How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous: 7 Unique Ways

Relationships these days can be quite daunting. You never know if he is actually interested in you or not. Moreover, there are many situations in a relationship when women feel they are being taken for granted. And this feeling isn’t a pleasant one.

So, what to do in this case? You make the guy understand your worth. And the most effective tool to achieve this plan is to make your guy feel jealous.

While jealousy is a pretty terrible feeling, when used correctly can act as women’s most powerful tool. And nevertheless, a little jealousy, when used in the right way, is better than the constant sensation of feeling controlled or undermined.

Now, there are multiple methods to make a guy feel jealous. But the best one is to do so over text. Why over text, you ask? Because you will have the greatest margin of planning your next steps, and not to forget you won’t end up laughing at his face making it obvious that you are trying to make him feel jealous.

But then how to make a guy feel jealous over text? This is one question that almost every girl has asked herself. But have you tried asking the professionals? Here I am to answer this biggest concern girls have. So, stay with me till the end as I am about to share seven savvy ways in which you can make your guy feel jealous over text.

7 Ways to Make a Guy Feel Jealous Over Text

It is a common trait that men, with time, start feeling that they are the only priority in girls’ lives. No matter how hard you try to keep him happy it wouldn’t be enough. But this has to come to a stop, doesn’t it? So, try these seven effective tips out to make your guy feel jealous and realize your worth, that too, over text!

1. Show Him That You Are Enjoying Yourself

Not that you shouldn’t be having fun when you are not trying to make him feel jealous, but try to show him that you are having fun. If you show a man that you are having fun no matter the place and time, he will surely start to feel jealous; in a good way, that is!

Girls having fun.

Now, this has a lot to do with the psychology of men. I’ll explain how:

  • Firstly, men are naturally drawn towards women who exhibit positive vibes. So, even when you are not with him, keep him updated on how happy you are; he will get jealous of how exciting your life is.
  • Secondly, he may even start to feel that you are having more fun without him than you did with him. By sending him pictures of yourself enjoying and having a good time, you will successfully shatter his illusion that you can’t be happy without him. This insecurity will be enough to attract him to you.

Another thing that your pretense of having fun on a mundane Monday will do is it will make you the center of attraction for other couples. When you start taking the limelight, he will understand what he is missing out on and get back on track.

And who knows, maybe you will start to enjoy your fun routine and make it a habit, eventually making your personal life better.

2. Tell Him That You Have Fun Plans

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one I mentioned. Along with sending him pictures when you are out in the town, enjoying coffee, or having a stroll in the park, demonstrate verbally that you have some important meet-ups planned. But what to say when he asks ‘with whom’? Let that be a question mark.

Beautiful girl talking over video call.

When a woman tells a man that she has errands to run that are more important than talking to him, he subconsciously becomes jealous. Simple messages like “I’m so excited for the weekend,” “We have some great plans,” or “Gotta go now,” “I will talk to you later, Bye,” will do the trick. Moreover, have some fun by not telling him your exact plans and making him go crazy in his mind trying to figure your whereabouts out.

If he asks directly where you are going or with whom, respond mysteriously. Furthermore, try to change the topic in a noticeable fashion. This will trigger his jealousy as fast as the speed of light.

However, if he doesn’t ask where you are going or what your plans are (yes girls, be prepared for this because there is a possibility!), let him be. He will eventually start to take notice.

3. Keep Him Interested About What You Are Doing

As I mentioned above as well, withhold some information while informing him of your plans. What this does is that it makes him feel triggered. He will start to guess the blank spaces. This way, you will be the center of his attention even when you are not around.

Moreover, it is human nature that when we constantly think about someone we start to remember the good times we spent with them and, ultimately, begin missing them. And this is exactly what we want!

Young guy waiting for a text message.

Furthermore, if he tries to get the details out of you, reply vaguely. Yes, he will probably try to get as many details as he can when you message him with. “I had such great company at lunch yesterday!” in this case, act mysterious and don’t provide him all the details in one go!

This is a common mistake that girls make – they over-spill their beans. And disclosing more information than sufficient leads to the men community getting bored. So, simply act busy and keep your texts with him short and to the point. Remember, don’t be rude and do not in any case, be arrogant.

Imagination is a dangerous weapon that, when left unattended, can weave incredible stories. Let his mind wander in the wild to search for hidden clues. When he gets tired of looking for clues that don’t even exist, he will turn back to you!

4. Randomly Mention Other Guys

Another great tool to make your guy feel jealous on text is by mentioning other guys. This can be anyone. A mutual friend, a colleague, a neighbor, even your childhood friend or a friend’s husband, literally anyone. A random mention of any random guy will be enough to trigger his jealousy. Why do you ask? Let me explain with a quick example.

Suppose you are chatting with your husband or a guy you are interested in. During all the oh-so-sweet conversations you guys are having, he randomly mentions other women. How would you feel, then?

Group of girls meet a funny guy.

Exactly! When you casually mention other guys in conversations like “Ryan, my colleague took us out on lunch today.” His brain will start processing why you are referring to other men without wasting a moment. This is exactly the kind of jealousy you want to make him feel.

However, if you don’t want to push it too far by going on lunch with Ryan, your colleague, you can simply keep the mentions to other guys’ natures. For example, “My co-worker got the exact same haircut as my childhood friend.” or “This new guy at the gym is always making such funny jokes.”

He will probably overthink these scenarios and join the same gym as yours to see who that funny guy is. But make sure to maintain a balance between making him feel jealous and making him unworthy. A little misbalance and your tricks could even backfire.

5. Ask Him What to Wear

Another great way to make your guy feel jealous is by sending him pictures of pretty dresses and asking him which one to wear. Moreover, bring some small but noteworthy changes to yourself to make him curious.

For instance, if you are not a makeup person, wear some makeup and send him pics asking how you look. Or, if the guy has asked you to change something about your dressing style in particular, which you have been resisting, do that and send him pictures. Or simply put in extra effort to do your hairstyle.

Taking a photo of a new wardrobe.

I can guarantee he will message you with a “Is everything okay?” or “Is there a special occasion today?” When he does, you reply vaguely with a “Yeah. I just felt like it. Oh, I am almost late for the dinner I had planned, bye!”

Oh, and if you want to put a cherry on top, go out with him like you normally do; nothing special. Now, again, don’t make it too obvious. Just put on anything that you get your hands on. He will surely notice that you put in extra efforts to look your best before, but not with him.

As a result, he will start feeling ignored and ultimately jealous. He would crave your attention and would do everything to make you treat him special.

6. Bring to His Attention How Desired You Are

There is one more feeling more powerful in the world than love – desire! The desire to get what others want or what they have makes people do unexpected things.

Men, in particular, are extremely triggered by this feeling. You might have noticed that when a guy finds out that his friend got a promotion, he starts working harder himself. Or when a neighbor gets a new car, he desires it as well.

A new guy flirting with a woman during coffee break.

So, if you bring it to your man’s attention that other guys are hitting on you, he will become jealous and start to reconsider his conduct towards you. He would want to spend more time with you and will treat you better.

Moreover, he would start picturing a competitor in his head and be motivated to keep you happier. So, it’s a win-win for you!

What’s that? Not sure how to text your guy that someone is hitting upon you? No worries! Simply take a look at these examples and get an idea!

“This guy at the cafeteria always buys me coffee.” Or “I am thinking of deleting my Instagram. So tired of all the DMs I get from random guys telling me how beautiful I am. Like, excuse me. I know!”

You got the idea, right? Also, don’t just throw these sentences at the poor guy out of the blue. Bring them up in between conversations to give it a natural, unintentional touch.

7. Leave the Conversations in the Middle

Okay. This should be your ultimate weapon when trying to get your guy to feel jealous. Leave him hanging in the middle of conversations!

Smiling woman while texting her boyfriend.

Now there are three ways to do this.

  • Firstly you leave him on reading in the middle of an ongoing conversation. He will definitely feel something off and confront you for it, but be stubborn and don’t give in.
  • Secondly, you leave the conversation saying that you have an errand to run or something. You will be surprised how a small sentence, like “I have to go now. I will catch up with you tomorrow.” goes such a long way!

Other than that, you can stop replying when he asks a question like “What did you do today?” Just leave him on reading, go offline for a minute or two and then reply casually. This will make him believe that you discussed the answer with someone and will start feeling envious.

But beware as much as this method effectively makes your guy feel jealous, it is also very dangerous. How can it be dangerous? Because instead of feeling jealous, he might feel irritated by this behavior! So, make sure to use this method as the final straw and use it cautiously – not too repeatedly, or else he might push you further away.

Things to Avoid When Making Your Guy Feel Jealous Over Text

Now that I am done with teaching you the seven methods to make a guy feel jealous over text, why not inform you of the most common errors girls make while implementing these techniques. Take a look at this brief list below and understand some things that you should ignore to prevent your plan of making your guy feel jealous backfire.

What went wrong?

1. Never Lie

So, the first mistake that girls make while attempting to make their guys feel jealous over text is that they lie. While they have a pretty logical explanation for this, they won’t come to verify the source, would they? However, you can never guarantee that they wouldn’t! So, if you text him to ask which dress to wear to dinner, go out for dinner. If you tell him that you have an exciting plan for the next day make one, even if it’s just going to do grocery shopping.

2. Stay Sweet

Now what girls do is that they start showing attitude to the guys they want to make jealous. This is a big no-no. Why? Because it will make them irritated! No man wants a girl that throws tantrums all the time and who doesn’t even talk straight. They will just take you for some random girl who isn’t in the mood to talk to him. So, stay polite, but stay reserved!

3. Understand the Mind Game

Always make sure to understand the psychology of the person you are planning to send these texts to. If, suppose your guy is overprotective, skip point 6. Moreover, if you know his reaction after being left on hold in the middle of a conversation don’t go for method 7. Remember, the idea is to strengthen your relationship not ruin an already existing one.

4. Keep it Natural When Mentioning Other Guys

If you opt for the fourth method to make your guy jealous over text, keep it natural. If you constantly mention the same guy repeatedly; how he looks, talks, or eats, he will mistake you for being interested in him. This might worsen the already conserved relationship you are dealing with.

Now there are two ways in which you can resist this from happening.

  • Firstly, keep the mentions random. For instance, if he asks you where you were, say that you went to the gym and then mention the funny guy.
  • Secondly, bring some variation. Don’t read ballads in praise of the same guy again and again! Talk about different guys. The idea is to make him realize that he should be more like them.

5. Don’t Copy Paste My Templates

Last but not the least, don’t copy-paste my templates. Even guys discuss the conversations they have with girls with their friends just like girls do. So, if ten girls copy my templates and send them to their guys as it is, they will probably discuss and get an idea that this is a planned move. If not then they would probably postpone the idea of feeling jealous and would start searching for Ryan who took all the girls out for lunch in point 4.

To End the Note

Texting a guy to make him feel jealous can be a risky task. If he comes to know of your plan he might get upset with or even plan to punish you with the same. So make sure to keep texting as your last resort after trying other effective tools like taking the lead in asking him out.

But rest assured these seven methods are sure to make any guy feel jealous over text. Make sure to stay consistent and do not give in, and everything will go as you planned. With that said this article has officially ended.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Also, let us know of any other effective methods to make a guy feel jealous over text. What are you waiting for? Start texting already!

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