Dares For Truth Or Dare: 50+ Dares Over Text

Are you one of those who are missing the late-night party games of truth or dare over some drinks? And do you remember those tense yet fun moments when you bravely reveal the truth but more so, when you fearlessly confront the dares?

Times have changed but the digital era we live in today calls us to reimagine and reinvent those moments via text. We are, after all, guilty of taking our ever-present mobile phones for granted—typing the same boring thing again and again.

Why not spice it up with the best dares over text to infuse creativity and fun in your day-to-day conversations?

Basic Dares

These are just the opening dares that jumpstart this eventful game:

1.     Screenshot your Google search history.

2.     Send the most recent text message you sent to your special someone.

3.     Send the most recent ugly selfie you took.

4.     Send a video of yourself singing your favorite song during your teenage years.

5.     Tweet something with blindfolds.

6.     Call a random number in your phonebook and just ask: “How you doing?”

Excited woman making a phone call.

7.     Dance to your favorite children’s song.

8.     Call your frenemy and say, “Long time no see!”

9.     Post an Instagram story of a random item you had since you were in preschool.

10.  Start a Facebook Live or Instagram Live with you cooking the first meal you learned to cook.

Funny Dares

These are level-up dares that take the game to its rightful direction—humor: 

1.     Prank call one of your best friends as you act drunk.

2.     Write an impromptu song about yourself and record it live.

3.     Use a friend’s profile picture as wallpaper for a week.

4.     Call a neighbor and just bark like a dog.

5.     Greet someone a happy birthday even if it is not their birthday.

Woman having a virtual birthday greeting.

6.     Google a clip from a horror movie and record yourself while watching it.

7.     Pretend that you are playing with an imaginary ball in your living room.

8.     Call your parents and try a corny joke if they would laugh.

9.     Post something sarcastic on Facebook in admiration of a best friend.

10.  Sing in the tune of one song and with the lyrics of another song.

Interesting Dares

These dares, on the other hand, harness profound thoughts as you enjoy the game:

1.     Write an acrostic poem using the letters of your best friend’s nickname.

2.     Read me the first e-mail you ever sent.

3.     Send me the most recent TikTok video you watched.

4.     Start an Instagram Live and provide a tour of your room.

5.     Act the movie scene you hate the most.

6.     Sing the very first song you ever heard.

7.     Send the 24th photo to your gallery.

Looking at a photo gallery on his phone.

8.     Dance to the tune of your breakup song.

9.     Ask “how are you?” to your first crush.

10.  Spell your best friend’s full name backward.

Challenging Dares

While dares are already challenging, the following infuses another layer of difficulty into the game:

1.     Video yourself doing the invisible box challenge.

2.     Post the 11th picture in your gallery and accompany it with a caption for the 22nd photo instead.

3.     Dance a TikTok video using the steps from another song.

4.     While on Instagram Live, recite the first names of all your friends within 30 seconds.

5.     Rank your friends in two ways: 1) according to their frequency of texting, and 2) according to the meaningfulness of their texts.

6.     Act as if your dog’s name is your best friend’s name.

7.     Have a 15-minute call with a classmate you never talked to for a long time.

8.     Have an Instagram Live of your cooking show while singing at the same time, hence a cooking concert.

Young lady preparing for her live video stream.

9.     Dance in TikTok with only the left side of the body moving.

10.  Schedule send an e-mail to your best friend which she will receive on her birthday containing a very profound introduction and a very funny joke as its content.

Topnotch Dares

Ending the game with these dares is putting the cherry on top of the cake:

1.     Prank call your parents and read them a classical poem.

2.     Order three boxes of pizza for your ex.

3.     Tweet your confession of love to your current crush.

4.     Sing and dance to a song in a foreign language.

5.     Impersonate a celebrity of the opposite sex.

6.     Drink vinegar but act as if you are drinking the finest wine.

7.     Do a brief introduction of yourself while munching your favorite pastries.

8.     Do jumping jacks while reciting the full names of your friends.

9.     Guess the last word in your most recent conversation with your best friend.

10.  Call your least-known acquaintance in your contacts and share a meaningless secret.

Final Thoughts

Dares are the funnier side of the truth or dare game in its entirety. Through these basic, funny, interesting, challenging, and topnotch dares, you will certainly have fun, get to know each other better, and enjoy a meaningful conversation.

Always remember, though, that we play dares not because we cannot speak the truth but because dares share the truth in the most creative and exciting way with the people that matter the most to us.

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