How To Get Fluffy Hair Guys: Here’s 7 Tips

If you are a man who wants light airy fluffy hair, we will take a look at how to get fluffy hair guys! This is not as hard as it looks and today we will take a look at the steps needed to achieve the look. Men with different hair types, fine or thick, can all achieve fluffy hair, and the good news is it is not too time-consuming.

When a friend asks. How do I get fluffy hair? Well, you can, and it is not that hard to achieve, so here is how we do it.

Can Anyone Get Fluffy Hair?

Most people can achieve fluffy hair, and it is popular with both women and men. The main criterion to achieve fluffy is to have enough hair. The main features of fluffy hair are:

  • to create volume
  • a soft texture
  • a feeling of lightness that is easy to manage
  • creates a versatile style
Portrait of a handsome man smiling outdoors.

You will notice that many of the male TV presenters have this fluffy style, and it is because it is flattering, making them look younger.

Steps For Fluffy Hair

1.     Add Hair Length

We are going to achieve this look as simple as possible, and this is how it is done, and the first way to achieve this is to have enough length.

If your hair is really short, it is much harder to perfect this look. The experts ( hairdressers) say that 4-6 inches are ideal, and if you have this length you will achieve the style you want. Letting the hair get too long, will allow it to flop down and become unmanageable.

So, brush your hair forward, and if it reaches the bridge of your nose this is the right length. Once you get used to keeping your hair at this length, then it is easy.

2.     Strive for Messy Controlled Hair

The hair will have volume and texture, sort of messy but tidy, and this can be achieved using a blow dryer. Wash your hair every day to get this look, then put your head forward while you blow dry it. A lot of effort goes into this textured voluminous look, and this is where you can use some appropriate “product” to keep the hair in place.

To build texture you will need the right product and this is very important, so the right choice of product depending on your hair type is essential. For some men, merely blow-drying your hair will be enough to achieve a fluffy hair look.

For medium volumizing use hair mousse or cream products.

3.     Get a Layered Hair Cut

The layer will create texture, and this is where the volumizing mousse can be used. Some men who have a bit of wave in their hair may find that they don’t need mousse, as the layers will work for them and will perfect how to get fluffy hair for guys without further intervention.

Hairdresser cutting man’s hair.

Let your hairdresser or barber know that this is what you are looking for so that they leave enough length on top. While you are with the hairdresser, ask them for tips.

4.     Wash Your Hair and Towel Dry

Keep up the daily wash and follow it up with conditioner and towel dry. Finish off your look with the hair dryer, brushing the hair upwards as you dry.

Some men use a pre-styler, and this may work for you particularly if your hair lacks volume. Spray on the volumizer before you blow dry to create a wind-swept fluffy look. You work the product into your hair, and then finish the hair with the blow dryer.

5.     The Right Blow Dryer

Use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle to give you a lot more control, and medium heat on the hair with a high-speed blow, holding the nozzle around eight inches from the hair. The trick is to blow the hair from all the different directions.

Cup the hair with your fingers to separate the strands while you finish the hair. Finish the hair in the direction you want your final staying to end in. This should give you the soft textured look that you require.

6.     Use a Round Brush

This is a styling trick well known to women. Brush upwards with the round brush and then wrap sections of the hair around the brush while applying the heat of the blow dryer. For the desired result don’t brush too hard.

How to get fluffy hair guys, the round brush will provide that light and fluffy finish you desire and you don’t want too much heavy product. Sometimes spray is all that is required to get the look.

7.     Use a Matte Product

Use a very small amount of product, as the hair can become weighed down if too much is applied. Continue to wash your hair every day, so that the pollution in the air does not attach itself to the product and make it greasy.

This mainly happens with people who are outdoors all day in windy dusty conditions. When you are using a product work it through the hair with clean fingers, and usually a volumizing mousse is a good choice.

You will soon come to realize which products weigh your hair down as opposed to the ones that sit lightly on top of the hair. If your hair tends to be spiky a spray will probably be adequate, as you want to avoid the spikes.

Tips To Get Fluffy Hair

1.     Use Hot Rollers

Woman relaxing with a face mask and rollers on her head.

The older generation swore by this method in an era where they only had their hair washed once a week. They used dry shampoo and hot rollers.

If you have enough hair to roll, hot rollers are guaranteed fluffy success. Most men would probably not want to mess with hot rollers. However, if they work for you, they are worth a try. When you use the hot rollers, the look stays the same all day with absolutely no frizz.

2.     Tease Hair Strands

Another flashback to the 1960s was to tease hair strands, this worked well with limp hair, and gave it that extra lift. You will see the effect in old movies like Dolly Parton in 9 to 5. The look will work for men as well as women but do it gently, so as not to split the ends of the hair. You will end up with a very fluffy look.

3.     Use a Diffuser

A diffuser is gentle and doesn’t need to be too hot, as it diffuses the heat and fluffs the hair. It will even out drying time, and depending on your type of hair, it may be the answer to the look you are aiming to achieve. This is perfect for the man who is trying to achieve a fluffy look.

How to Get Fluffy Hair Guys

There are lots of benefits to having fluffy hair. It is a very attractive look for most people, making them look younger than they are due to the softer look. For a man, it can also add a bit of height, so if you want to look tall add more volume.

There is something appealing about the soft hallo around the face adding sweetness and innocence that may or may not be genuine, but perceived. It will attract admirers, as well, and look youthful.

Care for Your Roots

Because your hair is living it is important to take care of the roots. There are some amazing products that you can use to perform this task, and keep the hair growing strong and resilient. Once you know that the root structure is sound you can begin to work on the fluffy look.

Ultimately fluffy hair is much easier to manage than a smooth style, and it certainly suits people of all ages.

Some people are lucky enough to have naturally fluffy hair, and you often see it in children. To keep your fluffy look natural avoid any products containing alcohol as they dry out the hair and induce frizz. Either use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair. Using a heat protectant before you turn the dryer on will also help you to keep that soft fluffy look.

The Best Fluffy Look

You can use a volumizing spray on either dry or wet hair, and when your hair is wet, be sure to towel it semi-dry first, so that it is not weighed down by the spray. When using it on dry hair, style your soft look first and then spray.

Is Messy Hair Attractive On Guys?

As a woman, it is always our image to preserve and look amazing towards the people around us. A woman has been said to look presentable and neat to be in the eyes of people- as they are different stereotypes and prejudices towards women in this generation, and it is somehow painful to see and witness that people still practicing these attitudes towards individuals.

Women will always be women no matter what their colors, sizes, and even how the way they look. It must be hard for all women to surpass the different standards that people tend to set higher.

In this article, I would say that messy hair doesn’t look attractive to women- as somehow this style would come up with a different misconception and understanding of proper grooming.

Woman with messy hair.

Messy hair is not fit for all women as it somehow destroys the beauty and authenticity of each woman- if some cases might happen that women fail to tie up their hair, that’s the time we can say that women must try to learn easy hairstyle for them to look presentable.

How Do Guys Get Fluffy Hair At The Front?

The first thing you want to do to get a guy’s hair to be fluffy at the front is to make sure your hair is a little damp. Next use the spray gel of your choice, mine is a tidal wave, spray the desired area using the directed amount.

After you have applied the spray gel you will need a blow dryer. Place your blow dry on air speed low.

The main thing we are going to be doing here is manipulating the hair using only our fingers and the hot air from the blow dryer. So using your fingers, place the hair you want to fluff in between them and begin blow drying upward while holding your hair. As you do this, run your fingers through the desired area fluffing it while drying in an upward direction until the hair is dry and stays fluffed to your liking.

Remember that hair that is only one length does not fluff as well as layered hair and the length of it will make a difference, shorter hair seems to fluff better.

How Do I Make My Hair Fluffy and Messy?

Fluffy and messy is a fresh and exciting way to style your hair.

Firstly, if you wish for fluffy hair, you blend in both volumes for your hair and also, and you should give it a natural look too.

One of the ways that can make you achieve this is to backcomb your hair. Make use of a comb that has fine but dense teeth. After you’re satisfied with your number of strokes, comb out your hair slowly and gently.

Man combing hair in the mirror.

The objective of the messy look is to make it look like you just got out of bed and your hair seems disorganized but cute! This look is super hot on both gents and ladies.

To achieve this, after taking a bath, tease your hair, here and there. Also, crimp the roots of your tresses.

When you sport a fluffy and messy look, people will see you as someone who is easygoing and donning a relaxed nature.


How to get fluffy hair guys is achievable when following these steps, and you will get used to doing it quite quickly. Even something as simple as changing your part will help to volumize and fluff up your hair, do it while the hair is still wet for extra volume.

Unless you are bald anyone can have fluffy hair in seven or eight easy steps, when you go through the steps you will realize that it takes less than half an hour a day to look your best.

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