Bumble Deleted Member: Everything You Need To Know

Similar to Tinder, Bumble is a dating app where a match is made if both users swipe right. Instead of merely looking for dates, you may also use it to find friends and professional contacts. While some dating apps focus on heterosexual or non-hetero relationships, Bumble offers both.

When starting a relationship, you can choose your gender — man, woman, non-binary, or hundreds of additional self-identifications — and the gender you’re looking for.

There has been a question floating around that needs to be answered. Some people want to know what it means when they see the phrase “Bumble Deleted Account” when scrolling through profiles on the app. When a Bumble account in the match queue says deleted account, it means the individual you matched with has entirely erased their profile.

They deleted the Bumble app and have stopped using it. Bumble doesn’t remove your messages because you can still access them. However, communication with that person will no longer be possible.

Deleted Account In Bumble

Dating apps, in general, including Bumble, are frequently downloaded and then removed. This is typical of people who are hesitant about using mobile dating apps and meeting people in person.

People frequently become tired of the scheduling of dating apps and delete them. This in no way implies that you are at fault because the person you are speaking to probably needs a break.

As you can see, the messages will still be visible, so you can go back and verify if the person left you their phone number or removed their Bumble account. If the user deletes their Bumble account, you will see a blank cutout photo, and where the name once was, you’ll see “Deleted Account.”

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An account being removed isn’t always a terrible thing. The fact that someone you met on Bumble deactivated their account indicates that they are only interested in you if you are getting serious about dating them.

This feature is also fantastic because it leaves us with nothing if someone gives us their phone number and afterward deletes the app. The chat usually disappears when someone deletes their profile on most mobile dating apps.

Does Deleted Account Mean They Unmatched Me?

A deleted account does not necessarily indicate that you have been mismatched. Like other mobile apps, they will vanish from the chat queue if someone unmatches you. In Bumble, this is the same since if someone has unpaired or blocked you, they will not show up. This prevents conflict or challenging situations where one person feels uncomfortable or uninterested.

Bumble doesn’t notify you or the user if you unmatch them; the mobile app developers have developed a relatively simple and seamless procedure to end the connection safely. Never give out your phone number to anyone on Bumble until you are at ease with them.

A label reading “Deleted Member” appears when you initiate the discussion with her. You cannot see her profile photo, access her profile, or discuss with her. They might have wished to take a little break from the app and return later.

Just like meeting someone in person, dating online may be stressful. Therefore, it’s possible that the user wanted to step away from Bumble for a while and return later.

Can I Start Over Once I Delete my Account?

Users frequently request a new Bumble start for the following reasons:

  • They want a new profile because they moved to a different area.
  • They want to begin again because they need to receive matches.
  • They want to keep some people away.
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Once a user’s account has been removed, they can reapply with a clean slate. Before creating a new account, you must delete the previous one.

Users will swipe left if they can see duplicates when they are swiping because they assume a bot or duplicate profiles are to blame. This will reduce the pool of potential partners for you and make it more challenging to find a partner. You should take specific measures to ensure the profile is visible if you need to delete your Bumble account.

How Do I Delete My Bumble Account

It’s easy to delete your Bumble account, but there are a few things we want to make sure we check first. Make sure all the matches you’re spoken to and planning to accompany you have your phone number or Snapchat account so they can contact you. You cannot retrieve the games after deleting your profile.

Second, save or screenshot your description if you create a new profile after deleting your old one, so you don’t have to spell it all out again. Retyping everything while including your photographs after a profile has been removed, takes the longest.

You can remove your profile from Bumble by going to the profile menu, clicking the gear symbol in the corner, scrolling to the bottom, and selecting delete account.

After this, a screen inquiring why you’re deleting your account will appear.

This is Bumble’s method of learning why you’re leaving their service. We advise justifying them so that they can improve their platform. If you want to erase your account and then download it again, click other. Your profile will then be removed.

As described above, you will now appear to other persons you have matched with as a deleted member. You must unmatch everyone before deleting your profile if you don’t want anyone to know that you did.


A member who has been “deleted” from Bumble has deactivated their profile and is no longer reachable. This indicates that they have deactivated their Bumble account and can no longer receive messages or notifications on their phone.

You can still read the dialogue if you stumble across a removed participant. But there is no way to communicate. You will need to rematch with them even if the same individual makes a whole new profile because they won’t be able to access the previous chat you had with them.

It’s wise to be aware that all information will be lost and deleted before deleting your profile. Once you click the remove account button, you won’t be able to view any previous interactions with any matches. Before deleting Bumble, make sure you’re prepared to lose all matches and delete your account.

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