What Goes With Burgundy Pants? A Full Guide

Burgundy’s versatility allows you to add some color by combining it with light pink, chambray blue, olive green, or dark khaki, or keep things tranquil by wearing it with navy blue, grey, white, or black.

Bonus: This color can be easily incorporated into a minimal outfit if that’s what you’re after.

How To Wear Burgundy Pants?

Burgundy pants have been popular for some time and have recently become more of a wardrobe need. More pieces appear in color, which would explain why it swiftly replaces white as the new neutral.

Due to how warm hues like burgundy complement neutral colors in your wardrobe, burgundy pants have become a must-have.

Best Color Combos

Some of the best color combinations are:

7 Outfit Ideas

1.     Blue Blazer

An excellent approach to adding color to an ensemble is with a blue blazer. Both professional and informal attire can be worn with it. Put on a white dress shirt, black bow tie, and blazer for a more formal appearance. Use a tan or light-colored shirt with a blazer for a more relaxed appearance.

Brown shoes are a versatile hue that goes with a variety of outfits. Because the two shades go nicely together, they are ideal for wearing with burgundy pants.

2.     Grey Cardigan & Grey Undershirt

A grey cardigan is a terrific choice for what to wear with burgundy jeans. The burgundy pants will provide a dash of color, and the cardigan can add some texture.

This combo is ideal for a more laid-back or regular appearance.

3.     Navy Blue Cardigan & White Tee

A blue cardigan is a style that works well with many different hues, including burgundy pants. Put on your favorite white T-shirt and a blue cardigan for a casual appearance.

Man wearing a blue cardigan seating on the rail.

This can still look good if you wear burgundy dress pants; tuck your white top in. Or add a white dress shirt to spice it up a little further.

4.     Light Blue Dress Shirt & Suspenders

Burgundy cropped pants are a fantastic way to add color to any ensemble. They can be worn with various outfits, but a white t-shirt is a timeless and straightforward choice. You can wear white sneakers as your shoes. This combo is ideal for a more laid-back or regular appearance.

Another option is to wear a light blue dress shirt, black suspenders, and cropped burgundy slacks. This combination is ideal for an environment that is more formal or businesslike.

5.     Jean Denim Jacket

An excellent choice for styling burgundy pants is a blue jean jacket. The jean jacket will give the ensemble some texture, and the burgundy pants will provide a pop of color that nicely complements the blue.

These two hues go very well together because they are complementary on the color wheel. Cropped burgundy pants and white shoes are the perfect complements to this outfit.

6.     Tan Blazer & White Dress Shirt

Burgundy pants look great dressed up with a tan blazer. The jacket will give the ensemble some contrast and a more professional look. You could pair the blazer with a white shirt for a more formal appearance.

7.     White Sneakers

When dressing in burgundy joggers, there are a few things to remember about color harmony. For starters, white sneakers will always be a wise choice and will counteract the depth of the burgundy color.

The guy tying the laces of the white sneakers.

Black, gray, navy, and olive green are a few other complementing hues. For tops, a plain white T-shirt or hoodie will work.


Henleys, t-shirts, and sweaters in burgundy look lovely and go well with neutral-colored bottoms. It’s a minor change in hue, but it makes a big difference in standing out from the crowd and seeming effortlessly elegant. You’re about to enter the burgundy-pant world!

Men don’t typically gravitate toward this color, but after they see how I blend it with other colors, they fall in love! It’s one of those colors that, trust me, everyone balks at first glance, but once they put it on, it completely changes the game.

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