Bumble Algorithm: How To Hack It & Get More Matches

Bumble, one of the most well-known dating apps available, stands out since it allows women to contact men first so that they aren’t inundated with messages (like other dating apps). Unlike different Bumble algorithms, the Match queue gives women 24 hours to begin replying to men.

A man can then reset the timer if no response is received. The fantastic app Bumble is now. It may not be at the top of the dating apps for men, but it’s reliable. However, it would help if you comprehended how it operates.

How Does Bumble Algorithm Work?

Like Tinder with their Tinder ELO, Bumble withholds all knowledge about how their algorithm functions; thus, all we know is based on independent study and educated guesswork by devoted Bumble users.

In our essay about Tinder’s algorithm, we have completed the work for you. Check it out! Despite this, many committed Bumble users exist.

The Bumble algorithm rewards a strong profile. If you’re anxious about appeasing the Bumble algorithm, I’ve got some encouraging news. The Bumble algorithm functions a lot as an actual human does, for the most part! Whatever the judge is—a human or a computer—attractive profiles score higher.

No matter who you’re attempting to impress, you may use many of the same tactics to succeed. A picture is worth a thousand words and indicates whether she should swipe left or right. Start with one or two compelling headshots, and then add more images to your profile that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Young man taking a selfie.

In addition, it’s not only about the photos! Your profile’s bio and prompt sections are just as crucial as its pictures! Use Bumble’s prompts and suggestions if you’re stuck for words, and you’ll be halfway there in no time. Bumble keeps making it easier to chat about yourself on the app.

What Is The Trick To Bumble?

Imagine you’ve done everything we’ve suggested but still feel like Bumble needs to give you the desired results. Keep your hope alive! To optimize your matching potential, there are other strategies.

Use the Bumble filter options

Based on how you use the Bumble filter options, Bumble makes decisions about which profiles to display to you.

Every element on the app, keep in mind, is there to increase your likelihood of matching with girls who are genuinely a good fit. Use the filters to choose criteria such as how far you’re ready to go to meet someone and whether you only want to see members whose profiles have been verified.

Stay active on the app

Like most dating apps, Bumble gives users points for signing up. Nobody wants to match someone who hasn’t used the app in weeks or months because it will result in yet another match left unanswered. Because there is a time constraint between creating a game and sending a message on Bumble, this is much more crucial.

After 24 hours, unless you purchase more time, that match vanishes. Being active thus has several benefits. It makes it logical that Bumble thinks active profiles are beautiful. The fact that this is simple to perform may be its best feature.

There is a small time commitment required. Just be sure to open the app once every day, browse a few users, and swipe a few times, after which you may put it away till the following day.

How Do I Get More Matches On The Bumble Algorithm?

The most recent time you were active is another element that will help your profile stand out from the crowd.

Whether a person is active or not inside a 30-day interval, they will still be displayed. You have much greater chances than someone who last came on a month ago if you maintain a moderate activity level and log on daily.

We know a thing or two about what your profile has to look like to receive more right swipes, thanks to the over a billion women-led first moves on the Bumble app. Here are the best things you can do to raise your match rate if you think it may use a boost.

A woman giving like button to a man’s profile.

1.     Verify your profile

Using Bumble’s photo verification feature, you may let potential matches know they are swiping on the genuine deal.

Click the blue shield Badge on anyone’s profile and follow the instructions to get verified to verify your images.

2.     Add Profile Badges

Use Bumble’s Profile Badges to demonstrate your values to potential mates, giving you more room to express yourself in your About Me. Do you own cats? What are your interests? Looking for something significant, or unsure yet?

With a Badge, you can swiftly respond to each of these inquiries and provide your matches with an effortless way to start a conversation.

3.     Write a short and punchy bio

A bio is preferable to none at all, but keep it concise. According to our analysis, a brief, impactful biography is the best approach. Share your hobbies, search criteria, or a quirky tidbit about yourself! Save the details for your chat and give your potential partners a taste of your personality.

4.     Beef things up with Profile Prompts

Profile prompts are a terrific method to reveal your personality if you’re at a loss for words in your “About Me” section or wish to elaborate. Please choose up to three questions that inspire you to be creative; it’s up to you whether your responses are severe or lighthearted.

Potential matches can learn more about you by connecting your other social media accounts to your Bumble profile. It also offers a new opportunity for people to connect over similar interests.

They may recognize an excellent museum from your Instagram photos or find a band they enjoy in your Top Artists. You two now share a common interest, moving you closer to developing a genuine connection.

6.     Super Swipe

You can express your interest in possible matches with Bumble’s SuperSwipe function. When you tap the yellow heart in the upper right corner of their bio, they are instantly SuperSwiped! This is a terrific strategy to improve your number of matches because men who use SuperSwipe are twice as likely to get a game.


They have been theorized and are supported by extensive testing and data. You are using our advice on how to get more matches as long as your filters are configured. You will be in a better position than the opposition, and your chances of matching will be increased. We sincerely hope you found these hints and suggestions useful!

Although Bumble is a fantastic tool for meeting new people, it’s crucial to remember that dating apps are only one piece of the jigsaw. Being authentic and having fun are the most important things. So with that in mind, start swiping away!

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