Flirty Texts For Him: 50 Examples You Can Use Today

These days, it seems like text messages are how most of us flirt and engage in foreplay. Is romance dying as a result? No! However, despite the challenges it undoubtedly poses, it also gives us a fresh way to communicate with and flirt with our male partners, whether they be our long-term partners or potential boyfriends.

It’s a lot of fun and keeps your relationship interesting to send cute flirtatious texts. Simply be playful and explicit. It is crucial to be clear. You should express your interest in the other person. Clarity is valued less than cleverness. Reduce the demands placed on how clever, funny, or excellent your opener must be. One of our best pieces of relationship advice for couples is to keep the romance alive.

Once you’ve figured out how to text and flirt with each other. It won’t take long for one thing to lead to another. There is always a snowball effect when friends exchange flirtatious texts. There really isn’t much you can do once you start with it other than play the part. You can’t stop, and it’s seriously impossible to foresee the future.

Whether you’re extremely shy and just starting to talk to the person you really like or you’re looking for some new, unexpected texts to send your boyfriend, there’s something in this article for everyone. Here are some amusing texts for them:

50 Flirty Texts to Send Him

1.     Let’s play a game. If I’m guessing what you’re wearing, you should take it off.

2.     I’m sorry, I can’t wait for you to make the first move, so I’m doing it now!

3.     I just got out of the shower. You should come to me and help me get dirty again.

4.     I am bored. Tell me what to do to entertain myself?

5.     I wanted to let you know how hot you are, seriously, I mean, just thinking about turning me on.

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6.     When I woke up this morning, I immediately thought of you, and there was proof of that under my sheets.

7.     I’m completely drenched after just getting out of the shower. Wish I could make you the same way right now.

8.     Name a body part and I’ll send a picture of it.

9.     I like how naughty you are. Do you have any more surprises for me?

10.     I’m planning what I’m going to do with you in bed all week. I’m going to amaze you.

11.     Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?

12.     Touching myself and thinking about you.

13.     I just got out of the shower and can’t find my towel, will you come?

14.     I have been very naughty today. How are you going to punish me?

15.     I can’t stop thinking about what we did last night, it makes me do it again and again.

16.     I’m a bit like a Rubik’s cube. The more you play with me, the harder it gets to put me aside.

17.     Don’t make yourself too tired at work. You definitely need some energy tonight.

18.     Licking a popsicle and thinking of you, it’s delicious.

19.     Tell me your fantasy, maybe it will come true later.

20.     I’ll let you do whatever you want with me.

21.     So annoying that you’re not here, you’re really missing something.

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22.     Such cold nights are made for hugs. Will you warm up?

23.     Your choice of shirt today demonstrates your good taste.

24.     I’m wondering what time it should open as I consult the calendar.

25.     I was considering planning a two-person night of adult gaming.

26.     The picture may be worth a thousand words, but the selfie you sent made me think of only one.

27.     What will I do when I see you for the first time, do you want to know? Set your imagination to work.

28.     Do you have fantasies that need to be translated into reality?

29.     You are so hot and attractive. May I keep you for myself?

30.     Kissing burns calories. I can help you burn them all off your body.

31.     I wanted to invite you to my place for the weekend, but I can’t guarantee that I will keep my hands to myself.

32.     I had a very hot dream last night. Would you like me to write to you about it or listen to it at my house?

33.     I love it when you control me.

34.     It excites me wildly when you touch me there.

35.     You are too hot for me to resist you.

36.     Wait a minute, are you alone now?

37.     I’m very shy, but you have no idea what I’m thinking.

38.     This weekend I will be alone at home. You can scream all you want, and I plan to tear down the walls.

39.     My thoughts about you were so dirty that I had to take a shower.

40.     Last night you said dirty words, do you want to repeat them?

41.     It’s strange, but I can’t stop thinking about us last night. I replay it over and over in my head and feel so good.

Romantic couple dating and enjoying their night.

42.     When your name appears on my screen, my knees get weak.

43.     Looking forward to seeing you in the evening.

44.     I promise to assist you later; I am aware that you had a difficult day.

45.     I woke up with a smile. Guess what I was thinking?

46.     I just got out of the shower and wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts.

47.     Let’s spend time doing nothing, in each other’s arms.

48.     Next time we see each other, I have a surprise for you.

49.     I can’t believe how sometimes I lose control when I think about you.

50.     I don’t know what you did to me, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about you.

Every now and then, we all want to liven up the conversation. Everyone enjoys an occasional hint of insinuation. Texts that are flirtatious for him will get through whatever was on his mind and quickly switch it to you.

Act a little flirtatious whenever you want to change things up. Immediately, the vibe between you two will change. So have fun with our flirtatious texts for him.

Final Thoughts

These are merely our own recommended guidelines. You are entirely free to use them however and whenever you see fit. Be sure to personalize them to fit your unique personality. They might sound artificial or wooden if you repeat them word for word. For more committed relationships, we advise using these. These aren’t likely text messages for a first date; perhaps we’re just old-fashioned.

Also, remember that text flirting can be misunderstood, so begin subtly. It’s important that you enjoy yourself while doing it. Even modest expressions of appreciation for all he has accomplished can greatly boost his ego. No worries, texting starts the process and keeps it going once a bond has been formed.

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