How To Pull Off The Drake Beard: 4 Styles For You

If you’re wondering how Drake pulls off that neat-looking hair and face, it’s all because of his beard. You can see how his beard compliments his hair curls. And how he manages to keep them sharp, tidy, and slick should not be a secret for men.

If you’re curious how he does it, it’s not a top secret at all. All you need is some creativity and a little patience to maintain it. That’s it!

List of Drake Beard Styles

You know what Drake’s beard looks like:

  • The fading sides of the beard
  • The sharp lines
  • Black hair
  • Thick, coarse, and still neat

But how does he pull off this character in different Drake beard styles? Let us find out.

The Fading Beard in a Buzzcut Hair

Women gush over Drake’s tough but gentlemanly look in a buzzcut. With an almost bald-like tapered cut, Drake wears this military haircut with a fancy fading beard from the ear and fine-shaved edges. This style only flaunts his sharp oval-shaped jaw lines and a sexy mustache.

Drake sporting a faded beard.

The first tip to get this look is to ensure you have a shorter trimmed beard than your hair. Shave it to a few millimeters long. Also, shave the edges of your beard sharply. Shave your beard with fading sideburns, which means the length is shortening.

The Thick Sideburns

If you want to achieve a unique Drake beard, you can try that style he wore on Anchorman 2. This beard style has a medium stubble beard and thick sideburns. Now, this style won’t go well if you have thin hair. You also have to grow your hair into an afro style.

Handsome bearded man.

To achieve this look, trim or shave only your beard regularly while keeping the shape of the sideburns and letting them grow.

The Medium Stubble

One of the sexiest beard styles that most celebrities have is medium stubble. Drake dons this beard style as it enhances the shape of his lips and attractive mustache, giving off a warm, charming smile.

In this look, you let your beard grow for less than two weeks and shave or trim it for about two to five millimeters long. One thing to note is the fading beard that starts at the level of his upper ear.

Close-up photo of young bearded man.

Keep the lines from the cheeks, neck, and jaws with sharp edges to achieve that neat medium stubble. Also, ensure your hair has grown enough to fill the patches before trimming so you won’t find an uneven beard.

The Neat Dense

We have seen this dense beard that Drake has worn. It comes with the same density as his hair and the fading sideburns. What we love about this beard style is it’s not messy. And the jaw and necklines are always sharp and go along with the shape of his face, leaving off a more defined look.

The Full Beard

Drake let his beard grow to a thick, coarse beard during quarantine. And even with the tough-rough look, he still donned it with thinner sideburns and fine necklines.

Now, the secret to keeping the volume of this beard glowing is to keep the color black. Spend more time maintaining this beard style to keep it clean, shiny and coarse, and moisturized.

How to Grow Drake’s Beard Style?

Here is the part where styling your beard tests your patience. You should wait about two weeks to let the beard grow. Grow for about 0.5 inches. It gives more room to grow hair within some patches to fill them in.

A masculine man holding a beard trimmer with guard.

For trimming, use a trimmer with a guard. It will help shape up the cheek and necklines. When trimming the cheek lines, no matter the length of your beard, position your trimmer at a 90° angle. Start at the point where your beard and mustache meet.

For the neckline, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Start clean shaving from there.

For the sideburns, you will need a trimmer with the guard, but you should have a clear picture of the shape of the sideburns before shaving. Remember that when you do the buzz cut, never put a gap between the buzz cut and the beard. It should have a fading effect but still, be connected. Set your trimmer to 1/8 inch, 3mm, or #1 guard.

Tip: Although you may not be able to perfect this Drake beard shaving at first, you can do so as you practice.

How to Maintain the Drake Beard Style?

Drake’s beard requires more maintenance as you must keep the cheek and necklines neat. So shave your cheek and necklines every three to four days. When doing this, do not leave out the fading sideburns.

Keep your beard clean. Wash it regularly with beard wash and moisturize it with beard oil. You need about two to three drops of oil if you have a full beard. You can use beard balm if you have a coarse and thick beard. However, you have to keep it clean.

Also, make it a habit to brush your beard. It helps you brush off the dirt build-up and spread those oils building up on your bird. The natural oils are healthy for your beard anyway. Also, brushing it will help your beard grow in your desired direction if you do it daily.


Although Drake’s beard needs quite a maintenance, you will surely rock it if you have stylish curly hair. Especially if you want a beard that is full, thick, and clean, it only needs a few tricks to trim it. But to maintain those cheek and jaw lines, you have to trim more frequently.

And, of course, you can always dye it black like Drake. Just make sure to wash and moisturize it regularly to remove the dirt. Although it seems odd, brushing your beard enhances the neat-looking Drake beard.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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