Black Men Goatee Styles: 7 Styles To Try & How To Grow It

Are you looking for the perfect black men’s goatee styles for you? If yes, then this article is for you.

Goatee-style beards feature hair on the chin or lower lip and sometimes on the upper lip as well. They come in different shapes, outlines, and thicknesses that suit different shapes of faces.

So, whether you are looking for a full thick beard style that looks elegant and dapper or one that is rugged for an easygoing look and easy maintenance, a goatee-style beard is a great option for you.

What Do You Need for Growing One

Knowing what you need to grow your beard can make a huge difference in achieving the success of growing one. Below, we’ve listed the most important things you need to grow a beard properly.

But do take note that you should be realistic in setting your goal or choosing what beard style you can have. If your beard is patchy, or if it has a unique growth pattern that is sparse on the cheeks or full on the goatee, then you’ve got to set your expectations properly. This goes for beards big, small, and medium alike.

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1.     Goatee-style beard inspiration

Before anything, you have to identify what kind of beard styles you want. There are many beard styles to choose from nowadays. Before choosing a beard style inspiration, always consider your preference first and what style can flatter the shape of your face.

Additionally, choose a beard style that is suitable for the type of your beard. For instance, if you have a unique hair growth pattern on the cheeks that look scattered, you might want to limit your options to minimalist goatee styles.

A goatee-style beard inspiration can serve as your guide on how to grow your beard and trim it for maintenance. To help you choose a suitable goatee-style beard for you, we have included the 7 most popular goatee styles for you to try out at the end of this article.

2.     Beard care routine

Like other parts of your body, your beard needs nourishment from healthy products to grow properly. Have a beard care routine that is composed of products that are suitable for your beard and skin. We recommend using beard wash, beard oil, and other nourishing products that are specifically designed for beards.

Wash your beard with a beard wash product, 1 to 3 times a week depending on your skin. If you have normal skin, you can wash your beard with a beard wash up to 3 times a week. However, if you have dry to oily skin, 1 to 2 times a week should be enough.

When washing your beard, we highly suggest you avoid using shampoo because shampoos may contain chemicals that can remove natural oil from your beard and cause the skin and beard hair to get dry. Unlike shampoos, beard washes do not contain any harmful chemicals so your skin and beard can stay hydrated and healthy.

After washing, apply beard oil to give your beard nourishment for fuller and faster growth. Beard oils can easily be absorbed and don’t generally cause irritations so you can use them daily. Additionally, they give your beard some shine and keep the beard moisturized.

If you want to style your hair, opt for beard balm or cream. These products have a thicker consistency and can hold the beard for the whole day. Avoid using hair gel on beards as the gel can block the pores on your skin and may cause breakouts. Moreover, the gel can make the hair on your beard drier and more prone to damage.

To end your hair care routine for the day, brush your beard to exfoliate the skin beneath the beard. This prevents future flaking and keeps the beard healthier and easier to style.

3.     Trimming

Trimming your beard as it grows can give your beard shape and guide your hair to grow where you want them to. Trimming can also keep your beard neater and look cleaner and prevent flyaways, split ends, and dryness.

After your beard has fully grown after one to two weeks, you can start trimming it. Trim it according to the goatee-style beard you want at least once a week.

4.     Patience

Growing a beard and filling in some patchiness can take a long time so you need some patience. Generally, it takes most men to grow half an inch of beard per month. A full beard can take 2 to 4 months to grow.

How To Style It

So, you finally grew your beard to your desired size, what’s next? Well, it’s time to style it! Styling a beard is probably the most exciting part of having it. Now is the time, you can finally achieve your goatee-style beard inspiration.

If it’s your first time styling your beard, visiting the barber is a good first step for you in learning how to style a beard. Barbers are professionals when it comes to styling so you can surely get advice that works for beginners like you. However, if you prefer to style your beard by yourself, then that’s fine.

If you are a newbie at styling beard, here are some steps you can follow to style your beard

Step 1. Figure out what style you want

There are many goatee-style beards that you can choose from nowadays. Choose one that is suitable for your face shape and also suits your preference.

Step 2. Trim your beard

Styling a beard always starts with trimming. Your chosen style is your guide in styling your beard. Using a trimmer with a beard comb attachment, trim the hair around your neck, cheeks, lip, and areas where hair is not necessary for your chosen style.

Next, trim your mustache and hair on the chin evenly. Continue trimming until you get the right thickness and length for you.

Step 3. Shape the beard

Shape the beard according to your chosen style. For shaping your beard, you can remove the comb attachment from the trimmer and start trimming from the edge of the beard. After you have an outline for the goatee-style beard, switch to a precision trimmer to define the shape of your beard and goatee.

Step 4. Shave the remaining hair that is not needed for your chosen style

After shaping your beard, you may see some little hair that is left from trimming. Shave it according with a razor and shaving foam. This will give you a neater look for your beard style.

Step 5: Rinse and apply beard oil

Aftercare is also important when styling your beard. Make sure to rinse your beard properly to remove the shaving foam. After this, apply some beard oil to keep your beard healthy.

1.     Van Dyke Goatee

Van Dyke Goatee is one of the most popular black men’s goatee styles because it gives a stylish and dapper appearance. It features a goatee on the chin and upper lip mustache while the rest of the face is shaved clean.

It has a free space between the goatee and mustache that gives it a defined outline and look. It is fit for a round face as it adds some length to the small chin making your face appear longer.

2.     Stubble Goatee

A bearded man sitting on the city streets.

A stubble goatee is a facial hair style that is between a full beard and a clean-shaven face. It is easy to maintain because of its rugged or unkempt appearance which also makes it look masculine.

3.     Soul Patch Goatee

If you want a beard style that is minimalist and easy to maintain, then the soul patch goatee is for you. This beard style features a patch of hair under the lower lip that is often shaped to a point.

It has different sizes depending on preference. It emphasizes lips and chins and is suitable for people with round and triangle faces.

4.     Anchor Goatee

The Anchor Goatee is a popular choice for many who want chin beards that are rounder than Van Dyke Goatee. The mustache in this style is also designed to be not as thick. It has a pointed-shaped beard with a mustache that highlights the jawline.

Anchor Goatee is suitable for people with oval faces and heart-shaped faces.

5.     Circle Goatee

From its name, a circle goatee is shaped like a circle. Usually, it features a soul patch with a circle shape and a goatee with varying lengths from short to long depending on preference.

It is stylish and a good option for men with square faces.

6.     Salt and Pepper Goatee

Salt and pepper goatee features a black and grey beard and goatee. It is a mature-looking beard style and gives off a tough and distinguished appeal. It is a great option for men who have gray hair.

Grey haired man smiling.

7.     The Classic Goatee

If you are looking for a goatee that will emphasize your jawline, then you can never go wrong with the classic goatee. This is perfect for any age and also easy to maintain. It features hair on the chin and an optional soul patch on top.

It fits men with round or triangle faces.


Achieving the perfect goatee-style beard can be challenging but not impossible. The first step to achieving success in styling a goatee-style beard is knowing what you need to grow a beard. These things include beard style inspiration, beard care routine, trimming, and patience.

Next, you have to know how to style your hair. When styling, there are many types of goatee styles to choose from. The most popular are Van Dykee Goatee, Stubble Goatee, Soul Patch Goatee, Anchor Goatee, Circle Goatee, Salt and Pepper Goatee, and the Classic Goatee.

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