How Do I Tell Him I Like Him: The Essential Guide

Having a guy crush can be incredibly excited but also daunting having to see that person while you’re completely oblivious as to whether they like you back. There comes a point where action must be taken if you really want a chance to be with your crush. It’s completely normal to feel nervous about the whole ordeal.

However, if you never tell him, how will he know and how will you get the opportunity to potentially be with someone you really like? You’re probably wondering, how do I tell him I like him?

Well, you should know how to prepare to tell him as well as how to know if you really like him. Then, you’ll be prepared to reveal your feelings to your guy crush.

How Do You Know You Really Like Him?

How do you explain these feelings you have for this person? Having a crush can feel so intense, especially with the pressure of unspoken feelings. Before you jump the gun and confess you like your guy crush, be sure you really assess how you feel about them.

Having a crush can be as casual as just liking how they look or as intense as having developed strong feelings for them. So, you want to be aware of what you’d like the outcome to be after you tell your guy crush that you’re crushing on him. Something which will help you greatly is being mindful of the signs that you like him. Here are a few indications that you do.

Man and woman laughing while strolling the street.
  • You laugh at most, if not all, of his jokes – jokes you would’ve ignored had they come from anyone else. Laughing at someone’s corny jokes is a sure expression of support that usually doesn’t go unnoticed by the other party.
  • You forget about things. You could be very stressed and overwhelmed only to temporarily forget all about it after seeing or thinking about your crush.
  • Having daydreams about someone is also a sign that they really like them. If you’re imagining or visualizing romantic scenarios between you two, then you really like him.
  • You try to impress them. If you’ve ever gotten dressed with the thought of being noticed by him, then you like him.
  • Paying attention to detail shows that a person is very invested in their desired person.

Preparing to Tell a Guy You Like Him

When preparing to tell your crush you like him, you want to be confident. It’s great to do some self-acceptance and self-love work. While you don’t want to prepare yourself for rejection, it’s still beneficial to be able to accept rejection in a healthy way.

By practicing self-love, you understand your value and become more secure, confident, and capable of managing rejection in a healthy way without taking it personally. Moreover, whenever you decide to share how you feel about them, it’s crucial to dress your absolute best.

Wear something that makes you feel confident and also showcases your personal style. It’s always more comfortable for us to be who we truly are as opposed to putting on an act. Besides most people can tell when we’re not being authentic.

10 Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

1.   Start Small Conversations with Him

All relationships begin with and are maintained with communication whether these relationships be romantic or strictly platonic.

Communication is key. Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to engage your crush in a deep, philosophical discussion. It’s good to start off with small, casual conversations. This can be conversations about their day, humor you’ll both mutually find funny, or even common interests.

Friends talking casually on the balcony.

2.   Speak with Him Often

Because conversations will be shorter and more casual at first, make sure you speak with him often. It may seem daunting enough to talk to them but make an effort to speak with them frequently. Of course, you don’t want to hover over them and make them feel smothered or uncomfortable. However, it is completely appropriate to be consistent in communication to build rapport

3.   Show Interest in His Interests

Show interest in his interests. Everyone wants to feel heard and seen. By engaging with him in conversations or even activities related to his hobbies, he’ll feel acknowledged and valued.

4.   Ask for Help with Something

Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if you don’t need it. Simply asking for help will make him feel like he’s needed. It also reinforces the idea that you feel comfortable coming to him first for help which will be a huge stroke to his ego, making him feel capable and boosting his confidence.

It’s a subtle way to show them you’re interested. This also builds rapport. It eventually makes them feel comfortable enough to ask you for your help, opinions, and advice.

5.   Do Something Sweet and Sentimental

As mentioned previously, paying attention to detail is a certain way to make someone feel validated and acknowledged. To make him feel even more special, do something sweet and sentimental.

A female customer buying a plant from a gift store.

For example, if your crush briefly mentioned loving the ambiance of candles, feel free to get them some candles. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even make them a candle yourself. They will appreciate it even more and may just keep it for sentimental value. Giving them a gift also leaves them with something to remind them of you. So, choose wisely.

6.   Be Bold

Be confident in yourself and what you have to offer. Before you take any of these approaches, tell him you like him. Remember to be bold. Being bold doesn’t mean being obnoxious or arrogant. It simply means to have good self-esteem and be unapologetic about expressing what makes you who you are. You don’t have to dumb yourself down. Having your own personality will be an incredible asset for you!

7.   Offer Genuine Compliments

Don’t oversell it. Offer only genuine compliments. Everyone loves to hear good things about themselves, but not all the time. You don’t want to come off desperate. As we’ve mentioned the subtle yet powerful effect that paying attention to detail has you want to apply this in your communication as well.

Challenge yourself to compliment him on something that may not be super obvious. Maybe he always wears his hair swooped to the left side and decides to style it on his right side. Compliment him on things like this. This shows you really pay attention to them which is sure to get you even more points.

8.   Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability scares many people as there can be so many uncertainties. Will he like me back? Am I his type? Don’t allow fear to prevent you from expressing how you feel. Being vulnerable isn’t always about having to be accepted but learning to accept yourself and not take things personally.

This will help you to develop a more intimate relationship with this person as opposed to trying to upkeep a facade in order to protect your pride.

9.   Dress Your Absolute Best

As we’ve already stated, it’s so important to dress your absolute best for that special day you decide to tell him you like him. Not only will you look really good, but it’ll boost your confidence which makes you feel good.

When we’re confident, we approach situations and people much differently, increasing our chances of getting the end result we desire. Have a friend come over and help you with choosing your clothes for the day. You can even do something a bit different to catch their eye like getting a new hairstyle and/or wearing a color you don’t normally wear.

A woman trying a mini dress in a fitting room.

10.   Be Honest with Them About Your Feelings

On par with being vulnerable, being honest with them about your feelings requires a bit more courage. Here is where you finally share how you feel towards them. Don’t come across as too pushy or dependent on a response from them.

Don’t downplay how you feel about them as they might receive this as more of a platonic, friendship request as opposed to an expression of romantic interest. Be honest, direct, and respectful.

How Do I Tell My Guy Crush I Like Him?

Here are some basic things you need to know when telling your guy crush that you like him.

The Power of Confidence

Confidence is a must-have for having a chance to get a good response from your guy crush. Exude confidence in everything you do, from your walk to the things you say. Confidence really does make a person much more attractive as it shows assurance in one’s self.

Getting Rid of Negative Self-Talk

A part of building confidence has to do with getting rid of those self-limiting beliefs that might tell you you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, or maybe even not smart enough. Our mind tends to try and sabotage us from gaining wonderful new experiences.

The longer negative self-talk is left unchecked, the more it diminishes our confidence. So, instead of self-deprecating humor, be more gentle and caring towards yourself. How we treat ourselves shows others how to treat us.

Don’t Come Off Desperate

Whatever you do, don’t come off desperate. Of course, you want them to know you genuinely like them, but don’t come off as though your life depends on their approval or acceptance. Show them that you aren’t clingy but very emotionally independent. This will be a huge turn-on for him.

Smiling woman whispering to his guy friend.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Tell them you have a romantic interest in them. Be specific when you tell them that you like them. Liking someone could mean that you like them as a friend or like them as a potential suitor. So, it’s best to say what you mean and mean what you say to minimize the chances of misinterpretations as well as misunderstandings between you two.

Give Them Space Afterwards

After you’ve spoken with your crush and revealed to them that you like them, give them some space. You may or may not get an immediate response which doesn’t always equate to rejection. Your crush might just be a bit flustered with the news and too nervous to speak.

So, give them some time and space to think about where they’d like things to go. If your crush has been completely oblivious that you’ve been crushing on them all along, then they may need a little bit more time to process everything.

How Do You Tell a Guy You Like Him Without Saying It?

If you want your crush to take the lead, then you can tell them you like them without actually saying it. While it’s always best to communicate your feelings, it’s understandable if it’s too much of an anxiety-inducing process. So, here are a few easy ways you can give them a hint that you like them as more than just friends.

Give them flirty glances

Don’t stare too much at them. However, when your eyes catch his eyes, make sure you’re giving him sultry eyes. This is even something you can practice at home in front of a mirror.

To make this ordeal even more of a fun experience, roleplay with a friend how you’d like to flirt with your crush to see if it passes the test. Friends are usually pretty honest even if it hurts our feelings a bit. But, this feedback will help you to improve your flirting skills exponentially.

A young woman winking her eyes.

Be a little touchy-feely

Make sure you get some clearance before you start getting hands-on with them. If your guy crush has already started flirting with you, you can initiate things to go to the next level. Physically expressing interest in your guy crush doesn’t have to be as raunchy as some may think. The main point is to get closer in proximity to them as this helps to reshape the relationship dynamic.

Gradually add physical touch modestly and subtly with consideration of their boundaries of course. This can be as simple as taking a piece of stray dust or lint from their hair or clothes. For more of an intimate impression, try softly touching their arm when you laugh and/or gently tapping their shoulder when acknowledging them. Eventually, these cute little interactions may turn into hugs.

Text him a song

If you’re in contact with your guy crush, text him a song that made you think of him. There’s so much a song can say that we might not be able to express. Moreover, people tend to bond over music. Perhaps you can send them a song by one of their favorite artists.

Flirty note

Pass them a flirty note that ties in some mutual humor. Even better, write a note to them with an inside joke you two may have.

Share a book

Share a book with them you think they will love if they enjoy reading and leave a short handwritten note in the book.

Ask how you look

Ask their opinion on how you look. i.e. your outfit hair, makeup, etc. This immediately engages them to take a closer look at you and share how they feel. You may discover they end up revealing their attraction to you when you ask.

Respond quickly

Don’t take too long to respond. Act as interested as you are. There should be a balance where you don’t come off desperate or arrogant. Sometimes, people purposely take hours to respond to messages for the sake of not coming across as needy.

However, this can ruin your chances with your crush as well. Some people interpret this as withdrawal due to disinterest. And the last thing you want is your guy crush thinking you aren’t interested in him. So, make sure you respond promptly when you can.

Be friendly

Make friends with their friends. Try to merge your world with his.

A woman meeting a new friend in a cafe.

Seek their opinions

Ask their opinion on things that really matter to you. This can be a project you’re working on or even a TV show you really like. Recommend them to watch it and ask for their thoughts on the show. This gives you two a whole discussion topic.

Compliment their smell

Tell them that they smell good today. Ask what cologne they’re wearing.

Remember their birthday

Even if they aren’t much into festivities, remember their birthday and wish them a happy birthday. Not everyone is good at remembering dates, so feel free to add the important date to your calendar.

Remember what he Likes about you

If they’ve ever mentioned liking an article of clothing you wear, hairstyle, color lipstick, etc., make sure you wear it often.

Be supportive of their endeavors

Show up to support them at their special events and to celebrate milestones. Be there for their business opening, graduation, speaking engagement, soccer game, etc.

Create a nickname

Make up a special nickname for them and make sure it’s exclusively used by you.

Be creative in goodbyes

Always say goodbye when departing. Never leave without saying anything. In fact, it’s helpful to introduce a little PDA into your goodbyes. Get them familiar and comfortable with hugging.

Man and woman hug each other as they bid goodbyes.

Final Thoughts

While we can’t control the outcome of everything, we can control how we approach matters which present in our lives. Almost everyone has had a crush at least once in their life.

Unfortunately, the pressure of confessing attraction to this other person usually outweighs the desire to have them. Fortunately, by following the aforementioned approaches, you can prepare yourself to tell your guy crush how you feel. Further, you also increase the chances of them pursuing something more with you.

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