If I Stop Contacting Him Will He Notice? Here’s The Answer

Women are natural detectives as it’s easy for them to know whether the person they are talking to is interested in them or not. Probably all ladies can agree that it is definitely a feminine move to make your presence known to the guy you like by letting him feel your absence. But does this really work? Do guys notice when you stop texting them?

The answer is…

Yes. If he has some sort of interest or attachment to you, he will notice when you stop texting him. It’s just a matter of whether he’ll ignore it or act in response to your abrupt lack of communication.

And how he reacts is crucial because it indicates how he truly feels about you. Whether the person is your lover, a new date, or simply a friend, the intensity with which he notices and feels when you stop texting is controlled by the emotion produced in him.

Irritated guy reading a text message.

But before anything else, it’s important to understand that not all men are the same. You may have already met a number of boys with various patterns, but males, generally, are not outspoken about their emotions. Instead, they let their behaviors speak for themselves about how they truly feel about a person.

If you found a guy who never sent you mixed signals, congratulations! Surely when it comes to him, you’ll never overthink things.

When Will A Guy Notice You Suddenly Stopped Texting?

Depending on the level of interest. The truth is that if a guy is into you, he will find time to think about you and anything that reminds him of you including your text messages, no matter how busy he is.

He’ll quickly question why he hasn’t heard from you recently, and he’ll eventually recall and perhaps evaluate whether the last time you spoke was good or terrible. If you had a wonderful chat, he’ll be perplexed as to why you stopped texting so suddenly.

The term “level of interest” might refer to one of two things. It can be that he’s interested in you or just the conversation you’re having. These factors can influence how a man reacts to your absence. He is most likely to text you back if he likes the chat you’re having.

A couple is in a quarrel while the guy is pleasing his lady.

If he likes you though, he will respond to your lack of texting by not messaging back. Instead, he will show through actions how affected he was by your silence. In any case, the point is that if he truly cared, he would reach out first.

Furthermore, the manner in which he recognizes you is a different matter. A guy can treat you as if you’re someone he likes or merely a conversation partner. Regardless of how long he observes it, he will notice if you stop texting.

What’s the difference now? The difference is that if he treats you like a friend, he will think that you not texting is acceptable and that losing communication is just a normal part of friendship and he doesn’t feel negative about it. Whereas, if you’re a woman he might possibly like unless he’s shy, he would take action on it.

How Long Have You Been Texting?

Another factor you should consider is the period of time you’ve been texting together. Did you just text each other just recently? Has it been weeks already? Months?

What were your observations while you were chatting? Is there a hint of disinterest? Does he initiate the conversation? Does he make the conversation as engaging as possible? Or is it only you who seems interested to continue the talk?

Young couple texting on a smartphone.

These could be some of the factors to consider while determining whether or not he notices when you stop texting. Actually, it has nothing to do with how long you’ve been talking to each other, but rather with how “text compatible” you both are.

Whether you’ve known one another for a short period and have chatted a lot about random stuff or deep talks every day, suddenly stopping messaging him one day will make him wonder if there was something he did wrong or said something unpleasant.

When Should You Stop Texting A Guy?

Two words. Red flags. Even with the screen separating you both, one can identify a red flag in a relationship. If you identify the following as a red flag to your guy, you’ll know for sure.

1. His replies are usually short and conversation-ender

Displeased woman reading a text message on her phone.

These types of men are usually uninterested in you. A non-talkative guy is not the same as someone who is uninterested. If he likes you he will keep the conversation alive. Sometimes the reason why he responds is that he treats you as a “backup plan.”

Maybe he’s chatting to another female as well, and if it doesn’t work out, he still has you. If your guy is like this, and you recognize yourself in this position, I advise you to abort the mission, girl.

2. Makes a lot of excuses when you ask him out

It will eventually get to a stage where social interaction is required— in other words, a date. I have two pieces of good and bad news for you. The good news is that he agrees immediately, but the bad news is that he creates excuses for not being able to attend your date at the last minute. He is disrespectful of your time. If he can’t even make it to your ’’get-to-know” date, how much more if you become in a relationship, right?

3. If he makes you question your worth

When you’re talking to a guy and you’re feeling horrible about yourself, just cut him off and move on. You don’t want a guy who makes you doubt your own value because real men uplift women. No matter how much he truly means to you, his words and deeds should never put you down. You’re better than that, and you certainly deserve more than what he’s now offering.

4. It takes a lifetime for him to reply

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He probably doesn’t really like you if he takes hours to respond to your message. The truth is that no one is so busy that they can’t pick up their phone and compose a brief response. It’s just a matter of setting priorities. It’s fine if he’s at work or busy with studies; even then, he can say that he’ll respond when he comes home.

However, if it takes him all day to send you a message and he doesn’t appear interested in chatting with you, you should stop texting him.

5. When he doesn’t even ask about you

The chat consists primarily of him responding to you and going on and on about whatever it is you’re talking about. You may find yourself asking questions to learn more about him, but he never expresses an interest in learning more about you. This isn’t an actual dialogue. It’s just him giving you time to catch your breath before continuing the chat. To begin with, there was never a conversation.

6. Only text you when he’s bored

If you know he’s only texting you because he has nothing else to do then block those rights and let him find another method to amuse himself when he’s bored. It doesn’t reveal much about his feelings toward you. Move on because he clearly isn’t interested.

7. Ghost you after he gets what he wants

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Perhaps you felt a strong bond with each other and decided to act on it. He may have made you feel special at the moment but he most likely knows how to fake his emotions. He’s worried that after he gets what he wants, you’ll become clingy, which boys dislike. It’s an indication that you should back off. Prioritize yourself.

8. He tells you to stop texting him

It’s a pretty clear sign he wants to cut you off if he tells you to stop messaging him or hints that he’s not interested. Don’t take anything too seriously. You may have intimidated him or he may simply be a jerk. But it isn’t the point. The idea is that you need to take a step back and stop texting him because you’re not getting what you’re looking for.

Should I Stop Texting Him To Get His Attention?

They say that the only way to get his attention is by removing yours. So, stop texting your guy for attention. The more overwhelming you text a guy, the lesser you’ll get his attention. Here are your guidelines to get your guy’s attention in a beat!

1. Stop texting him all the time

Some guys are confident that if they know you like them, even if you don’t tell them, they will pick up on it because of the way you continually chat. It’s tempting to text him every hour to be on his mind, but it takes more than that to truly win his attention on a daily basis.

If you want to catch their attention, stop messaging him all the time. Alternatively, send him a random text message. Rather than texting him several times a week, text him once or twice a week. This may make him look forward to receiving your message.

2. Don’t give in easily

Stop responding to their texts right away and instead give him cryptic responses when he inquires about what you’re doing. If he asks you out on a date, say no the first time. Perhaps not an open no, but make sure he understands you’re busy or won’t be able to make it that night. Make him meet your requirements, and he’ll be compelled to pursue you.

3. Be hot and cold

Make him go wild and crazy about you. When you work cold and hot, you combine your behaviors in order to pique his interest and maintain his focus. You can usually respond to their texts immediately. Other times, ignore him until he receives a couple of messages, and then only respond to the most recent one.

Simply tell him you can’t go out at certain times, then suggest it’s conceivable once or twice, and then go back to claiming you can’t guarantee it. You don’t want to go overboard with the hot and cold, but mixing it up will ensure he never gets bored.

Does Not Texting A Guy Back Make Him Want You More?

It varies how you go about doing it. If you handle it incorrectly, the first thing that springs to mind is that you aren’t that interested in him. In this situation, he may respond by ignoring you and you will be doing more harm than good. If he’s that kind of man, he’ll probably seen zone you when you finally reach out to him.

It can also be the opposite. Some men love the chase. They’re looking for a challenge, and you’ve hooked them by not responding to their texts. They’ll then send you more texts in an attempt to capture your attention. The disadvantage is that you have no way of knowing whether he’s doing it to win the game or because he genuinely wants you.

Finally, it is up to you to make a decision. Whether or if you react to his texts is absolutely up to you. You are the guardian of your heart, and everyone you allow in has the power to hurt your feelings.

If you ever decide to stop texting him, consider if you actually like him or you just like the thrill of the chase. Accepting that you can be rejected is also an element of self-evaluation. When you decide against texting him to see if he notices, it’s a good time to consider whether he’s worth the risk.


There aren’t any specific concrete rules in texting. Always keep in mind that texting should be used to communicate. It’s a two-way conversation. What’s the point of conversing when you are not even meeting halfway, right?

However, if you genuinely like him, you shouldn’t hesitate to give it your all. Just by knowing the perfect things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached. Just be the perfect mix of hot and cold, with plenty of self-respect and love. If he knows you know your worth, you’ll definitely get his attention.

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