How To Clean Electric Shaver: 3 Simple Ways

Have you been troubled with shaving problems? Do you have gum disease or cold sores on your face? Or perhaps do not get enough time to shave or simply want to look fresh after waking up for work at lunchtime. No matter what the reason, if you’re looking for a quick and effective solution to this problem then electric razors are the best option for you.

This article will cover the steps on how to clean an electric razor and to get the most out of your electric razor and give it a long life. It is better if you follow this guide before using an electric razor, rather than later when problems arise, as many issues can be prevented by performing some simple cleaning procedures.

Is It Safe To Clean An Electric Razor With Water?

Electric razors come in contact with the skin and hair, which is why it is important to disinfect them every time. Razors with a rotating head generally have fewer problems with contamination, unless there are exposed parts on the razor’s surface. This extra part carries dead skin cells, bacteria, and other contaminants which can enter the razor easily.

An electric shaver on a water splash.

It is not safe to use an electric razor that has been submerged in water, as it can cause damage to the electrical components inside. Disinfection involves using anti-bacterial spray or wipes on the exterior of the electric razor and allowing it to dry before using.

Electric razors are not waterproof. The electric razor will be damaged by water if it is used after being submerged in water. It may also be damaged by splashing or spraying of water directly on the electric razor’s exterior, as the inside electrical components can come into contact with moisture and cause a short circuit or malfunction.

Cleaning the electric razor with water may also lead to decreased performance and lower blade life. It is not advisable to clean an electric shaver with water or soap as this may cause damage to the mechanisms inside the product.

The blade components are usually sealed so it becomes difficult for water to reach them after cleaning, but if it enters it can severe the blade’s sharpness. Specialized cleaning liquids are the best option.

The simple method of cleaning electric razors is by running water over the blades while they are in rotation. This process should be done with every use of the razor. It is best to dry the blades with a cloth or paper towel, as water can cause rust.

Tips For Disinfecting A Razor?

  • Wipe off excess hair and shaving gel from the blades on the head of the electric razor.
  • Turn it on for a few seconds to disperse water droplets or spray from the cleaning solution over its exterior. This also removes any moisture left on the blades, which can cause rust if not removed.
  • Allow at least five minutes before using the electric razor again
Barber cleaning electric hair clipper using a spray cleaner.
  • Disinfection can be done by using wipes or sprays containing anti-bacterial chemicals. This process must be repeated every time the electric razor is used and before placing it back in its storage unit. The best option for disinfecting an electric shaver is to use a moist towel to wipe off excess hair and shaving gel from the blades, then use a dry towel to remove any moisture.
  • Make sure that no moisture is left on the electric razor as it can cause rust and damage the blade components. Allow at least five minutes before using the electric shaver again.
  • Razors should be disinfected after every use. After finishing shaving, clean it with warm water and leave it for some minutes. Once done, shake off any excess water and allow the razor to dry. You can also use a lint-free cloth to dry the razor after it’s cleaned.
  • Electric razors should not be soaked in cleaning fluid as this will cause rusting and degradation of their blade heads. The best option is using alcohol or peroxide for disinfecting, which can kill most viruses and fungi that are usually found on razors.
  • The blades should be soaked in the disinfecting liquid for at least five minutes, which will reduce bacterial growth and other harmful microorganisms that grow on razors.
Cleaning an electric razor under running water.
💡 REMEMBER: Always disconnect the power wire, if any before cleaning your electric razor. Also, make sure not to submerge it underwater or other types of liquid while cleaning. This may damage its internal mechanisms and shorten its overall lifespan.
  • Using the same cloth or paper towel to dry your electric shaver’s exterior can significantly reduce the chance of rust. If possible, let it air-dry in a well-ventilated area instead. It is best not to blow-dry your razor with hot air as this can also damage its internal components.
  • If you are unsure about how to clean your electric shaver, consult your user’s manual. If the manual is not included or is damaged, you can also contact the brand or manufacturer for cleaning information and proper care of your electric razor.

How Do You Disinfect A Razor?

The best way to disinfect an electric razor is by using a blade spray or wipes if the blades are removable, washing them with soap and water if they are not removable, or soaking the entire unit in alcohol for some minutes before rinsing it. This will ensure that you use your electric razor safely without damaging the electric razor’s internal components.

Washing an electric shaver with soapy water.

Cleaning an electric shaver manually is necessary for deep cleansing of blades and the foil, as well as the trimmers. A proper clean ensures good performance and longer life of your shaver. It is important to dry and lubricate your shaver after every use; this will make it last longer.

Do not use soap or other chemicals to clean the blades. Using rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or simply water will effectively disinfect the blades. Ultrasonic cleaners are also used by many people for this purpose.

Electric razors should be rinsed in cold water after cleaning them with soapy water to prevent any damage to the mechanism and prolong the life of the blades. Soak the whole electric razor in alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or simply water after cleaning it with soapy water. This will cleanse and disinfect the product thoroughly.

Dispose of old blades or blade cartridges carefully to prevent injuries from accidents such as dropping them on the floor or during travel. Some razors have a compartment to hold the blades or cartridges, which serves as a safe storage area.

If you are done with your electric shaver always store it in a place where children cannot reach it. This is because the inner blade components may cause injuries to kids if they touch them while playing around.

Replace the blades regularly to avoid skin irritation and damage to the product caused by dull blades, which can pull on hairs or cut them very close to the skin.

Man using the cleaning brush to remove dirt and debris.

You should also clean the blades regularly. After cleaning, store the blade in a dry place to prevent corrosion or rusting of the metal components which may cause future problems including damages and injuries when in contact with wet skin.

💡 Electric razors should be cleaned with a dry cloth at least once a month, or after each use.

10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Disinfect A Razor

1. Prevents breakouts on the skin – when you use a razor that is unhygienic, there’s a likelihood of the skin getting infected. Such an infection may cause breakouts and in some cases acne on the skin

2. It reduces irritation – shaving with a clean and hygienic blade will prevent the skin from irritation and give it time to heal after each shave.

A clean and smooth shaved chin after bath.

3. Prevents the spread of infections – if a razor is not well maintained and is used by multiple people, there’s a high chance that it may be infected too. If you use such a blade on the skin, it will lead to infections and other health problems including blood poisoning or even hepatitis so why take a risk?

4. Prevents bad odor – when you use a razor that is not well maintained, it emits an unpleasant odor. It may also spread germs on the skin which may give rise to infections causing bad odor.

5. Helps keep the blades sharp – disinfecting your blade ensures that it doesn’t corrode or rust, which will make it last longer. The sharpness of the blade also determines its performance so it’s important to disinfect it well.

Perfectly sharp and precise electric razor blades laid on the table.

6. Reduces skin irritation – using a clean and fresh blade after shaving will help reduce skin irritation which can be very painful in some cases.

7. It reduces skin issues – infection on the skin is the main reason for bacterial and fungal infections. So, when you use a clean blade it prevents such issues from occurring.

8. It feels good to use a fresh blade – after using the same razor for several days, it starts emitting an unpleasant odor. Using a clean and fresh one is always refreshing and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft too.

9. It gives you the best performance – if your blade is not clean it will pull on hairs causing irritations. But when you use a clean one, they give you the best shaving experience without any issues.

Young man very satisfied with the result of an electric razor.

10. You would like to share or sell it – there’s no point in selling or donating an unhygienic product to someone else. A clean blade will always increase its value and the cost of selling it too.

Steps To Follow When Disinfecting Your Electric Razor

Step 1: Unplug the razor

Make sure that the appliance is not plugged in while using it since this may result in electrocution or an electric shock which can be very dangerous. It’s important to have an insulated container while cleaning your electric razor so there are no chances of electrocution.

Take all the components of your electric shaver apart. If it has a detachable head, make sure to separate the foil from the blades and keep them separately. Cleaning one without the other may not get rid of all dirt, which is why they should be cleaned individually.

Step 2: Remove the blade or cartridge

Remove the blades or cartridges from the appliance before you start disassembling it for the proper disinfecting procedure. This will help avoid injuries too.

Washing off dirt of an electric razor.

Step 3: Clean all parts

Wash all parts with a mild detergent to remove dirt, debris, and germs that you may not be able to see. You can use your fingers or a soft brush for this purpose. Then rinse the parts with clean water before drying them.

You can also use a toothbrush or nail brush to gently remove any grime, dirt, and dead skin cells that may be trapped between the blades and the foil. Scrub off any excess soap before rinsing off all parts thoroughly under running water

Step 4: Disinfect all parts

Disinfect all blades and other components by immersing them in an antibacterial solution for a few minutes. Then rinse them thoroughly with clean water and allow them to dry completely before assembling the blade back together.

Step 5: Allow it to air dry

Electric razors are known to take a longer time than other blades to get dried so make sure you allow all parts to air dry completely before using the electric razor again.

Step 6: Clean the blade cartridge

If your electric razor has a cleaning station, clean the blade cartridge first by placing it in the cleaning solution. After a few minutes, remove it and allow all parts to air dry completely before using it again.

Putting back the blades after cleaning the razor.

Step 7: Reassemble the blades

You have to assemble all blades back together after disinfecting them separately as well. If you have used a cleaning solution for this purpose, make sure it does not get in contact with your skin or eyes.

Step 8: Plug it back in after assembling the blades back together

Plug the appliance back in so you can start using it again. Make sure that all blade parts are dried completely before plugging them in to avoid any chances of electric shocks or electrocutions.

Step 9: Keep the appliance clean

Make sure you keep the blade and handle clean by wiping it with a dry towel on a daily basis. This will prevent dirt from accumulating too which can lead to clogging of blades and other parts. You should also replace all worn-out or expired blades after every few shaves to avoid any injuries.

Step 10: Store the blade properly

Whenever you are not using your electric razor make it a point to store it safely by putting away all blades and other parts in an easy-to-reach place for regular use.

How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

The electric shaver is a must-have grooming tool for today’s gentleman. Men used to grab for a razor with a can of shaving foam in the medicine cabinet to get a clean, gorgeous face. However, as a fresh generation of the greatest electric razors has entered the field, the male good looks culture has evolved.

Although, how long do electric razors last? The simple answer is once every six months or so. Whereas disposable razors, which are composed of thin, brittle materials and only last a few shaves, electric razor blades are much more durable and can last for months.

Apparently, high-quality electric razors can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, depending on the brand. It can last up to ten years if you are diligent and properly care for it. However, if you choose not to maintain and not to properly take care of it, it may only last a few months.

How Do You Clean An Electric Razor With Vinegar

1. Fully disconnect the razor and remove the razor head.

2. Gently shake off the hairs. Ideally, you should do this after every shave to stop the hairs from building up and to ensure that your razor is working at full capacity.

3. If your electric razor is waterproof, it’s a good idea to clean it once or twice a month using a vinegar solution. This will also fully disinfect it.

4. Use a 0.5% vinegar solution by mixing one part of household vinegar with ten parts of tap water. Make sure that the mixture is deep enough to fully immerse your razor. Leave it to soak for around ten minutes.

5. You then need to rub the parts clean using a brush for the spikes and a cloth for the metal section. Once clean, fully soak the razor in hot water to rinse it and then leave it to dry, preferably in the sun.


If you want to make your shaving experience better and cleaner for both yourself and others, then be sure to follow the step-by-step guide explained in this article. The main thing you need to remember is that electric razors are not waterproof, so make sure they are only cleaned with a dry towel or cloth after every use. This will ensure that your shaver lasts longer and performs at its best.

Electric shavers can be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water to remove dirt, debris, and germs and then disinfected by immersing all parts in a cleaning solution for a few minutes. Make sure you dry the parts completely before storing them back to avoid any chances of rust or corrosion of blades or other components.

You can prevent electric shavers from getting dirty and unhygienic by regularly wiping the handle and blade with a dry towel and replacing worn-out blades with new ones after every few shaves.

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