How To Unmatch On Tinder? Here’s How

Swiping left to reject someone and right to match with them is how Tinder works. It’s excellent for casual browsing but may also cause some unpleasant situations if you unintentionally select the wrong decision.

Fortunately, Tinder allows you to unmatch from anyone you’ve matched with. All you have to do is start a chat with them.

How To Unmatch On Tinder

You can unmatch on the chat page after you’ve matched with someone, which means that both of you have swiped right on each other.

1.     Open Tinder and select the bottom toolbar’s chat icon.

2.     Tap the person’s image whose match you want to end. You can search for them if they don’t appear under Messages or New Matches.

3.     Tap the shield icon in the top-right corner of the conversation window that appears.

4.     Select Unmatch From [Name], then click to confirm.

5.     Unmatching lasts forever. Once you unmatch someone, they will no longer appear in your feed or on the Chat page.

What Happens When You Unmatch Someone On Tinder?

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They are removed from your match queue when you unmatch them, and vice versa. They won’t be able to access your profile or message you anymore. Additionally, they won’t return to your possible matches stream.

On Tinder, you cannot undo an unmatch—even if you did it by accident. You cannot rematch someone you have already unmatched with.

Does The Other Person Know That You Unmatched Them On Tinder?

No, you won’t notify the Tinder person you unmatched of your decision. However, if they notice that your profile no longer displays in their match feed, they might figure it out.

How To Report A Match You Already Unmatched

Tinder’s Trust & Safety team receives a notification when a match is reported. If a game is bugging you, sending you offensive messages, making you uncomfortable, etc., you should report them. If you think a match is a con artist or is trying to sell you something, you can also report them.

To report a match on Tinder, do the following:

1.     You can access your match queue by tapping the message symbol in the navigation bar.

2.     To report a Tinder user, tap on their profile.

3.     At the upper right, click the blue shield (for iOS users) or ellipses (for Android users) icon.

4.     From the pop-up window, choose “Report.”

5.     Tap “Next” after selecting the cause from the list of possibilities.

6.     By choosing an option from the menu and tapping “Next,” you may tell Tinder what happened.

7.     Selecting the accurate description from the menu will let Tinder know where the reportable action occurred.

8.     Indicate which specific content, if any, you considered to be offensive.

9.     By selecting “Submit,” you can confirm your activity.

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The fact that you reported the other user wouldn’t be shared with them. They will be taken off of your match stream, and the reverse is also true. They won’t be able to contact you, and you won’t ever see their profile again.

Similar to unmatching someone, reporting someone is a final action that cannot be reversed.


Tinder resembles an endless party. As long as you and the person you messaged on Tinder have exchanged messages, the individual will continue to show up in your stream.

However, if the person you’re paired with on Tinder becomes too sexual, insulting, pushy, or unpleasant, it might be best to report them. Unmatching and reporting someone on Tinder is simple, whether you’re reporting abuse or getting rid of someone who makes your skin crawl.

You can proceed by simply following the above-mentioned basic steps.

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