He Hasn’t Texted Me All Day Should I Text Him: What Should You Do?

Are you still waiting for the guy you’re into to text you today? Are you wondering what is going on between the two of you? What should you do if he doesn’t text you? How can you tell if this is a sign of a disagreement between the two of you?

If you’re sitting around thinking “he didn’t text me today”, this article will help you get to the bottom of what is happening, and decide if this is actually a bad sign, or if you’re possibly making a big deal out of a small matter.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Text Him Today

First, what type of relationship have you established with him? Is it official that you’re dating? Is there a label, like a boyfriend, attached to him? If there isn’t a defined relationship between the two of you, you need to pause on that keyboard, because you’ve texted last, and shouldn’t text again until he texts you back, or there is a significant reason to do so.

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You don’t want to appear to be clingy or needy, and you don’t want to look desperate. That being said, if you texted him last, and he just isn’t responding, no fight or any other reason for the silence, then do not text him today. You’ll look as though you’re chasing him, and that is a fast way to appear as though you have no self-respect. Don’t text him until he texts you back.

Situations When You Should Text Him

If you’ve recently had a disagreement and there is a chance you should apologize, then yes, you should text him. Text him a brief apology, and wait for him to respond. Don’t multi-text him and don’t get antsy and start texting question marks. Just text a quick apology and give him some time to process whatever the problem may be.

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If you haven’t already initiated contact with him, then go ahead and send a brief text. He may be sitting there waiting for you to text, just the way you’re sitting and waiting for him to text. Send a quick “Hello” text, and keep it light and non-confrontational. You don’t want to start a fight where there isn’t one.

If you get a text from him at the same time every day and he misses the time, you can send a text asking if he is okay, but don’t send anything after that until he replies to you. If he is safe, hopefully, he’s the kind of guy that will let you know that and not make you worry about him all day. If you’re in a defined relationship with him, you should send him a text and ask him if there is a problem you aren’t aware of and then leave it at that.

Don’t start an argument. Don’t text multiple times. Don’t tell him you’re overly distraught, or say anything out of anger. Just ask the simple question “Are you okay?”, and wait for him to make the next move. Anything else will look clingy, and be a complete turn-off. If it is a matter of safety, it’s okay to text again, but only in that circumstance.

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Is It Normal For A Guy To Not Text You For A Day?

This really depends on the sort of relationship that you have with him. If you’re in a defined relationship, then it certainly isn’t normal to hear from him all day. Even if it’s only to say good morning, or that he’s safe, there should be a level of communication between you.

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However, if you’re simply in the early stages of connecting, and nothing is definitive or labeled, then he may not feel as though he needs to maintain daily contact. Usually, though, that is a sign that perhaps he isn’t that interested in you. The majority of the time, if a guy is really into you, he’s going to maintain a high level of contact, usually texting multiple times per day.

What Does It Mean If He Doesn’t Text You?

Don’t panic, and don’t jump to conclusions. There could be plenty of reasons he didn’t text you today. But let’s look at some of the circumstances surrounding you two.

First, if he never initiates the conversations, and simply replies to you with short answers, he probably isn’t into you. Any guy who is really interested in pursuing a relationship with you is going to text you first, he’s going to start conversations to try to find out about you as a person, and he’s going to be attentive, not skipping a whole day of texting you.

If he treats you unkindly when you text or he refuses to put in any effort at all like, texting you first, then you should let it go and move on. Clearly, he isn’t the guy for you. The right guy for you will be respectful in your communications, and he won’t make you uphold both ends of the conversation.

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If you have been arguing, he may just be taking a little time to cool down and get his mind straightened out before he texts you back. Give him a day to think about things, and if he doesn’t text you by morning, you can text him to ask if everything is okay between you. Again, don’t make it a confrontational text. Simply ask the question and wait for him to respond before you send another text.

You shouldn’t need to be the person who always asks questions about the other person. You should have someone who is taking an interest in you as well. Typically, if you’re dating a guy and he stops communicating or he seems very uninterested in what you’re saying, such as one-word responses and going days without texting you, then you are talking to a guy who isn’t that interested in you.

However, if you’re simply in the early stages of connecting, and nothing is definitive or labeled, then he may not feel as though he needs to maintain daily contact. Usually, though, that is a sign that perhaps he isn’t that interested in you. The majority of the time, if a guy is really into you, he’s going to maintain a high level of contact, usually texting multiple times per day.

💬 Ask yourself, has he been short or unenthusiastic in his responses when you're texting? Are you the one who always initiates conversations? Does he ask you questions about yourself and your life? Or is he simply answering your texts with short replies that feel like he really isn’t that interested?

How to Tell if He is Into You

When a guy is really into you and wants to be in a relationship with you, you don’t have to prod at him to have a basic conversation with you.

He will want to ask you questions about yourself and tell you about his day and keep the conversation flowing. That’s because he is genuinely concerned, and is really interested in you as a human being. It’s very easy to tell the difference between a conversation with a guy who is just keeping you hanging on with the bare minimum texting, and a guy who is truly pursuing a relationship with you.

How to tell the difference if he likes you or not

The key is knowing to recognize the difference and to avoid the guys who don’t want a real connection with you. So, you need to sit and ask yourself some basic questions before you text this guy again, and tell yourself, “He didn’t text me today, so I won’t chase him”. Some questions that you can ask yourself to help you determine what your actual standing is with him are:

If he doesn’t treat you like a girlfriend when you’re around other people, you’re not his girlfriend. Guys love to show off their girlfriend and let other guys know that you’ve taken. If he is acting like you don’t exist when you’re in front of his friends, you aren’t dating him. He is likely stringing you along. You should end it because anyone who doesn’t treat you well when you’re in front of other people doesn’t deserve to have your attention.

If he is saying that he isn’t looking for a relationship right now, he isn’t interested in dating you. That is what guys say when they’re trying not to hurt your feelings, or they want to keep you around in case they get desperate. As harsh as that may sound, it is the truth.

A guy that is into you is going to drop everything in order to show you that he is interested. Guys who aren’t interested may not say it but they will show you by the way they act about communication with you.

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If it feels like he’s annoyed or disinterested in the conversation, more than likely it’s because he is. If you pick up on any vibes like that, you need to go ahead and cut it loose. He clearly isn’t the guy for you because the right guy for you is going to be excited to talk to you and interested in what you say.

If he is seeing someone else and you’re aware of it, you need to ask yourself why you’re okay with someone treating you that way. If you’re seeing someone who you know has a girlfriend, you should immediately remove yourself from the situation. Anyone who respects you and treats you like you matter wouldn’t be seeing you and another girl at the same time.

That’s very disrespectful, and it’s a good way to get a lot of drama started. No guy who thinks highly of you will be seeing you behind another woman’s back. That’s tacky, it is uncouth, and it’s unfair to both women in the equation. Plus, that other woman didn’t do anything to you so why would you take part in something that would be so hurtful to her? That’s not chic code.

However, if you two have a label on your relationship, and you are a couple, both at home and in public, there is no reason that he should go all day without texting you. That’s not typical of relationships, as most people send upward of 10 text messages to their significant other throughout the day.

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That is due to the ease of sending text messages, and the ability to reply when it’s convenient. There is no person who is not free for 20 seconds out of an entire day. That is the amount of time it would take to text a greeting and let you know that they are safe.

When not to worry

If you haven’t been in a disagreement, and you’re certain that he is safe, there is really no reason why he didn’t text today. No plausible, decent reason. That is something that you should discuss with him in person because it would seem to indicate that perhaps he isn’t feeling as dedicated to the relationship as he used to be or maybe he is upset about something and you’re unaware of it.

Either way, this is the time to have a conversation about your expectations while in a relationship. Due to the nature of being in a relationship with someone, sometimes wires get crossed and misunderstandings happen, but to go an entire day and not communicate at all in this generation is unheard of.

When you sit down to talk to him about the expectations you have for the relationship, you need to be very clear and concise about what you consider disrespectful or hurtful behavior. Some guys are just oblivious and you have to bring everything to their attention. However, in most cases, any guy is going to know that not reaching out all day is going to hurt feelings. It’s very passive-aggressive behavior.

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If you expect him to reach out to you three times every day by sending texts, then you need to convey that to him so that he knows the behavior that you want to see from him. If he feels like that’s unreasonable, then ask him how many times per day he believes is a reasonable number of texts.

Create an agreement

The important thing is to come to an agreement on what is going to be a guiding principle in your relationship. It’s important that you are both willing to come to an agreement and to stick with the terms of the agreement. If one or both of you can’t adhere to your part of the compromise, you are going to have serious problems being in a relationship. It takes a willingness to work through your issues in order to have a relationship that is healthy.

His attitude toward the situation will say a lot about the state of your relationship. If he doesn’t feel like it’s necessary for you to talk every day he doesn’t sound like he’s that into you. People do change, and they often outgrow one another. If he used to text you 15 times every day but now he doesn’t even text every day, it sounds as though you are having relationship issues.

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You should ask him if he’s still feeling the same way about the relationship, and if he isn’t, what are you two going to do about it? Don’t allow someone to treat you as less than. Be with someone who enjoys talking to you, someone who enjoys spending time with you, and not someone who you have to beg for a text message.

When to end a relationship

Don’t disrespect yourself like that. If this guy truly doesn’t feel like he needs to be in communication with you every day, you would be better off single. You can focus on your own life, and work on your self-esteem while you’re single, and that will help you choose someone who will treat you respectfully the next time.

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If he becomes confrontational or speaks to you disrespectfully, you need to end the conversation and end the relationship. There isn’t any reason the matter shouldn’t be discussed like adults, and if he isn’t capable of an adult discussion, he isn’t capable of a healthy relationship.

Don’t allow yourself to be involved in a toxic relationship without healthy communication. It isn’t worth any benefit you may get from the relationship to put up with nasty, disrespectful behavior out of someone who is supposed to think you’re amazing. Just let it go. It’s never worth it.

In Conclusion, If He Didn’t Text Me Today

Don’t panic. There could be a perfectly legitimate reason for this. It’s okay to text him once to check on his welfare. However, after that, the ball is in his court. If he doesn’t text you back, do not text him any further today.

Don’t come across as needy, desperate, or angry. Try to keep it cool, and give him time to respond and explain the situation. If he is willing to work on the issue, cool. If he’s not willing to be respectful of your time and feelings, it’s best to go ahead and let him go.

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