Physical Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else: The Truth

There are many different signs of infidelity, so it’s difficult to know for sure. But if she displays even a few of these red flags, there is a possibility that cheating has occurred. These are 15 signs that your partner is cheating on you.


No one wants to consider whether their partner is seeing or sleeping with someone else. In an ideal world, no one would have to go through the pain of being deceived. Unfortunate as it may seem, this does happen. Hopefully, your relationship is one in which open and honest communication takes precedence over the prospect of your companion cheating on you.

If that isn’t the case, there are numerous techniques to determine whether or not your spouse is cheating on you. Of course, things change depending on some particular variables. Sometimes, you’re better off leaving before finding out if they are having an affair.

Not all of these signals imply that your spouse is having an affair. You should look at the big picture, their pattern of behavior, and see if it deviates from the normal. These are 15 signs your wife just slept with someone else.

signs that your wife is sleeping with Someone Else

1. She gets very defensive when questioned about anything related to her mobile phone

A sure sign she has cheated is she gets very defensive when questioned about anything related to her mobile phone, and anything related to her phone bills. I would go so far as to say she takes her mobile phone, or most likely SIM card, to the bathroom with her when she takes a shower, or just to get away from you when she is on the toilet.

Woman in the bathroom with a mobile phone.

Some women are sneakier they allow you access to their mobile phone but have a second secret mobile they use to date and meet other guys. So look out for secret or second mobile phones.

Another sign she has cheated is if her phone has a lock screen when it used to be unlocked. She is not as open and continues to take her phone with her whenever she leaves the room.

2. She suddenly needs a lot of alone time

“Can you watch the kids for a few hours tonight? I just need some time to myself.”

If your wife or girlfriend asks for time for herself, there’s a chance she may be meeting someone. After all, who in their right mind would want to be with someone who is always wanting time to themselves? You would grow tired of that pretty quickly.

Or if she is going somewhere and doesn’t want you with her in fact she tells you to go away! And of course, if she is not telling you where she is going, what time the hell she will be back and with whom.

3. She gets unusually defensive when you ask about where she’s been or who she was with

An excellent clue! She gets defensive or argues when questioned about where she’s been and who she was with! If your mate gets aggressive or just shuts you out when you ask her about where she has been then this is a definite sign of cheating.

The woman showed skepticism when interrogated.

To be honest, if she does this when you ask her about anything, it’s time to dump her. If she can’t trust you, why should you trust her, right?

And don’t forget it is also a definite flag if she returns from the bathroom with her makeup done, hair brushed, tight clothes on, and smelling like perfume.

5. You notice that her clothes smell different from before, and they’re not the same clothes she wore yesterday

She goes out stays out and comes back in with different clothes on or her clothes smell different, this means she was somewhere she shouldn’t.

And don’t forget the same flags if she comes back with “her clothes” smelling like perfume, this is also a definite giveaway. The perfume is to hide the smell of another man’s cologne or smell.

6. Your girlfriend/wife has a sudden change of mood – for example, going from being happy one minute to sad the next.

She could be remembering times with him or they’ve had an argument.

This is a major sign of cheating. What you have to do here is find out what has happened and who/what has made her change so quickly. Also if she is very defensive about how you feel or what you are saying is also a sign something has occurred between her and the other guy. Also, if she is now calling you names or calling you a loser, this is also a sign that something has happened.

Moody woman talking to her partner.

Another point related to this is that if she is telling you that you are not a man and that she needs to find someone else, this also means something has happened between her and the other guy. This can be related to more than one thing, for example, A) she’s been with him recently B) he was not very good in bed, or C) he wasn’t very good looking and she feels that you need to be better than this.

7. She tells you she has a boyfriend when questioned about her odd behavior

If she tells you “I have a boyfriend” when questioned about her change in behavior, it is a definite clue.

This is a major giveaway! If your partner says this, they are either, A) trying to get rid of you or B)she has already told the other guy that she has a man so he won’t think anything is going on.

If your partner says this to you, get out of there! You don’t want a two-timing loser in your life and she is calling the shots so you can see how much respect she has for you.

8. She has broken contact with your friends and family for no apparent reason

This is a major sign of cheating! If she has broken contact with your friends and family for no apparent reason, then this is a clear sign that something fishy is going on.

And when this happens it’s time to do some detective work. If she tells you that it is because of something else, again she is hiding something.

Mother-in-law was disappointed with the argument.

If she breaks contact because you mention it to her, this may also mean that someone from the outside world knows what’s going on or that the guy she’s with, has told her that you are asking around about them. Even if she breaks contact for any other reason, this is a major clue as to what is going on.

Another point is that if she tells you that it is because of her family and then turns around and says that they don’t like what she’s doing, this also means that she has been caught out and is trying to cover her tracks.

9 . You notice she has less money than before (Eg: She has no money to go out with you guys anymore)

This is a major give away and the reason for this is that she has less money because of the guy she’s cheating on you with.

If your partner starts coming up with excuses as to why she can’t go out or spends more time in than ever before, this means there’s definitely something going on.

Another point to note here is the fact that if she starts spending more money than before on clothes, hair nails – anything like this it means there’s definitely could be something going on. If there is something going on and you confront her about it, she’ll probably say “Oh, but I need to look good for work” or something like that.

10. She has started dressing sexier than usual and acting flirtatious around other men

This means she has started dressing sexier than usual because of the guy she is cheating on you with.

She may also start acting flirtatious around other men because this means she can go home and brag about it to the other guy. It’s all part of keeping him happy.

Sexy woman in a red dress laying on a fancy sofa.

And here comes another point – if she approaches any man (including you), it is a major clue that something fishy is going on behind your back.

Now another man is interested or actually in a relationship with her, she’ll be flattered and will like the attention. And she might even say that you’re boring etc to try to build up his ego. Her self-esteem will go up and she will dress and act more provocatively in general.

11. She starts playing mind games with you more than ever before

When she starts playing mind games with you, this means that she has something to hide. She uses these games as a way of getting herself out of trouble or to cover her tracks when she is doing something wrong or she doesn’t want you to know about it.

So when these games start up again, you should take the opportunity to find out what’s really going on behind your back because this gives her an excuse not to answer questions if you ask them directly. She’ll say “Oh I’m only joking.” or “Stop taking things so seriously.” etc.

12. She has a lot of unexplained mood swings and is very unpredictable in general

If she has a lot of unexplained mood swings and is very unpredictable then this could mean that there’s something going on behind your back. If she’s not being straight with you, she’ll have some problems controlling her emotions.

And if you notice her mood swings getting worse and more erratic over time, this is a major clue as to what’s going on. That her mind could be in confusion about the situation and she’s trying to keep her emotions steady.

Young emotional woman.

Another point is that if you approach the subject with her and ask what’s wrong, she’ll play it down and probably say something like “Oh nothing” or “I’m fine”. If you think she’s definitely hiding something, keep pressing her to tell you what’s really going on because this is a major clue that she cannot handle the pressure of keeping it all together.

13. She breaks down crying about how much she misses him/her and how they “love each other”.

If she is breaking down crying about how much she misses him/her and how “they love each other” then this is a major clue that she might be cheating on you with this person.

Maybe she misses him/her and wants to talk about how much they love each other because she doesn’t have the other guy/girl around to talk to because she left him/her. Or she misses him/her and wants to talk about how much they love each other because he/she is the only person to whom she can speak about this situation because it would be very suspicious.

This is a major clue if she is very upset-more upset than she should be that there could be something more going on between them than longstanding friends. Being just friends could be a cover that they went out together in the past, or split up and only recently started to go out together again. Or maybe they plan to get together and she has feelings for him more than she can admit.

14 Your wife starts taking birth control (or the pill)

If your wife starts taking birth control then this is a major clue that something may be going on behind your back because the only reason why she would take it (in absence of other medical problems) would be to prevent getting pregnant.

A woman taking birth control pills.

As well as preventing pregnancy, contraceptives also serve as an effective means of stopping women from becoming attached to men during sexual intercourse. This makes her more likely to act inappropriately with other men outside of their relationship.

15. These sudden changes in her habits

  • Her face suddenly becomes more ‘bony’, and her cheekbones become more pronounced. This is usually because she has lost a lot of weight suddenly — and it’s not from dieting!
  • She suddenly starts dressing sexier, wearing shorter skirts or tighter tops that show off her figure. Of course, if you compliment her appearance while accusing her of cheating, she’ll insist that “It’s just because I feel good about myself” and that you’re making her self- conscious.
  • She avoids making eye contact. A woman who is guilty about something will try and avoid eye contact with you at all costs because that’s how people who are not trustworthy look when they’re trying to deceive someone.
  • She suddenly starts acting a bit strange. Maybe she’s acting a little more bitchy or distant than she used to be. Or maybe she seems nervous and short-tempered – which is very unusual for her. This change in behavior could be a sign that she does not feel good about herself anymore.
  • She becomes extremely critical of you. You may find that suddenly she has a laundry list of things that are wrong with you. Or she’ll suddenly complain about everything you do — even the things that used to make her happy!
  • She suddenly becomes disinterested in sex. Has your sex drive decreased drastically? This is a classic sign because women will often use it as an excuse for infidelity – or at least use it as a way to initiate an open relationship.
  • She suddenly starts asking about your schedule. If she’s always been fine with you going out and spending time with friends, but one day asks where you’ve been and whom you’re with, there may be cause for concern. Chances are that this is her way of trying to find out if you’re seeing someone behind her back.
  • She always seems to be tired. Maybe she’s using the “I’m tired” excuse all the time. Or maybe she has a lot of sick days at work, which is also suspicious. And if you ever stumble upon her diary while snooping and see that she’s suddenly started to write about having migraines or feeling sick every day, it’s definitely something to look into.
  • She seems suspiciously happy. If her attitude has totally changed and she suddenly doesn’t seem at all upset by things that used to bother her — like you spending less time with her or your friends ‘borrowing’ her clothes — she’s probably getting what she wants from another man. And chances are, you’re not the person doing this to her.

In conclusion

If you spot several of these signs and there is no event in particular that might have caused them (e.g. cheating or divorce), it’s safe to say she’s having an affair, but remember: If you start accusing her of cheating without any proof, she’ll definitely not admit guilt and your relationship will probably be over… so get the proof before you try anything.

If you have any questions please ask them below in the comments.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Remember to always get proof before accusing and look for multiple changes in behavior.

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