How To Respond To Hey? Here’s 8 Clever Ways To Respond

One of the most frequent messages sent on dating apps is “hey,” and replying can be a little trickier than you initially anticipated. As bizarre as it may sound, choosing the right message to start the conversation will need 80% of your time, while the remaining 20% will be spent on keeping the conversation going and switching to another app.

As a result, mastering the Tinder hello response has turned into real art.

8 Ways To Respond To Hey On Tinder

The answer is not to reply with “Hey” in a text. It’s against the laws of professional online dating to be a boring texter, so avoid doing it. Make an impression on your Tinder date and grab their attention by performing some of the following:

1.    Say, “How are you today?”

If your crush texted you, you should reply with this. You should feel happy when you get a text from your crush. Therefore, you should extend the conversation as much as possible.

You can next try to find an answer as you don’t know why they got in touch with you that way. You might even use a cheery emoji to express your eagerness to participate in the conversation.

2.    Be Playful and Humorous

It’s a date. Although everyone is here to have fun and possibly find someone along the way, this does not mean that you should put too much pressure on yourself to come up with the ideal response.

You can engage with them more deeply by being yourself and even sending jokes that aren’t hilarious. By being imaginative, you might demonstrate to your match that you are interested in learning more about them.

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Text flirting is an art form in and of itself. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself in a positive way. Take your time with a solution. The mood is improved by keeping the wording basic.

3.    Ask an amusing question

Ask an engaging inquiry to which the text sender is unlikely to know the answer if you don’t want a drab response. These are a few instances:

“Which movie would you pick if you had to pick one for us to watch?”

“If you wanted to look your best, how would you dress?”

How do you respond to a guy’s “hello” SMS, then? How should I react to a girl’s “hello” text? Please select one of the possibilities mentioned above depending on the person texting you and your relationship with them. Let’s examine how to respond if you want the conversation to continue.

4.    Send them a “tutorial” on internet dating

Find online dating instructions on YouTube if you’re one of those bold souls with great humor. Look for information regarding Tinder openings in particular. This is an excellent technique for them to chuckle and spark a conversation. Discussing online dating is much more intriguing than simply introducing yourself.

5.    Compliment the person

Be more precise when praising rather than saying, “You’re gorgeous.” Their verbal choices, internet mood, and gaze can all be compared to the water. Just be sure to do it interestingly. Their ability to express gratitude will help them feel at ease.

6.    Send a funny meme

Memes are always in style. Memes are a hilarious and unique method to express your sentiments and share your ideas. It’s ten times more enticing than just writing “Hello,” isn’t it, to discover a meme that says “Hello” or “Howdy.” That is what I’m referring to!

The primary issue with dry texters is that they seldom employ emoticons or GIFs. As a result, their texts need to be more interesting and grab your attention. You don’t want to send boring texts, okay? You want to make a good impression from the first text to the last. Sending amusing memes now and then is one method to accomplish this.

7.    Play a flirty game

Playing a flirtatious game is an additional entertaining method to answer “Hello” on Tinder. You might recommend engaging in texting games like 20 Questions or Would You Rather? You can eventually move on to trickier games and demand more work to play.

8.    Talk about your mutual interests

Talking to someone for the first time can be challenging when you genuinely don’t know anything about them. So now is the ideal moment to identify your shared interests as a point of agreement.

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Look through their Tinder profile and pay close attention to their personality and activities before responding with “Hey.” You may ask them if they like biking: “How long have you been biking?” If they enjoy hiking, you can inquire about how frequently they walk. Be sure to say that you’re a fan of the subject after asking them a question about it.

Examples Of Replies Instead Of “Hey”

“You look so beautiful in this light, Your silhouette over me, The way it brings out the blue in your eyes, Is the Tenerife Sea‚Ķ.”

“There are only two kinds of people on Tinder. Those who are right for you, and those who are left.”

“Do you believe in textual chemistry?”

“Do you have a nickname, or should I call you mine?”

“Are you a Molotov? Cause you’re hot enough to smash.”

“Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

“I must be in a museum because you truly are a work of art!”

“Favorite place to have a drink?

“Where did you grow up?

“What kind of music do you like?

“What made you swipe right in the first place?”

“Such a pleasant surprise!”

“I was just going to text you.”

“We finally found each other!”

“What took you so long?”

“I finally met someone who can teach me a love language!”

“Hey, you’re adorable! Can I tell you that again on Friday over drinks?”


Answering with a “Hey” is the simplest way to respond to someone saying “Hi.” If the person is someone you wish to meet or date, you could add something like, “How are you?” Your reply will be decided by the person who texted you. If you like the person, you’ll want to keep talking to them.

There isn’t much separation between flirtatious and sexual communication. Be sure to prepare an appropriate response that will establish the general tone of the conversation. You may use countless examples of pick-up lines to draw this fine line, ranging from funny to flirty ones.

Use the examples of responses provided above to help you decide how to reply specifically and whether or not you want to continue the conversation. You now fully understand How To Respond To Hey On Tinder.

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