction cuts are great for several reasons. First off, as previously mentioned, they’re easy to achieve. There’s no changing of guards needed and anyone can easily achieve this short, manageable look. Induction cuts are easy to maintain, as all you need to do is wash and you’re ready to go.

On the downside, due to its shortness, induction cuts don’t lend themselves to styling. It’s also possible to easily take off more than intended, so it’s best to know what you’re desired look is and how best to get that look for yourself.

Induction cuts look great with some facial stubble as well, but you’ll want to be aware of your face shape as well. Induction cuts have a tendency to make a round face look rounder. Induction cuts are more about function than they are about fashion, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable.


Going the next step up in buzz cut lengths come the 1/2-inch cuts, which would be obtained with a #4 clipper guard. While 1/2-inch cuts are still short they do manage to be long enough to style more than induction cuts are. Different styles can be achieved using different guard lengths to get fades or a tapered look.

1/2-inch buzz cuts are still easily attainable for someone to give themselves with the help of a hand mirror to see hidden spots. 1/2-inch buzz cuts are also great for those who are balding as the slightly longer hair helps to hide the bald spots without it looking like a comb-over. These cuts strike a great balance between the style longer hair can give and the shortness of an induction cut.


Finally, we come to the least traditional of the bunch, the 1″ buzz cut, which is obtained by using a #8 clipper guard. Buzz cuts of this length don’t look like they were buzzed with clippers. Furthermore, some additional tapering on the sides will be required to give the hair some shape. If not, then the hair will just look like a massive puff.

1-inch buzz cuts lend themselves perfectly to specific styles, such as the crew cut, ivy league, and high and tight. There are far more style possibilities than the 1/4 and 1/2-inch buzz cuts, although they are more difficult for a person to give themselves due to the tapering and blending between the top, sides, and back of the hair.

All of these styles require different blending techniques and if there’s a question about how to get your desired result, it’s best to see a barber and have them do the cut for you. It’ll be cleaner and take they’ll take any guesswork out of it 1-inch buzz cuts do require more maintenance, as opposed to the wash and wear ease of the 1/4 and 1/2-inch buzz cuts.

1-inch buzz cuts need to be styled and maintained more, as the hair is longer and will look messy. Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re looking for.

All 3 of these buzz cuts offer simplicity in varying degrees depending on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for something longer that leaves you with more style options? Consider going with a 1-inch buzz cut.

Know Your Style

Do you want minimal hair left so all you need to do is wash and dry it without having to style it at all? Then a 1/4″ cut would be your buzz cut of choice. Choosing a 1/2-inch buzz cut gives a good compromise between the two options without leaning too much toward either.

Your comfort level may vary when it comes to giving yourself a buzz cut, no matter the length. The longer you maintain your own hair, the more comfortable you’ll become with doing it yourself. If this is the case, remember to keep your clipper in good working order by keeping them oiled, brushing away leftover hair, and putting the clipper protector on when not using them.

Man cleaning hair clipper using a brush.

Make sure to keep your clipper guides in a tray to keep them straight, and if just starting out, err on the side of a longer clipper guide, you can always go shorter afterward. If you’re doing a 1-inch buzz cut, seeing a barber may be the best option to ensure a quality cut you’re sure to be happy with.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, buzz cuts have numerous benefits in all their forms. They can give you a great look and can save you money in the long run. They’re efficient and quick, and serve a variety of styles for all types of hair and facial structures.

Buzz cuts are an effective means of keeping a hairstyle, no matter if it’s a functional 1/4-inch buzz cut, a manageable 1/2-inch buzz cut, or a stylish 1-inch buzz cut.

Have any questions? Is a buzz cut part of your normal hair care routine? Please let us know down in the comment section below!

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