How To Achieve That Chris Hemsworth Beard?

A lot of men know why women gushed over Chris Hemsworth’s facial features. His oozing Thor sex appeal comes out naturally with his cool short stubbles and full beard that flaunts the shape of his face, lips, and fine jaw lines.

While this seems like a naturally grown and shaved beard, it requires some planning and patience to achieve this look. If you are curious about it, check out how he shapes them to the common beard styles we always loved.

Chris Hemsworth Beard Styles

The Light Stubble

Chris Hemsworth is sporting clean light stubbles.

We can say this is probably the sexiest beard that Chris has worn. The short-grown stubbles from the sideburns to the beard to his mustache define his overall gentlemanly aura. It gives the neat look perfect-fitting for the bachelor most girls would dream of.

Short but Full Beard

A bit rough and rugged, this style possesses a tough but gentlemanly aura that tickles women. The thick full beard goes in between messy, manly, and irresistibly appealing. It takes more time to achieve this look, but always worth it.

Thick Stubble

The usual beard that Chris Hemsworth always wear is thick stubble. It’s easier to acquire without so much maintenance. Let the thick stubbles grow in a couple of weeks and trim it to about 5mm in length.

Stubble Plus Goatee

Man with goatee and beard style.

Light stubble and thick goatee are not much noticed but are so inviting. It lightens up the cheeks while giving out a hunky look. After a month of growing the hair full, you have to trim the sides leaving out the goatee’s length of about 3mm.

How to Grow a Chris Hemsworth beard?

Before anything else, you should note that the time that hair grows depends on your genetics, testosterone, and hormone levels. Some men take longer to grow hair while others grow thick beards faster.

For some men who barely grow facial hair, you could ask medical professionals so you can increase testosterone levels. Also, a well-balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated have significant roles in growing a healthy and strong beard.

Back to growing the Thor-like beard, it can take up to two months before you achieve that thickness at the usual growth rate. You want to achieve the full thickness where you can trim the stubbles later.

Chris seems to set the guard at about 3 or 3.5. Use downward strokes to trim the usual short side beards. Shave the neck and cheek lines following the shape of the jawline to achieve a goatee shape.

You can use a portable and rechargeable razor for this process for better mobility. The type of razor should be able to twist and reach the tiniest spaces between the beards and earlobes.

How to maintain the Chris Hemsworth beard?

To maintain this shape, trim your beard every three to four weeks. You can tweak the length of your beard depending on the styles above.

When your beard grows, it becomes smelly, and the flakes of exfoliated skin may trap on your beard. The best way to avoid itchiness on the beard area is to keep it clean. Wash it using a dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner. Clean your beard twice a week and make it a habit.

While you wait for your beard to grow again for trimming, the hairs could tangle little knots. You can use a beard brush to untangle these knots. A beard brush has unique bristles that can help remove the grimes, dust, and flakes that builds up on your beard. Use beard oil to keep it moisturized. For styling and conditioning your beard, use a beard balm. Although it’s much heavier than oil, it helps to keep the beard style in place.


Chris Hemsworth’s beard is easy to achieve. However, it needs a bit of planning and patience. Usually, you want to keep the sides short and the mouth and jaw thicker. You will likely trim the sides more frequently than the mouth beard because it has to be shorter.

Also, keep your beard healthy as it affects the way it grows. For best effects, consider your hair and beard color too.

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