Long Beard Trimmers: How To Pick The Right One

Are you looking for the best beard trimmer ideal for long beards in 2022? If yes, then you are at the right place.

If you have a long beard and want to keep it looking perfectly groomed, you need the right tools to do the job. While some men might be able to get away with using any old trimmer or shaver, not all of them will be suitable for your beard type and grooming needs.

In order to keep your beard looking good, you need to make sure that it stays the way you want it and the only way to do that is with the right beard trimmer.

If you have an extra-long beard, then you know how difficult it can be to find a beard trimmer that can handle it. We’ve compiled the list of the top 5 best beard trimmers for long beards on the market today, based on user ratings and overall quality, so you can find the best trimmer for your needs.

This list includes both battery-operated trimmers and corded ones since not everyone wants to or has access to charging outlets near their bathroom mirror!

Top Five Best Beard trimmers for Long Beards

1. Philips Norelco Series 3500 Beard Trimmer for Men

Philips Norelco Series 3500 Beard Trimmer for Men

When it comes to high-quality beard trimmers, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is the best in the market. It features 20 built-in precision lengths settings that range from 0.5millimeter to 10 millimeters. Moreover, it comes with one single comb that offers a hassle-free trim allowing you to easily style your stubble and beard.

This beard trimmer features self-sharpening titanium blades to ensure it remains sharp all the time and will cut the hair perfectly while preventing skin irritation. The blades can cut through your beard with minimal effort from you, meaning that in less time, you’ll be able to reach your desired length.

Other than that, this beard trimmer has a zoom wheel technology that offers length settings. Ideally, the blades are made of titanium materials for durability.

It is a cordless beard trimmer as it comes with an advanced lithium-ion battery that offers maximum power to great performance cutting. This battery only requires one hour to be fully charged and it delivers up to 120 minutes of run time. It has an automatic voltage of 100 to 240 volts and will deliver a skin-friendly trim.

One great thing about this electric beard trimmer is that it has an ergonomic design making it easy to hold and use. It will enable you to easily trim even on those hard-to-reach areas. In addition to that, it is very easy to clean as you just need to detach the head of the trimmer and then rinse it on running water for easy cleaning.

The Philips Norelco 3500 Hair Trimmer is packed with a power cord, cleaning brush, and beard comb. This beard trimmer is designed with a dual-sided blade that allows you to trim longer beards in less time. In addition, there are various length settings so you can find your perfect length.

With no cords, you’ll find that this trimmer is easy to use and maneuver, especially when trimming long beards. All in all, it’s an amazing trimmer if you have long beards and want to keep them well-groomed at all times.


  • It has self-sharpening titanium blades
  • Comes with lithium-ion battery that offers up to 120 minutes working time
  • Easy to hold and use
  • The blades are skin friendly to prevent irritation
  • Takes only one hour to charge full
  • Has 20 built in precision lengths settings
  • Offered with2-year warranty


  • The low power switch is too easy to activate while in use
  • Higher length settings don’t always achieve an even cut

2. Panasonic Cordless 19 Length Setting Men’s Beard Trimmer (Black)

Panasonic Cordless 19 Length Setting Men's Beard Trimmer (Black)

If you are searching for a men’s beard trimmer best suited for tackling long beards, you can never go wrong with Panasonic Cordless Beard Trimmer with its easy to use dial selector and 19 different length settings, you can choose exactly how much or how little of your facial hair you wish to have trimmed.

Following this, you can easily maintain and create your style with this electric trimmer. The quick-adjust dial is positioned on the handle allowing you easily and quickly adjust the individual settings to offer you the right hair lengths you want. It has a cutting length adjustment that ranges from 1 mm to 10 mm and a cutting length attachment of about 0.5 mm.

Its hypoallergenic and ultra-sharp blades are precision-honed to an acute 45 degrees angle to develop a perfect edge of trimming even on the more dense and thickest hair. It will allow men to have efficient, quick beards, hair, and mustache grooming. Another thing, this beard trimmer is lightweight hence you can easily carry it to any place including the office or while traveling.

This durable, lightweight, and sleek beard and hair trimmer also have an ergonomic handle that allows total control, optimum comfort, and precise trimming and cutting results. It is also included with a snap-on comb attachment which makes it simple to cut uncooperative hairs.

There is round- edge and angled combs that comfortably raise flattened, stubborn hairs for effortless and smooth cutting. What’s more, the sleek design makes it very easy to hold while giving you total control for detailed trimming and cutting.

When the time is short, this trimmer delivers a convenient, close and quick dry trim on the go or over the sink. Since it is fully immersible in water and is 100 % washable, this trimmer can likewise be used efficiently in the shower.

The ER-GB42 beard trimmer has precision and power and it is very easy to use. It charges fast in an AC wall adaptor and you can use it for up to 50 minutes when it is fully charged. It is portable to use when traveling. The trimming power itself on this model is also quite impressive, you can use it on your head and other parts of your body as well, if needed.


  • Has a sleek design for easy holding
  • 19 cutting length adjustment
  • Comes with ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic blades
  • Charges fast and travels easily
  • Offers personalized cutting and sculpting
  • Waterproof and it is 100 % washable
  • Can trim wet or dry hair


  • May not hold charge for long

3. Remington MB4045B Precise Detail Groomer Beard Trimmer Kit (6 pieces)

Remington MB4045B Precise Detail Groomer Beard Trimmer Kit (6 pieces)

Another top-quality trimmer, the Remington MB4045B Beard Trimmer Kit is perfect for long beards as well as body grooming and manscaping. It has three length combs that include tough, full, and under control. Ideally, the XL-length trimming comb assists to keep your rugged beard in check. The other two combs help to handle short jobs.

Typically, this trimmer has a trimming range of 15 -35mm to allow precision while letting you define and shape sideburns. Moreover, it allows you to reach places where it is hard to reach in your face. Another thing, this device has a zoom wheel where you just lock in and go. Using the zooming wheel, it will quickly adjust into the position of trimming combs and will hold them firmly at the required length.

This machine comes with a scissors and brush that helps you to craft your signature beard and trim them with the scissors. Moreover, it will provide quality grooming and help men get the right outlook that they want.

The quick-release blade allows you to easily clip in and out of the place for easy maintenance and cleaning. What’s more, it comes with a powerful lithium battery that provides up to 120 minutes runtime with more torque and power when compared to other systems. The Remington Beard Boss drives the detail trimmer and precision-cut blades to make a fast job of your bearded, glorious face.

The included XL grooming comb helps to keep the full beard at the required length while the other length-adjusting combs assist to create the perfect look that you need. There are different settings, so you can choose exactly how long you want your beard to be.

It is a professional-grade device with self-sharpening blades and will not tug or pull on your beard when trimming. The MB4045B is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, making it easy to maneuver around your face.

The built-in precision trimmer ensures that your facial hair will always look groomed and well maintained. You don’t have to waste your time trying to style or trim those long and unruly beards anymore.

With its premium stainless steel, you can achieve professional results with ease. This beard trimmer kit comes with all of the attachments you need to style and groom your facial hair just as you want it.


  • Powerhouse lithium battery that provides 120 minutes runtime
  • Has a trimming range 15 -35mm
  • Quick-release blade assembly clips
  • Included with beard brush and scissors
  • Ideal for trimming hard-to-reach areas of your face
  • It is an XL length trimming comb


  • Plastic guard teeth bend easily
  • Included brush bristles is too stiff

4. HATTEKER Hair Clipper Men Waterproof Beard Trimmer Kit

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The HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit is an ideal pick for any man who is concerned about keeping his facial hair in top shape. It is 16 pieces in one trimmer and it includes 6 guide combs, an ear and nose hair trimmer, a body groomer, a detail trimmer, a hair trimmer, a beard trimmer, a cleaning brush, an accessory storage bag, a charger with USB connection and an instruction guide.

This multi-functional grooming kit has a cutting length between 1 to 10mm allowing you to style your beard as well as body hair to your anticipated look. In addition to that, the stainless steel standing and moving blades with precision gaps that are deep close to the skin have low-friction heat and more pruning and it does not produce dangerous temperatures that can lead to burning of your skin.

With this hair trimmer, you can create details, contours, and fine lines making it ideal for men. The steel precision trimmer makes it easy to finish small and precise edge details. What’s more, the body groomer enables you to shave and trim safely and conveniently below the neck.

This machine comes with an ear and nose trimmer that assists in quickly trimming unwanted ear and nose hair without cuts or nicks. Besides that, the LED display allows you to read clearly how long needs charged and how much using the time is left. This hair trimmer is easy and fast to clean. You just need to rinse the blades in the tap water for hygienic and quick cleaning.

It is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery that delivers up to 60 minutes of shaving time and it only takes about 1.5-hour charging. It is a portable device that is ideal to use at home or when traveling. This product has a fully washable design and after cleaning, you just need to let it dry naturally.

The stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic, which means that they will not cause any skin irritations or allergies during use. The blades are also corrosion-resistant, meaning that they will stay sharp for much longer than your average trimmer. This trimmer can be used to cut eyebrows, nose hairs, and any long beard style you want. That said, it comes with everything you need to get started right away.


  • 5 in 1 multi-functional grooming kit
  • Offers 60 minutes shaving time when fully charged
  • Whole body is washable
  • Comes with Long-lasting lithium battery
  • 16 pieces all in one trimmer
  • 100% waterproof and it is fast and easy to clean
  • Create fine lines and contours making it perfect for men


  • Battery display not accurate
  • The stand does not hold the attachments sturdy

5. Wahl Lithium Ion Grooming and Detailing Total Beard Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Ion Grooming and Detailing Total Beard Trimmer

The Wahl trimmer is designed to deliver a nice, clean-cut and take it easy on the skin. It features 19 individual cutting lengths to ensure that you attain the right beard length. Ideally, this machine has a self-sharpening blade that allows it to stay sharp for a longer period of time and will continuously sharpen over time.

There is also an oil that you can apply between a few haircuts to increase the longevity of the trimmer blades and motor. It is a versatile trimmer that can trim your face, head, nose, ear hair, and more.

This trimmer is equipped with a one-minute quick charge whereas the lithium-ion enables this trimmer to offer three minutes of run time. In addition to that, it only takes 1 hour to be fully recharged and will deliver up to 3.5 hours of run time.

Its low noise and quiet motor allow for smooth, easy shaving and trimming. The kit is also included with a 6-position adjustable beard guide and 12 individual guide combs that allow cutting length from 1/16 inches to 1 inch.

The device has a no-slip grip that ensures that you will not mishandle or accidentally drop the trimmer during use. What’s more, this device has rechargeable lithium-ion technology hence you will never worry about needing to replace the batteries.

It comes with self-sharpening precision blades that are strong and sturdy while remaining gentle on your skin. You can use it wet or dry as you like – whatever works best for you. The Wahl Lithium Ion Grooming kit is definitely one of their best products in that category. It can work with any hair length, from short stubble to long beard.

The Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer will provide you with a lot of options to tame your beard. It will help you shape up your sideburns, mustache, and even head hair if you’re bald. This kit is one of their best offerings yet offering state-of-the-art technology that leaves your beard looking stylish and neat in just minutes.


  • Comes with self-sharpening blades
  • 19 cutting lengths
  • Has quiet, low noise motor
  • 13 individual guide combs
  • 1 hour full charge
  • Storage pouch included
  • Quick 60 second charge
  • Up to 3 hours of run time


  • Does not come with nose and ear trimmer

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which trimmer is best for long beard?

The list includes the best trimmers for long beards, nevertheless, to be more specific, the Philips Norelco Series 3500 is a perfect beard for long beard grooming. It has more tongue and comes with a powerful motor.

How should I trim my beard for a full beard?

To trim a full beard, you just need to ensure that your beard is clean and dry after taking a shower, then brush the beard facing downwards to the desired shape, clean up the cheek lines using a razor or shaver. After that, trim using clippers if you want to eliminate a lot of materials.


If you’re looking to keep your beard long and trim, there are plenty of options out there, but one trimmer, in particular, stands out from the rest. The Wahl Lithium Ion Grooming Kit is a solid machine that comes with all sorts of attachments.

Beard trimmers can make your facial hair easier to manage and reduce cleanup time. It makes sense to spend a little extra on quality since, after all, your face is on display almost every day.

If you are shopping for yourself or buying a gift for someone else, look into some of these best beard trimmers. I hope they help!

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