Don’t Text Him: How To Play The Ignoring Game

Don’t text him and he will text you, by not receiving your messages. If you are really important to him, he will send you text messages, and you have time to analyze the situation.

Most men are not very detailed, and forget how significant it is for the girl they are attracted to. To feel cared for, in every way, for you to receive a message from the guy you are interested in, has a lot of meaning, but you should not fall into the error of exaggerating, overwhelming him with a lot of messages, while he does not send any. If you want to know if he is really interested in you, give a stop to this attitude, and dont text him and he will text you.

It is an attitude that gives good results, of course, it will depend on the interest he has in you but you have to take that risk.

Why do you have to stop texting him to get him to text you

The first thing you need to understand is a very fundamental principle in everyone’s life, which can be clarified with a popular saying. “What costs us nothing, let’s make it a party”, by nature we appreciate and value more what is difficult for us to get.

Then above all are very prone to covet what is difficult for them, as far as their love relationships are concerned, a girl they consider easy, does not represent any attraction for them.

If the guy feels some kind of attraction towards you, and he realizes that he is really interested in you, by your attitude towards him, where you are showing him at all times that he is important to you. With very affectionate attitudes, with constant text messages, and with a way of behaving where your evidence in a very clear way your feelings, he will feel very confident, and that will lead him to not worry about trying to have a behavior to attract you.

In love, strategy plays an indispensable role, although it may seem that this has to do with manipulation. It is not so, you have to know how to handle men, and showing indifference, can be key for the guy to stay interested in you.

Lonely man waiting for a text message from a girlfriend.

Don’t text him and he will text you when he does not receive messages from you. He will have to find a way to hear from you. He will feel that he is not as significant to you as he thought and without a doubt, he will have to do something so that you keep him in mind, and most likely he will try to write you more constantly, and will look for any pretext to communicate with you.

He will want to know if you arrived well, if you ate, if you got up well, or if you spent the night well. He will want to know where you are and how you are spending your day.

Not writing to him will make him think, and you will make him understand that there are risks of losing you if his attitude is careless, and if he does not show signs of his interest in you, he will have to understand that there are other people who may be interested in you and that he is giving them advantages.

Definitely, when he notices the prolonged absence of your messages, he will have to change his attitude and look for ways to show you interest and attention, send you messages that show you that you are someone special to him and that above anything else you are his priority, that you really are the person with whom he wants to share special moments.

Even if you feel the need to hear from him, make an effort and don’t text him and he will text you. You will realize that this technique does not fail. Create in him the need to hear from you, and this is the way.

Signs that you are chasing him and why you should stop

You have to be very careful how you treat him, how you approach him, how you show him how you feel, you may be unintentionally exaggerating, and there is nothing a man hates more than feeling cornered and controlled.

Men love to feel free, and if they feel that their spaces are being invaded, they will have unexpected reactions to keep their freedom intact.

Pay close attention to these signs that can show you that you are pursuing him and don’t realize it.

Woman comforting her man.
  • Believe it or not, attitudes and displays of kindness and affection may seem harmless and you may think that it is necessary and what you are born to do out of love, but be careful! The excess of attention can scare him away, he can take them as a way to control you, and he can feel persecuted.
  • Call him, without him having called you. Never call him, always wait for him to call you, especially late at night. These calls clearly indicate that you need to know if he is home, and that you are looking for a way to find out where he is and what he is doing, he will obviously take it as a control call. Also, never seek a conversation inquiring why he has not called you, this is unpleasant and uncomfortable for him.
  • Appear where he is without having agreed to see each other for no reason. Go to make an appearance in the places he frequents, there is no greater symptom than this, which shows that you are chasing and controlling him, even if you use pretexts to justify your presence in the place.
  • Send him text messages, Facebook messages, WhatsApp. Remember to always wait for him to do it, this way you will know that he cares about you, and secondly you will not run the risk of making him believe that you are harassing or chasing him.
  • Openly making decisions. This attitude is fatal, it is clear evidence that you want to control the situation. Do not invent the outings you will do with other people, or meetings, give him the opportunity to feel important to make those decisions.
  • Publicly flaunt the interest he has in you. Do not use social networks or any other means to make comments that show that you boast about the way he looks for you and cares about you.
  • You want to mold him to your measure, watch out. Without realizing it, you may be trying to change him. Do not give your opinion about the way he dresses, or the way he behaves, he may feel that you are dominating him, and that you want to make him someone he really is not.
💡 When it comes to molding another person to feel satisfied with his company, it means only one thing, we are inventing a being that we don't have, and that means he is not the person we want.

Should I send him a message, or should I wait for him to send me a text message?

We have clarified up to this point, that we are looking for ways for him to maintain interest in you. Showing a bit of indifference and avoiding showing ourselves too urgent and interested is the key. You should keep that behavior, for several reasons.

The first one, sending him messages without having received messages from him can make you look desperate, urgent, and this is something that can push him away, he will feel that he is in front of someone complicated that can plunge him into a situation he does not want.

Desperate woman holding her phone.

The second reason has to do with the security that you are going to give him of how essential he is in your life, and that will make him vain and disinterested. He will see this situation assuming that he has you very safe and that it is not necessary to invest time and attention that is not necessary to keep you attached to him.

The third and most important is that this way you will know how much he is really interested in you, because someone who does not bother to write you a message, either to greet you, to know how you arrived, to wish you good night, is someone who does not really care about your welfare. And if you are looking for a person to relate to him, someone who does not feel any interest in you, although it sounds crude, it is not the right person.

Don’t text him and he will text you because someone who loves you with sincerity will simply be the one who is looking out for you, will be the one who at all times will use messages to hear from you, without the need for pretexts of any kind because he really cares everything about you.

Reading a sweet text message.

Because every night before going to bed he will want to send you a message to tell you that you are his last thought before going to sleep, and in the morning when he wakes up he will be the first to write you to wish you a beautiful day and to confirm that he is happy because he knows that it will be a new opportunity to see you.

For you to find out if this is the person who wants you, you should not send him a text message, you should wait for him to write you a message where he shows you who you really are for him. So be patient and above all, be realistic and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

How can I resist the temptation to text him?

The first thing you should do is to understand things as clear as they are. In life, you have to know how to act to have control of it. The basic objective that you must pursue is to detect how much he is interested in you, and if that interest he feels for you is sincere. The only way to maintain that interest is with the way you act. You should not be so obvious in your feelings towards him, keep him in expectation.

For that, it is essential that you contain your desire to write him if he has not done so. There are tools to help you. One of them is self-containment, it is about learning to manage our situations and dramas, not to project them on our partner. For this you must stimulate feelings of security in yourself, this is a very effective weapon to deal with multiple daily problems.

Make a plan of activities that keep your mind and body busy, physical exercises provide great benefits, among others, keeping your toned figure, improving your health, and occupying your time.

A woman doing stretching exercises before running.

Look for activities that generate satisfaction and give you pleasure. There is a diversity of them, painting, writing, outdoor activities, etc. Cultivating friendships helps you feel better and more useful.

Always remember that you are a creation of God and that you are a creature in the universe with the same rights that plants and animals have to live. Take that as inspiration and focus on yourself, take care of yourself, take care to look splendid, both outside and inside.

By taking care of yourself, and taking charge of your actions and your thoughts, other things will come in addition. The happiness of a person depends only on himself, and you must make the decision to be happy.

Good things in the universe work by attraction, positive attitudes attract positive situations, so discard the undesirable and disturbing thoughts, and orient yourself to always keep productive thoughts that generate values in your life.

Get up one morning and go for a walk and maintain contact with nature, watch closely as the leaves of the trees move with the wind. Feel the wind when it brushes your face, watch the birds fly, and analyze all this majesty. Now think, is it worth living being happy? Does your happiness depend on someone?


As you can see there are many things around you that are really important and beautiful that perhaps you had not detailed. Focus your attention on living, and bringing happiness to those around you. It is such a positive attitude and that will generate so many benefits, you will inadvertently realize that you have unintentionally contained yourself from sending messages to that person without him having sent you messages.

Finally, you must understand one thing, when someone will really love you, he will be eager to hear from you, and he will be interested in your welfare, so he will try to be in contact with you often. Don’t text him and he will text you.

But do not think of it as a plan, nor as a strategy, do it with the conviction that he is really interested in you. If you do not receive the expected message, do like the hunters, aim elsewhere, because who does not care about you. Is someone who does not care about you, and you and your life are too important to go begging for affection and love.

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