Beard Growth Foods: Here’s 7 Foods That Will Help You Grow A Good Beard

Are you trying to fill up your beard by eating more? Yes, please. Let us remind you that this has been proven scientifically before you conclude that it seems too good to be true. Find a strategy to encourage full, thick beard development if you want to grow a beard and take advantage of its advantages.

One approach to achieve this is feeding your body the nutrients it needs to promote the development of a beautiful and healthy beard.

Due to the significant role that your diet plays in promoting natural beard growth, it is strongly advised to consume specific foods intended to encourage the facial hair growth process. Consuming certain foods is advantageous because doing so can give your body the necessary resources to carry out the operation.

It’s time to learn and comprehend the various foods that can provide some of the essential nutrients required for beard growth now that you know their importance. The following are some of the foods that can give the majority, if not all, of the vital nutrients required for your desired beard growth:

Food for Beard Growth

1.     Raisins

The tiny dried grapes might appear to be a harmless snack, but they are one of the most potent natural sources of boron, a trace mineral found to increase the production of testosterone and DHT.

Few men are aware of the powerful ability of boron to quicken the growth of facial hair, but the effects this mineral may have on your body are undoubtedly significant. The mineral-rich snack may be one of the best-kept secrets for reducing beard patchiness, especially since 100 grams of raisins typically contain 3 mg of boron.

2.     Sorghum

Another effective and little-known method to grow a thicker beard is to eat a gluten-free grain. This is due to scientific evidence showing a 54% rise in the production of the 5-alpha reductase enzymes needed to convert testosterone into DHT, the hormone responsible for the growth of facial hair.

3.     Beef

The most crucial fatty acid for creating testosterone is saturated fat, which red meats often contain in significant amounts. Thus, beef can provide your body with the lipids required for healthier hair development.

Cutting juicy beef steak.

4.     Fish

Fish provide a balanced array of numerous micronutrients that your body requires. It is a beautiful source of protein and B vitamins, which support the growth of hair and skin in your body.

Additionally, fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which safeguard the cell membrane and maintain the strength and health of your whiskers.

5.     Olive oil

Olive oil is a fantastic addition to most dishes and one of the foods that can promote facial hair growth. It can provide you with a sufficient amount of vitamin E in addition to other nutrients essential for hair growth.

It also has balanced levels of beneficial fatty acids, which can help create DHT and testosterone. In addition to using olive oil in your diet, you may frequently massage the area with it and use it as beard oil.

6.     White button mushrooms

An increased intake of white button mushrooms in your daily diet can also significantly impact your beard. This meal’s components help drastically lower the levels of estrogen and aromatase in your body, which is quite beneficial for your beard.

It is advantageous because testosterone can be changed into the feminine hormone estrogen by an abundance of aromatase. It would be difficult for your body to create more testosterone if it produces a more significant amount of aromatase.

Mushroom soup in the cup.

You may ensure enough testosterone for beard development by using white button mushrooms to stop aromatase from rising too high.

7.     Coffee

If you enjoy coffee, you’ll be happy to learn that it has a significant impact on boosting your workouts and elevating the testosterone level in your body.

Coffee offers substantial antioxidants and magnesium and assists in synthesizing greater testosterone. Magnesium is crucial for promoting the growth of the beard, as well as antioxidants.


Eating meals that support beard strength and proper growth is the most excellent method to ensure the health of your beard. However, if you want to care for your beard and ensure it thrives, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on your food.

You must become familiar with some of the meals capable of promoting that process if you want to aid in the development of a strong, healthy, and thick beard. The following vitamins, minerals, and nutrients should be included in your diet because they will make growing your facial beard simpler.

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