How To Tell If He Likes You Over Text: A Full Guide

Starting to talk to a guy you like through messages can awaken many new feelings, illusions, and various fears and insecurity. Sometimes we do not know what is going through the head of the boy behind the screen. Over the years, the emergence of new technologies has evolved the way we communicate with others, including also the ways of dating.

By messages, we will not be able to detail the gestures, reactions, or looks, causing the person to look for ways in which they can know if the boy likes you. That is why this time we want to explain a little how to tell if he likes you over text with these key signals.

15 Ways to know if a guy likes you over text

It has always been recognized the ability that women have to be able to recognize when a man is interested in them. There are several ways and signals that men cannot stop doing when they are talking to a girl that drives them crazy.

But, even though some of these signs are very obvious, many women have a hard time knowing if a guy is interested in them via text message, or not. The information can be ambiguous in some of the cases to the point where many of them do not quite confirm if there is chemistry or a good friendship.

So, to get down to business and stop procrastinating, how do you know if a guy likes you by text? Many details can help you confirm if the guy is interested in you. Here are how guys tend to show that a woman likes them:

1. Start conversations

If this guy has a genuine interest in you, the first thing is that he will always want to talk to you. This is a clear sign to show interest from the beginning of the conversations, of course, it should be noted that he will not always be the one to send a message first, but if it is important that there is feedback and takes turns so that the interest is mutual and do not give the wrong signals of not being interested.

Happy young guy texting in smartphone.

2. It considers you

Another very obvious sign that makes us think that a boy likes us is that when he is busy and cannot respond quickly, he will let you know. This fact will indicate that the person considers you, and knowing that he will not be able to answer you and be aware of you, he will let you know so that you do not worry if he does not answer as usual.

3. Communication regularly

At that point, it is important to note that every boy is different and not everyone uses social networks in the same way. Before you start concluding, you should ask yourself how often he uses certain networks, such as Instagram or WhatsApp. If the person uses it little, you should start to assess the frequency in which he writes and if that is the frequency in which the other person considers it normal.

Man chatting with friends on his mobile phone.

On the other hand, if the person frequents the networks a lot, it is to be expected that they maintain fluent communication almost every day.

4. Always seek to have a topic of conversation

When there is interest in someone, he will not only try to maintain constant communication with you, but in addition to this, he will seek to bring up conversation topics that will help him to get to know each other more thoroughly and learn to debate different points of view.

This is one of our favorite signals, it is no secret to anyone, that women like a man who always has something to talk about and men know that in this way they will be seen as someone interesting.

5. He always says goodbye to you

When this person finishes his day and goes to sleep, after having been talking to you all day, he will let you know and will not leave you talking alone until the next day. This is a very tender gesture, ignoring that it shows that he is an educated person.

6. Do you feel comfortable talking to this guy

It is important that when you start talking to a boy, pay attention to your feelings and how you feel when talking to him and know what kind of emotions he awakens in you.

7. Says good morning to you

Returning to the subject of good manners, all the boys think that it is a good touch to leave a message every morning wishing you a good day. There are from the shortest to the simplest. Some are even more creative and have peculiar ways to say good morning to you and thus make you smile in the early hours of the morning.

Sending out a few good morning texts.

8. He is interested in how your day is going

It’s no wonder that one of the ways to have a fluid conversation with a girl is to find a way to take an interest in the things you do in the day. So in general, the boys throughout the day seek to write to know how your day is going, if you are well, if you need something, etc.

9. Ask questions about yourself

In general, in these conversations, the boys seek to get to know you more, to know your tastes, preferences, what bothers you, and information that will help them to conquer you later.

10. He talks to you about personal issues

As the conversations progress, this boy will tell you more personal things about his life. For example, he explains anecdotes about his family, friends, private family issues, and even events that have marked his life.

11. Highlight your qualities

At some point in any conversation, it’s normal for a guy to mention something that he likes or is attracted to about you. It is at that point there must also be an evolution as the conversation progresses. It is normal that at the beginning, when not knowing you so much, what stands out the most about you are those physical features that catch the attention of your profile photo; your eyes, your smile, etc.

Browsing photos on social media.

It is important that as the days of conversation go by, the person goes further and highlights some of the traits about your personality that have made him notice you.

12. Is nice to you

Another classic, and one of the evident signs, is that if a man behaves kindly to you and tries to make things easier for you, he treats you with respect and may have a nickname for you.

13. He talks about himself

Although many people have misconceptions about this point, every boy will try to talk about him since he will look for a way to stand out and get your attention. But of course, the idea is not that the conversation focuses on that. If he talks about himself and seeks to mention the things he likes, his goals, dislikes, he tells you who he is. It is as if he shows you everything that he can offer you as a couple.

14. Show subtle signs of flirting

Usually, guys when they want to flirt with a girl they like, they use a quirky flirting line, starting with compliments, little jokes, and the use of exclamation marks, etc.

Man using smartphone while sending cute emojis.

15. Your responses to him are long

Although not everyone sees it as a sign, it is good to detail if your messages are short or long and full of information, to maintain a conversation. If a guy usually sends you a long message it is because he expects a response and he wants to know your opinion on the matter. In a way, you can tell that he is making an effort to keep the conversation going.

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

If a guy likes you, it’s usually normal for him to spend his free time talking and texting. You may also notice that they spend hours talking during the day, including at night. This is a sign that he likes to talk to you and he is dedicating his to getting to know you better.

How do you test if a guy likes you over text?

Young girl thinking deeply.

1. The evolution of emojis

When you start talking to a guy, the emoticons used are somewhat basic and neutral, like the smiley face. As everything progresses, the emojis also evolve and are more elaborate such as the kiss face, hearts, flushed face. etc.

2. He proposes to meet you

A clear sign that the boy is interested in you is wanting to see you in person, that is why he will seek to propose you go out one day.

3. Show interest in yourself

If a boy likes you, it is normal for him to seek to know about you. Being interested in what he likes, he also asks about important events in your life and hobbies. In short, he shows interest in knowing you much better.

4. Remembers important things you have told him

As the conversations progress and are more fluid, it may be that you have told him that you have an important presentation. If this guy is interested in you, he will ask you how your presentation went when that day arrives.

5. He gives you feedback

There are indeed many signs that tell you that the person is comfortable with you. Even so, sometimes, it is good to receive feedback on how the person sees evolution by talking to you. So, another way to know if a guy or a guy likes you by a message is by paying attention to what opinion he has of you and your conversations.

6.  Count on you

The person, as you gain your confidence in conversations, will feel more comfortable explaining certain topics to you, such as that they are having a bad day, so they can seek comfort by talking to you, as well as sharing joys with you.

How do guys hint that they like you?

1. Pays attention to you

This is a very obvious sign, although many women don’t know how to rate it. If he spends time with you and is attentive to what you say, he is likely interested in you. Highlighting if he also has gestures and is friendly, as we already told you before.

If you notice that whenever you say something he is interested in or if he tries to catch up on topics that you like, you should start to think that this guy is attracted to you.

2. He finds common ground

Another of the obvious signs to know if they like you is their predisposition to find hobbies and some points in common with you. For example when they talk or when you express that you like something specific. If you tell him that you like tennis and he automatically tells you that he would like to learn to play tennis, it is a clear sign that there is attraction.

If you love pop music and he tells you that he also likes a special singer and invites you to a concert, it is also a sign that there is something special.

Why is this happening? When you like someone, you try to offer a soulmate image, to imply that they are a potential partner for her. Sharing hobbies is one of the ways to be able to match on a romantic and affective level.

3. He wants to spend time with you

One of the most important signs that a man is interested in you is the following: if he tries to make you see each other regularly, invites you to go for ice cream, or appears casually in a place, it is that he wants to be close to you. Since any pretext, he can use to see you, you can interpret it as a show of interest and romantic attraction.

Questions to know if a boy likes you?

Another way to know that he likes you is by taking an active part in this process, when you talk to a boy by message, it is also important that you ask questions and give signals that allow you to confirm and get to know the other, better to know what their intentions are. Really, these are some of the questions you can ask:

1. What do you notice about a person?

With this question, you want to know what are the most important qualities for the boy. Thus, it is easier to know if he likes you. In addition, he will let you know if you are the ideal type of girl for him, it is also a good way to meet the other person.

2. What do you think of me?

Although it is a direct way, it can give you a lot of information. It is worth mentioning that you have to be careful, this question cannot be asked when they are beginning to speak, since it can be somewhat violent and hasty. But, you can ask it when time passes and the conversation evolves. With this type of question, the most logical thing is to expect sincerity.

If the person does not want to answer the question it can also be an important fact that you should keep in mind, this can be an indication that there is still not much confidence to answer on certain topics.

Young lady talking to a guy over coffee.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

That question will allow you to know more about what the boy thinks about himself, and in turn to know what qualities you consider to be his strong points and what are his weak points. Having this type of information will show you that he wants you to know him and has confidence in you to answer these types of personal questions.

4. What do you like the most about me?

Beware of this question. If this guy likes you, he will tell you things about the way you are, apart from your physical features. Those who are not so keen stick with the superficial features, so be careful and ask this question when necessary.

5. Ask about his hobbies

With these types of questions, it will help you to get to know the boy better, if not you will be able to see what things they have in common, besides that it is an entertaining way to have a conversation by text messages, the idea is not to fall into routine and conversations boring every day, you have to make a difference.

How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?

Communicating through texts, via WhatsApp or other social networks can be tricky. Misinterpretations often arise and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the other person thinks. When we text the guy we are into, it can be a headache not knowing if he’s into us as much or not.

So, how do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?

1. He doesn’t initiate the conversation

If you are the only one trying to bring up topics or you always initiate first, chances are he might not be as interested in you as you initially thought.

2. He takes way too long to answer

We all have responsibilities and are busy occasionally. However, if the guy you are into is always busy or has an excuse as to why he’s not replying, he’s probably not interested.

A man thinking how to reply to a text message.

3. He doesn’t care about your day or what you have to say

If a guy is into you, he will be excited to hear what you have to say, what your interests are, and what funny things happened to you during the day. If he talks mostly about himself and never asks you about your day, it’s likely he doesn’t care about you that much.

4. You just know

Our intuition is more powerful than we imagine. If you don’t feel good after texting a guy, or something seems off, you probably are right. Look more into it or ask directly, because your time is too precious to waste with a guy who’s not interested.

How do you get a guy to admit he likes you?

Soon as you start thinking about the man you’re captivated with, your heart begins to race, and your hands start to sweat. When you like someone, regardless of how long you’ve known them or how recently you’ve spoken, your initial inclination is to wonder what they think of you.

As soon as you realize that you have emotions for a person, it’s natural to want to know how he feels. Once you know who you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to choose the best course of action.

Making Certain That the Person Is Open and Able

Check to see whether he has a long-term relationship with another person. By attempting to encourage a person who is already in a committed relationship to reveal his affections for you, you risk stepping on someone else’s toes. As a result, you don’t want to get your hopes up about a man who is already interested in someone else. However, finding out what’s going on isn’t going to be difficult.

Begin to build a relationship of trust. To make him feel unique, show him that you care about him as a person. Ask him about his interests and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. Maintain a pleasant attitude and be receptive to what he says to make him feel at ease.

Two people enjoying the call over their phones.

Stay open-minded and don’t make assumptions. Be sure to tell him that he’s not judged and that you love the traits that make him unique. Developing a trust level that allows him to open up to you about anything is the aim. Personal sentiments might be complex for a man to express.

He may be avoiding you because he fears that you may reject him. Make it clear to him that you will not be critical of him or dismiss his thoughts and emotions regarding privacy matters.

Avoid pursuing him at all costs. The person you adore may wish to flee if you chase him with the expectation that he would reveal his emotions for you. He may find it more stimulating to be pursued than to tell you how he feels. You may find that he enjoys being sought by you rather than following you! Let him know that he doesn’t want to break up with you by easing off a little bit.

Be yourself, but don’t be conceited. To disguise your genuine sentiments, acting confident or boastful can make a guy feel nervous around you. He won’t be able to tell you how he feels if he’s worried. So be confident in your abilities, but don’t exaggerate or come off as arrogant.


Before concluding, we want to give you a little nuance: remember that human beings are complex beings, they may show signs and are interpreted incorrectly. For example, when a boy seeks to talk to you for some reason, this does not mean that there is some kind of attraction, so you must be attentive and value it.

Anyway, and although humans will always be able to lie sometimes using words, gestures, or communication, the idea of this article is to show you how most guys work when they want to conquer a girl by chatting through text messages.

So we hope that all this information and this guide have been very helpful and from now on you will know how to recognize the signs when you talk to a boy who attracts you. So don’t be afraid to comment and ask any kind of question about the topic.

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