Edgar Hair Cut: The Top 10 Styles For Men

Paying a visit to your barber and still haven’t decided on what hairstyle to get? Go for the most badass-edgy haircut and stand out from the crowd! The Edgar Cut haircut or the Takuache hairstyle, is slowly gaining popularity among men these days.

This stunning layered and textured hairstyle is practical, easy to maintain, and will give your hair that boldness and character that you’ve been looking for.


    What Is an Edgar Haircut?

    Originally rocked by the Latina boys, Edgar cut takes on a unique and stylish twist on the widely popular Caesar’s cut. It is consist of a bowl cut on top, sides that are slightly faded, and a line following the fringe going around the head. A hairstyle that is classically ideal for men with thick, short hair and perfect for those with oval and angular face shapes.

    Why is The Edgar Cut So Popular?

    Apart from it being named after a famous baseball player, Edgar Martinez, Edgar’s haircut became popular because of its edgy, cyber-punky, and unique look. The high fade on the sides and the distinct line that runs along the forehead to the back of the head and the blunt-cut fringe have gathered a lot of love-hate reactions from every social media platform.

    Despite its controversial memes in the world of pop and urban culture, people are still getting this edgy hairstyle because it is easily manageable, low maintenance, and practical. This haircut is so versatile that anyone with short long, wavy, and curly hair can surely rock it

    Top 10 Most Popular Edgar Haircuts

    1. The Classic Edgar Cut

    Featuring a neat and crisp fade at the sides and fringe that are bluntly trimmed into a straight line, you’ll never go wrong with a classic Edgar cut. The top is usually longer making it more flexible to be styled in different ways.

    Classic Edgar hair style.

    The length of the top hair completely depends on your preference but the bangs are usually cut an inch below the hairline. The sides should taper up to a high fade leaving the sections above both ears completely bald. This fresh bold style is a definite head-turner giving your hair that attitude and edgy new look.

    2. Wavy Edgar Cut

    This type of Edgar cut is perfect for those with naturally wavy and thick hair. It still follows the classic Edgar cut but it will allow you to flaunt your hair’s natural texture. Run a dab of hair gel or pomade through the top hair and sweep it around into a messy pattern.

    Wavy Edgar hair style.

    The layering and waves will give your top hair a lot more volume and dimension. In addition, this haircut is very suitable for those who are experiencing hair loss. This specific hairstyle can effectively hide receding hairlines. It is easy to maintain and can be styled in so many different ways.

    3. Short-Fringe Bowl Edgar Cut

    Short fringed bowl hair cut on a young man.

    We can’t deny that an Edgar cut has a lot of similarities with the bowl cut. The only difference is the classic Edgar cut has a bluntly cropped side and more jagged ends on the fringe. This haircut has a crisp, sharp bald fade that emphasizes the bowl line and follows the shape of the bowl cut with a much shorter and messier fringe.

    The taper mid-fade of the Edgar cut will give you that modern and more flavorful twist to the good or bowl haircut.

    4. Asymmetrical Edgar Cut

    If you like your hair to make a statement, this particular haircut is perfect for you. The Edgar cut is already packed with edginess, but stepping it up into an asymmetrical cut will bring your hairstyle up to a whole new level of boldness.

    Asymmetrical fringes of Edgar’s hair style.

    Your hair will surely be the talk of the town for some time. The fringe is still an inch below the hairline but it does not follow a straight line across the forehead, instead, it goes down into a diagonal line and stops at eye level. The fringe must also be more jagged and uneven compared to the classic Edgar cut.

    This style is not recommended for those with curly and frizzy hair. A vintage-inspired hairstyle like this takes the fringes out from the face in a more vertical direction. The fringes can also be cut into different layers and angles giving it a more unique and asymmetrical look.

    5. Spiky Short Edgar Cut

    A short and spiky top is one way to rock an Edgar cut. This shorter version is popularly preferred by those with straighter hair. The top hair is cut short but still leaves the straight-line trademark of the Edgar cut across the forehead.

    Spiky short Edgar hairstyle.

    The fade on the sides is more defined further down, to an almost bald, to emphasize the spikey top. With a dab of pomade or wax, the hair is tousled forward morphing the back and middle sections into pointy spikes. This also works best if you have a textured and layered cut on top. The spiky top will give your hair more attitude and flair.

    6. Curly-top Edgar Cut

    You’ve got curls? No problem! You can always go for the curly-top version of the classic Edgar cut. This hairstyle is so versatile that it could even work with people who have curly hair. The fringe can still be bluntly cut and the high-skin fade on the sides is a lot thicker at the top and gradually fades further down.

    Curly Edgar hair style.

    Wear your curls with pride and allow them to reign free in all directions. The faded sides will keep everything neat and crisp. Those curls will give the top area more volume, texture, and style to your edger cut.

    7. Bald Fade Edgar Cut

    For those with extremely short hair, you can always do a bald fade Edgar cut. It is the high-and-tight Edgar version that features a “lidded” effect as the straight line from the fringe extends all around the head.

    Bowl Edgar hairstyle.

    It is important to note that since the hair is much shorter, the fade should start as a skin fade and gradually tapers into a high fade. This hairstyle can be a little daring and a hairline away from sporting a military vibe but it is low on maintenance and requires less time for styling. With the faded contrast, the top section of the hair will look much thicker and fuller.

    8. Mid-fade Edgar Cut

    The blunt bangs can be cut to whatever length you like. But the main feature of this haircut is the sharp straight line that cuts across the midsection of the head. This hairstyle works best with straight, medium-length hair, and for those who don’t want to cut their hair short, having a longer fringe will give you a lot more styling options and flexibility.

    Mid-faded Edgar haircut.

    The taper fade starting from the midsection of the head will give this look a more modern finish feel to it. It might need a bit of ironing and hair products to keep the hair smooth and in place.

    9. Choppy Hair Edgar Cut

    For an edgier and modern look, go for the Edgar haircut with a choppy top. Make your hairstyle stand out with more texture and volume in it. Texture can be created if the top section of the hair is cut into different lengths and layers.

    Edgier Edgar hairstyle with textured top.

    The choppy fringe mixed with the traditional blunt cut of Edgar’s haircut will give this style that laidback and casual feel to it. You can also consider having your bangs cut in layers to help soften the look further. The tousled volume, texture, layering, and uneven fringe should be finished off with a taper buzz fade on the side to make the style more cohesive and neat.

    10. Edgar Cut With Beard

    Get stylish and sexy by matching your chin fuzz with your favorite version of Edgar’s haircut. A blunt fringe Edgar cut combined with a tapered fade beard is a cool way to upgrade your look drastically. The sharp and well-groomed beard will enhance your masculine features making your jawline more prominent and defined.

    A classic Edgar haircut with beard.

    Paired with a short and modern cut Edgar cut, you’ll be bringing your beard-styling game to a whole new level. Arranging a tapered fade between your hair and beard can be a little challenging. But letting your barber use a template or fading in and out in different places can highlight the different areas of the style.


    The Takuache hairstyle, commonly known as the Edgar haircut, has become one of the trendiest hairstyles for 2022. This unique-looking haircut is easily achievable and can be worn by everyone.

    The Edgar cut combined some of the elements from famous hairstyles, such as Caesar’s cut and Bowl cut giving it a more flavorful twist. Its most distinct feature is the sharp, clean straight line that runs along the forehead to the back of the head, the blunt fringe, and tapered fade sides.

    A hairstyle that is perfect for men with an oval and angular face and ideal for those with thick, long, and short hair.

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