Hinge Prompts That Will Break The Ice

Forget Tinder because when it comes to dating apps, Hinge has gained so much popularity and there is no doubt it can help you find what you are looking for. Hinge is unique because it has “prompts” to help you start conversations with potential matches, this is a great way to break the ice and it’s a fun feature that many dating sites do not have.

If you are stuck, the following Hinge prompts guarantee success no matter what you are looking for!

10 Best Hinge Prompts

1.     “Dating me is like” prompt

Breaking the ice is a great way to attract a potential mate in general so this would be a great prompt to start with because it also shows confidence. Have you not heard that women LOVE confident men? Some ways that you could finish this prompt include “Finding an extra chicken nugget in your happy meal” or “Having a headache and an orgasm at the same time”.

They are funny, out there, and can be kind of relatable too. For example, an extra nugget in your happy meal might seem like a small victory and since you are comparing yourself to that victory, you are showing off confidence and you are also showing that you have a good sense of humor.

If you don’t like any of the examples that have been mentioned, you can come up with your own prompts that show off your personality. You can subtly sell yourself with this prompt but also don’t come across as too in love with yourself because that is not a great vibe.

2.     “A shower thought I had recently” prompt

We all have the most random thoughts when we are in the shower and sharing this with somebody you are interested in on Hinge could be a great way to connect This prompt is also a great way to show off your personality, which is obviously really important on the dating scene and securing an in-person date.

Just make sure that the shower thought you share is true to you and something that is quite unique so that you do not come across the same as every other member on Hinge. These could include “Isn’t it funny how taller people are expected to help short people get something off the shelf but if the tall person asked a short person to get something off the floor it would be seen as insulting.”

Or “When you drink alcohol, you are basically just borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” Shower thoughts almost force the person you are messaging to reply and can generate a good conversation. Keep in mind that this prompt is not going to work with everyone but if you connect with as many people as possible on Hinge, you are bound to find someone who is on your wavelength sooner or later.

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3.     “My most irrational fear” prompt

Women absolutely love it when men are vulnerable and that is why this is a great prompt to show that side of yourself. It can also be funny because of the irrational fear that you might have, and who doesn’t enjoy laughing atone another insecurity?

Funny guy looking scared.

Whether you are scared to swallow seeds from fruit because you think a tree might grow out of your stomach, you are scared of dark basements or something else entirely! If you have the same answer to this prompt as another member, it could start a more intimate conversation or it will at the very least generate a laugh.

Sharing your irrational fears with one another will instantly spark a connection and hopefully, the conversation will flow from there, which is why this one has earned its place on best Hinge prompts.

4.     “On my bucket list” prompt

This is the perfect prompt to get a conversation started on Hinge because it shows a bit of who you are and it also allows you to be a little flirty if you want to be. You might include something sexual on your bucket list prompt for example but just make sure you don’t come across as too graphic or you could come across as a creep!

However you finish this prompt, it will help you find somebody who you have something in common with so whether you mention travel or something more flirty or humorous, your personality is sure to come across and that is always appreciated on dating sites.

Make sure to give your answer to this prompt some thought though because you don’t want to give the same generic answer as everyone else, for example, “On my bucket list is to become rich”. When you are responding to the prompts of other people when browsing profiles, finding somebody who has the same thing as you on their bucket list can be very exciting.

5.     ”I want someone who…” prompt

Everybody is looking for a particular partner but saying that outright can come across as a little demanding or thinking too highly of yourself! The great thing about this platform is that you don’t need to list the do’s and don’ts of what you want on your profile, you can simply use the prompts to make it fun.

You could say something like “Is funnier than my favorite sitcom.” or “Loves me more than their favorite Starbucks order”. You can also learn a little bit more about what they are looking for in a partner with this prompt, which will help stop you from wasting time on the wrong person.

This prompt could very well get you a date if your answer is a good one or you could find this prompt on another profile that pushes you to leave a witty or eye-catching response.

6.     ”My biggest date fail” prompt

Since Hinge is all about dating, this is a good prompt to share experiences and gives a glimpse that it can never be that bad between you two! Don’t make something up in order to use this prompt though, only do it if you have an experience of a bad date that you really want to share the details of.

This should get a laugh from the person you are sending the message to and they might have a bad date story to share with you in return. Whether your dating experience is that they did not look like their photos, they thought you were gay, they talked about their ex the whole time, or something else.

A couple having a bad date.

When somebody reads this prompt they might assume that you are a serial dater which not all people will like, but it also shows that you are committed to finding your perfect match, which is a positive. Let it all out with this prompt and hopefully, you will have much better date with one another soon enough.

7.     “Worst idea I’ve ever had” prompt

We’ve all had some pretty embarrassing moments in our lives and they are often due to our own bad decisions. You can share the worst idea that you have ever had with this prompt and it is a great way to make that other person laugh, and also get them thinking about their own experiences.

Whether you are sharing childhood memories or something you have done recently when drunk at the club, this is one of the top Hinge prompts because it shows that you are normal and it also gives an insight into your life.

Showing that you have matured because you realize that this was a bad decision is really important too because it shows growth. Not taking yourself too seriously is something that is very attractive to the opposite sex and this allows you to do just that. It could also be the start of a pretty fun conversation between yourself and whoever it is that you are interested in.

8.     “Fact about me that surprises people” prompt

When you start a conversation with someone, basic information that you share can be very generic and often quite boring. Unless you have some crazy hobbies, really delving deep into this prompt can be a great opener and forces you to think about what interesting traits you do have.

A surprising fact is something that you would probably not usually share with someone on a first-time interaction and that’s the whole reason why this could really work in your favor. This could be a really deep prompt if you want to have a serious discussion or it could be something more fun.

Some examples of answers that you could give to this are “I can’t whistle”, “I used to be homeless” or “I lived in Japan for two years”. The majority of people will want to reply to this kind of prompt because they will want to know more or the story behind it.

9.     “I bet you can’t” prompt

Who doesn’t love a challenge and an “I bet you can’t…” prompt is guaranteed to get that person to reply because they are going to want to prove that they can do whatever you are challenging them or betting them that they can’t do. The great thing with this prompt is that you can use it however you want to work in your favor.

You could use it to be a little cheeky by saying something like “I bet you can’t refuse a date with me”, although be careful with this one because it could backfire. You can also say something that has more of a comedic tone to it but could also prompt a real-life meeting, such as “I bet you can’t beat me at a game of poker”, or “I bet you can’t guess my favorite book of all time.” Try this one and see how it works out for you, leave a comment below if it was a success!

Excited woman while holding a phone.

10.     “My mantra is” prompt

By sharing a mantra or quote that you live by, you are sharing a bit about yourself and your morals as a person, this can be more of a serious prompt than some of the others on the list but it’s still an important one. This is one of the best Hinge prompts because it helps you find someone who thinks like you on certain topics.

No matter what your mantra is, just be honest and vulnerable with showing this part of yourself. If you can’t think of any mantras, maybe one of the following will speak to you. “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive” or “live each day as if it is your last”.

It is really important that you find somebody who does have the same morals as you especially if you are looking for a serious relationship, and this is the best way to guarantee that.

What Hinge Prompts Get The Most Responses?

Hopefully, the previous prompts have helped you get some ideas as to what to use on the app when you are asked to enter Hinge prompts on your profile. A lot of guys message girls the same old rubbish and that is not going to make them want to reply. The key is to either make a girl laugh or have a good conversation opener that is not boring. These two tactics will both get you noticed for all the right reasons and will get you more responses.

There is no rule saying that you can only talk to only one person on Hinge at a time, in fact, the more people you get to know, the better. Once you have found someone that you connect with on Hinge, it could be the start of something amazing and you could be meeting in the flesh in no time. The key to getting this going through is a good Hinge prompt so be sure to work that to your advantage and you will be guaranteed success!

Everybody gets nervous sometimes and doesn’t know what to say when dating, especially when it is online and you can’t see the person on the other end of the screen and their reactions. That is nothing to be ashamed of and something that Hinge has thought about by having these prompts and helping people connect on a deeper level.

Hinge has more success than other websites because you are more likely to find someone with a similar personality as you because of this feature. Most of the prompts are not the type of generic questions you would ask one another when dating so they can really start up a conversation with somebody that you might not have spoken to otherwise.

Happy couple dancing along the streets.

Tip: Work hard on your profile including your Hinge prompts if you are serious about starting some kind of relationship with somebody from the platform.

How Many Hinge Prompts Do You Get?

Although you have been given 10 examples, you have limitations when it comes to your prompts. You get three prompts that you can have on Hinge at any one time but you can change those prompts as often as you like. If you do want to change the Hinge prompts on your profile, you can do this by opening up Hinge and clicking on settings.

From there you can tap the pencil icon to edit your profile and reorder/edit your prompts with ease. If you notice that a prompt isn’t doing so well or isn’t getting the responses as you would have liked, it is worth changing it. It is also important that you kept your profile as fresh as possible with your pictures, information, and prompts.

All of this contributes to how many people you will connect with on the site and how many clicks you get in general. The prompts that have been mentioned above are proven to be very successful in getting responses and the key to connecting with potential mates is to show your personality and be fun!

In addition to having your own Hinge prompts on your profile, you should also make sure to comment on the prompts of other people, especially if they have commented on yours, to help build a bond. You can browse the profiles on the app to find who you might be interested in and it can be easy to comment from there. Make sure that you are unique from other comments and that could either work in your favor or go against you. One thing is for sure though, no matter what happens – there are plenty more fish in the sea.


The most important thing to remember when coming up with your prompts is to choose ones that evoke a reaction and also try to stand out from the crowd. If you have any questions about this information or you have used them and have feedback, make sure to leave a comment below to share your experience with others.

There is no doubt that these Hinge prompts can help you find a potential partner on the app so make sure to check them out and use them when you are next browsing the dating app.

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