Braun Series 9 Vs 7: Here’s A Full Comparison

Needing to keep themselves groomed now and then, every man deserves the best when it comes to getting a decent shaver. With so many options to choose from, it certainly is difficult to find the best among them that are worth spending for.

Being on top as the leading electric shaver in the market, Braun has been consistently producing shavers that are durable, maintenance-free, and easy to use. In this article, we compare 2 of their models, Braun Series 7 vs 9 in terms of speed, closeness, comfort, and price among others.



    Shaving Performance

    Before purchasing an electric shaver best suited for you, there are a few things needed to be considered. The Braun Series 7 and 9 both feature shaving heads that offer a good range of movement that follows the face’s contour whilst maintaining good skin contact in whichever position you’re at.

    Both are ergonomic which gives users a solid grip while being held in different spots. Thus, giving users the dilemma of whether ditching the classic Braun Series 7 and upgrading to the Braun Series 9 is a good idea.

    To learn more about Braun’s Shaving Performance, let’s dig in a bit further on its three important key aspects: closeness, comfort, and speed.

    After comparing both series, it is fair to say that Series 9 has a bit of advantage over Series 7 in terms of closeness, as this is due to the fact of its additional trimmers. Being a highly demanded factor among users, customers always opt for a shaver that is easy to use and gives them comfort.

    Knowing this, both series deliver a high sense of dexterity and comfort to users. And lastly, both benefit due to their same speed modes. It is a close fight between the two, with the majority of the categories ending in a draw.

    Price and Cost of Ownership

    Despite significantly having its price decreased through time, the Series 9 still has a better edge as compared to Series 7. That is because Series 7 contains an older razor version. But if you are tight on the budget and looking for a decent and affordable shaver, the Series 7 would be the best option for you as the Series 9 would require you to pay more eventually in the long run.

    Braun Series 7 showing it’s 360 degrees Flex Adaptive System.

    As you might be already aware, your expense does not stop once you have purchased your shaver as you may still need to cover its replacement expenses, specifically, the head. With that being said, it is advisable to change the razor head regularly for it to be able to continue being functional and efficient.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    As we talk about maintenance expenses, one model’s cost of cassette replacement costs a bit higher than the other. The difference in the total maintenance expense of both models does not exceed $10. Despite its minimal price difference, both shavers use the same cartridges in their cleaning and charging station.

    Braun Series 7 is much more cost-friendly and affordable as compared to Braun Series 9 as they are advised to be replaced every 18 months. By cleaning and taking good care of your shaver regularly, the only expense you would ever take note of is the one mentioned above. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more than you should and even purchase a brand new one.

    Braun Series 7 vs 9 – Which is Better?

    If you already own the Braun Series 7 and still thinking of upgrading to the Series 9, I can’t say that the upgrade would be worth it as this will all depend on you: were you satisfied with the Series 7?

    All I can say is that Series 7 is a great alternative for people on a tight budget. It is bulkier and besides modern technology and design, it can still be heavily accounted for and reliable. On the other hand, Series 9 boasts of its more improved and updated features such as its additional trimmers.

    Closeup photos of Braun Series 7 (left photo) and Series 9 (right photo).

    With this, you can be sure that you are getting what you paid for. A piece of advice for you, if shaving is not a part of your morning routine, I say, ditch the new models and purchase the older ones as the newer models are pricier and for people who make facial hair trimming more seriously.


    Being top two of Braun electric shavers, the Braun Series 7 vs 9 are both the top of the line having a close competition with each other. Series 9 has upgraded its features but Series 7 is not that far behind.

    With both already compared side by side, you can see that there is no definite winner as both offer comfort, convenience, and effectiveness to users. With all that said, I hope that this was insightful and helpful in your decision-making.

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