How Many Likes Do You Get On Tinder?

So you downloaded Tinder and began swiping, only to discover that you ran out of likes after a few minutes. You’re now wondering how many likes you receive on Tinder each day.

The answer is now a little more nuanced than it once was. But you should be aware of making the most of your valuable likes.

Let’s explore how many likes on Tinder you receive to help you get the most out of this dating service.

How Many Likes Per 12 Hours On Tinder?

Every 12 hours, Tinder gives males about 50 free likes. In general, women receive more likes than males.

This is probably because women use the app much less frequently than men do and that daily likes on Tinder are assigned on a 12-hour rolling clock, as opposed to daily preferences on Hinge, which always reset at 4:00 am local time.

How Many Super Likes A Day On Tinder?

When you paid for Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or the most costly plan, Tinder Platinum, you used to receive five complimentary Super Likes each day. With its subscription plans, Tinder currently offers five free weekly Super Likes, despite a recent change in strategy.

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As a result, you are not entitled to free daily Super Likes. Instead, you must wait a whole week after using your Super Likes to receive five more for free.

People frequently inquire about the number of genuine profile likes people receive daily when they ask how many likes Tinder gives daily. Or, occasionally, people ponder the “excellent” number of likes on Tinder, which indicates that other users find your profile interesting.

This is highly debatable and depends on various elements, like age, gender, photographs, Tinder bio, and location.

First, be aware that males swipe right on Tinder more frequently than women do. This is supported by a ton of statistics. Furthermore, a complete profile with appealing photographs and a clever bio will undoubtedly garner more Tinder likes than unflattering photos and no biography. In other words, it depends on the situation.

It is strongly advised to test your profile to check if you receive more likes on Tinder each day or not. This could entail using Smart Photo, switching up your bio, or altering your first photo; try out different profiles sometimes to see if you receive more likes.

Don’t worry too much about gaining enough Tinder likes to make friends or feel like you’re “winning” at using the app. Enjoy yourselves!

How Do You See Your Likes On Tinder?

A golden number representing how many likes you have received will appear at the bottom of the Tinder app as you receive them. If you tap the number, you’ll be taken to the “Likes” section, where you may see the profiles of other users who have liked you but only in blurry form.

To see the shapes that you want, you must purchase Tinder Gold. A Gold Heart is displayed if you match with them to indicate that Tinder Gold had a role in the match.

Once you have 100 likes on Tinder, the like counter will always read 99+ unless you match with enough users to drop below 100 likes once more. The like counter stops counting at 99+ likes.


This daily Tinder likes guide will help you better understand how this well-known dating app functions and how you can get the most of your free daily likes. The number of likes Tinder gives you ultimately depends on its intricate algorithm, and you most likely receive 50 to 100 free likes every 12 hours.

You can always subscribe to Tinder Plus if you want an infinite number of likes. Just be sure to include attractive photographs and a friendly bio to your profile to optimize it! Have fun tapping!

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