Female Led Relationship Ideas: FLR Lifestyle Explained

What are female-led relationships? Are there men comfortable in a female-led relationship, and why would some women seek such kind of relationship?

Well, relationships have been diverse over time, and unlike before when men were the head of the house, nowadays, women are empowered and can make great decisions for a family. Some women love being in control, whereby they take care of their family and generally have more control of the relationship and the household.

But, the big question is, do such relationships work? Are there rules, and why would a woman or man be comfortable in a relationship where a woman has more control?

This article will discuss female-led relationships, the guides that govern such relationships, and why some couples opt for such a relationship. But first, let’s understand what a female-led relationship is.

What Is A Female Led Relationship?

A female-led relationship is the type of relationship where the woman is the leader, thus, exercising more control over the man. For such a relationship to work, the woman must have a man willing to be led. This man is comfortable allowing women to make decisions regarding their finances, chores, family settings, and others.

Such men are okay playing the subordinate partners, but the bottom line is; that as long as the woman is respectful and there is a mutual love between the two parties, it does work.

Types Of Female-led Relationships

Before we discuss the types of female-led relationships, it is crucial to note that each type of female-led relationship is defined by the woman’s amount of control over the relationship. So, it ranges from low control to extreme control, depending on the couple’s agreement.

Low control level

In this female-led relationship, the woman has almost equal control with their spouse. She does not make all the decisions as they consult each other when making a major family or relationship decisions.

Couple studying their finances for their household.

This is the kind of 50/50 relationship where they distribute responsibilities at home, but a woman can make some decisions or lead the man on some occasions. Note that this kind of female-led relationship may occur when the couple starts dating and thus, are open to the woman taking more charge of the relationship in the future.

Moderate control level

As time goes by, the woman may start to dominate the man in various areas like career, financial stability, etc. Therefore, as this happens, so does her control over the relationship. With reasonable control, the woman’s dominance over her man has slightly increased, but still, the man can make decisions in some areas of their life.

The woman tends to make more intense decisions such as; maybe moving to a bigger house, having or not having kids, buying assets, and so on. At this level, the man is comfortable allowing the woman to make such major decisions and is okay supporting her when she needs it.

However, if you are a man who prefers women with more dominance, then this level of control from your woman will not be enough for you.

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Defined control level

In this type of female-led relationship, the roles of the man and woman are well defined, and the woman is the head of the house. She has the authority to make decisions in the household and lead the man in various ways. The man has understood his role as the subordinate to his woman and is willing to submit to the woman.

Have you ever heard of stay-home dads? Well, such men are in this level of female-led relationship. They opt to stay back and take care of the kids and household since the woman makes enough money for the family.

Husband with son in the kitchen preparing food.

The decision may not necessarily come from the man but from their women who feel they should take over nurturing their kids as they are better off with him. If you are wondering if the man also takes up a woman’s role in this type of FLR, then the answer is yes. The man cooks, cleans, does other chores, and goes grocery shopping while the wife works.

Extreme control

This could be a dangerous type of female-led relationship, but it can work if there is mutual respect, love, and understanding. We say so because, in this type of female-led relationship, the woman is completely dominant over the man. She makes all decisions and controls every move that the man makes.

If he needs to go out with friends, he has to ask for approval from his woman and even ask for money to spend when he goes out. Remember, he is not probably working, and the woman is solely the breadwinner and provider for the family.

So, the man may find himself in a situation where he has no control over the family finances and social life. He will have to accompany his wife when she goes for casual and formal events. Anything to do with family vacations is organized and orchestrated by the wife as she is the boss.

Rules Of A Female-led Relationship

Female-led relationships are not for the faint-hearted. Some women can go to extreme measures when controlling their men, which may create a rift or drain the man. So, to create a common ground, even if the woman is in charge of the family and household, there have to rule. These are the common rules of female-led relationships:

Respect of paramount

Just because the woman is in charge of making decisions for the family, this should be done with the utmost respect for both parties. They should not take advantage of the fact that they are leaders and crush their partner’s dignity when outlining home decisions. Be the leader as the woman and still respect your man’s position as your husband and the father of your children.

Well, respect should go both ways too. As a man, make sure to respect your wife even if she is away. You should not cheat on her just because you are in the house alone or fail to help with house chores considering your wife is working for the family.

Both parties should stick to their roles

If the relationship started with low control where both parties were involved in decision making, but now it is at the extreme level where the woman is dominant, both parties should embrace this change.

This means that women should embrace their duties as leaders whereby they should provide for the man and ensure to make decisions that benefit the entire family. As a man, be ready to take over the woman’s roles as her subordinate.

Besides that, it is an opportunity for you to experience what a wife/husband does for the family, and you should do it diligently.

Women are in charge of the finances

Considering the woman is the major moneymaker for the family, she is in charge of the household bills. She should ensure the bills are paid on time, money is well invested, and if the man is a stay home dad, give him some money for personal use.

The woman decides on social events and gatherings

The woman should be the one to determine which social gatherings or events the family should attend. Remember, she is working and could have a busy schedule at the office. So, if she can’t make it to the family get-together and wants you as the man to represent her, you should honor her request.

The man’s social meetings, such as going out with friends or clubs, are minimized. Some women may only allow their men to go out when they are together or after they approve of the place to go and the people he is going out with.

The woman is in control

This means that the woman is in charge, and her authority should be followed entirely by her man. So, if you have bad lifestyle habits like abuse of substances, your woman can check you to rehab for treatment. She does not need to ask for permission from the man as she is doing it for him and the family.

The woman’s wishes come first

Apart from the fact that the woman decides for the family, all her other wishes should come first, and she expects the man to fulfill them. This is similar to male-led relationships since the woman would always make sure her husband’s wishes are met to make him happy.

Husband kisses his wife as he prepared breakfast in bed for her.

Therefore, in a female-led relationship, the same thing happens as the man has to make sure his wife is happy.

Men are put in chastity

As a man, if you love sex and love being the dominant partner, then female-led relationships could be hard for you. The woman is in charge of when to have sex. So, if she is not in the mood, you should respect that as a man. Sex is not in demand, and these women usually put their men on chastity to make sure they don’t focus too much on physical intimacy.

However, don’t get me wrong, these women love sex and love being intimate with their partners when in the mood. Also, sometimes they may fall into their men’s demand of sexual desires, especially when they truly love their men.

Why Women Seek A Female-led Relationship?

Childhood trauma

In some cases, some women may opt for female-led relationships due to what they experienced while they were a child. In most cases, these women grew up in abusive relationships. They saw their dad mistreat their mothers because they were the leaders, and their mothers were stuck in an abusive relationship because they did not have a way out. Probably their moms did not have any means to provide for the children.

Parents quarreling while ignoring their daughter.

Such a woman would want to be financially empowered, so she does not have to “bend” to a man for her kids’ support. But note that some of these women are respectful and love their men even if they are the dominating spouse.

Yearn for superiority

Some women naturally love being superior such that they feel they cannot submit to a man. A woman who is superior and has strong opinions is very keen on making her decision and works hard, so she is financially stable.

Such a woman will not have a healthy relationship with a man of the same traits as they will always argue in one way or the other considering the man wants the wife to submit and vice versa. Such a woman would be good with a man willing to submit to her, be led by her, and who is okay, allowing her to make all family decisions.

They are jealous and want to protect their relationship

Some women may want to be in female-led relationships to protect their marriage or relationships. Such a woman could have been in a relationship where her man was the sole provider but treated her badly in return.

The man could have cheated on her, which made her heartbroken. So, she wants a man who will “worship” her and is faithful to her. Such a woman would want a naive man, and the fact that he feels he has to consult her before making any decision makes her feel good and protective.

To create a life balance

For women in high power maybe work in top positions. They are leaders and are used to giving orders in the office; hence, they want a submissive man who can take care of them when they get home.

Wife returning home from work.

She does not want a man who will keep telling her about his job or the kind of money he is making, but rather a man who will pamper her and take her mind away from the hustles of the work. She is making good money to cater to the family, so all she needs is love and attention from her man.

Why do Men Seek A Female-led Relationship?

Avoid financial burden

Not every man is comfortable footing bills for the family as it can be draining mainly if his job does not pay that well. Such a man would be attracted to a woman who makes more money and is comfortable making major decisions, especially those that revolve around finances. He is comfortable supporting her, knowing that he is not responsible for finances or decision-making.

The men who love traditional women’s roles

Men who are naturally drawn to taking up female roles like cooking, doing house chores, and taking care of their kids, can comfortably embrace female-led relationships. With such a man, the woman can comfortably work and do other dominant activities knowing the household is taken care of and she does not have to worry about the kids and chores.

This relationship works magic if the woman is earning well ( so there is no financial constraint), and the relationship is built on good communication, respect, and understanding.

Men who grew up surrounded by women

Mother and adult son embracing each other.

A man raised by a mother and several girls who never allowed him to make any decision or do anything that would challenge him mentally can fit in such a relationship. He is used to living in an environment where the woman is the leader and a subordinate, so living with a wife who leads him would be his preference.

To share responsibilities

Men who are into 50/ 50 relationships can embrace the low-level control type of female-led relationship as they will have peace of mind knowing. However, they are in charge of the family. The woman can always come through mainly financially and help make some decisions he is not good at.

Are There Downsides To Female Led Relationships?

This kind of relationship also comes with its disadvantages that affect both parties.

Wife comforting her husband.
  • The man may not be satisfied by the woman’s decision, but since she is in charge, he may have to cope with whatever decisions she makes. This leads to a loss of interest in their partners as they feel inferior.
  • The woman may be harsh on her man, considering some women do not know how to control their emotions, which can drift in the relationship. Some may look down on their men as they are in charge and providers for the family.
  • Judgments from society can ruin the relationship as some people may look down on the man for being subordinate and not the wife. It can take a toll on the man, mainly if this is coming from his friends or family.


People have different preferences when it comes to the setting of their relationships. Some women want to be dominant in their relationship, and hey, some men are comfortable being in a relationship where their women are leaders.

There could be many reasons that lead people to result in a female-led relationship, but it allows narrows down to what the couple is looking for. There has to be clear communication between the parties to avoid any misunderstanding in the relations.

Depending on the level of female-led relationship you opt for, let some rules guide you. If you are the woman who will be dominant, provide for the family and make decisions while the man takes care of the house chores. Let each party take up their responsibilities religiously.

This article has provided all the crucial information you need about female-led relationships and how they work.

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