4 Ways How To “Un-Shrink” Your Crocs

The most popular footwear options, particularly for summer travel and leisure, include Crocs. However, do Crocs shrink in the heat or sun? Crocs may warp or shrink when exposed to hot automobiles, washing machines, or the sun.

Crocs should only be air-dried after cleaning. Crocs can be best unshrank by immersing them in boiling water for 45 seconds. Wear them right away until they cool off. While putting them on will quickly stretch the Crocs, boiling water softens the material.

If your Crocs have been exposed to the sun for an extended period for any reason, you will need to learn how to unshrink them, which you will learn more about in this post.

Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun And Heat?

Crocs have a caution at the bottom of their “how to care for your Crocs” website, even though it is not visible at the top. It states that all styles should only be air-dried after cleaning.

The shoes may shrink or warp if exposed to scorching temperatures, the sun, dishwashers, washing machines, or warm automobiles. If the temperature is hot enough, Crocs can shrink in just under 30 minutes.

The sun’s rays and intense heat can cause Crocs to shrivel. Crocs may shrink faster than you would anticipate if you leave them in a hot car or a dishwasher. Sure, they are sturdy, but they are subject to intense temperatures.

A person wearing blue Crocs on the sand.

They do not always shrank, though. The results of leaving Crocs in the sun for too long are uncontrollable; it is a fact. They do not always shrank, though. Many individuals have left their Crocs in hot automobiles, the dishwasher, or the sun without difficulties with their Crocs shrinking.

It might be because many pairs of Crocs are created from various batches of material, and any slight modification to the formulation could ultimately alter their “drinkability.” The same is true if you wear Crocs in the sun or hot weather. In actuality, wearing Crocs in scorching weather may cause a small amount of shrinkage.

4 Ways How To “Un-Shrink” Your Crocs

1.    Heat Crocs in the dryer

Crocs can be pliable by heating them in the dryer. Put two towels in the dryer with your Crocs after wetting them with water. The foam becomes more malleable and prevents your Crocs from burning by adding damp cloths.

Run the dryer on low to medium heat for three to five minutes. Check whether your Crocs are heated after wearing them for a while. Remove them if they feel toasted; dry them for a few minutes longer.

Put on a pair of thick socks after that. You don’t want to burn your feet on the scorching shoes! Please put on your shoes, then stroll about for 20 minutes to let them break in.

2.    Rinse them in piping-hot water

When everything is prepared—basin, hot water, and all—boil a pot of water large enough to cover the Crocs in the basin. Place the Crocs in the sink after that, and then pour the hot water over them. Put the Crocs in the water by pressing on them once all the water has been poured into the basin.

Turn the Crocs over so that every area is exposed to boiling water. Remove the Crocs and put them on right away after around 45 seconds. The socks should stretch the Crocs and shield your feet from the hot weather.

Crocs shoes on white towel, on the ceramic floor of bathroom.

Keep your feet inside the Crocs until they have cooled off. Wear the Crocs more often to make them heavier. Additionally, you can move about to expand them further. You can repeat the entire procedure until you get the outcomes you want. Our experience has shown that repeating the process four times yields the most significant results.

3.    Use a hair dryer

Use a hairdryer to deflate your Crocs if you want to try the safest method. Unlike boiling water or clothes drier, a hairdryer gently warms your Crocs. This process is straightforward to use. All you need to do is move the hairdryer about to evenly disperse the heat while blowing for a few minutes at your shrunken Crocs.

Wear the Crocs with thick socks as soon as they are comfortably warm. Thick socks not only keep your feet from overheating, but they also stretch the Crocs. The heat is not as intense as boiling water or inside a clothes dryer, so you should repeat the hairdryer procedure several times.

4.    Freezer

This is the only technique that doesn’t involve being exposed to heat, in contrast to the others. Stretch your Crocs back into their natural shape after freezing them until they are rigid.

The Croslite material compresses during the freezing process, which combines nicely with the water’s natural tendency to expand after being frozen, making the freezer method successful. Remember that stretching your Crocs in the freezer can leave them stiff and uncomfortable, so make sure to walk around in them for a few minutes afterward.


All the qualities you’d desire in summer clothing are built into the lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting Croslite material that makes up Crocs. Now that you’re aware, Crocs can shrink in the sun and scorching weather.

In some instances, Crocs can shrink in just 30 minutes when placed in a scorching environment. Always err on the side of caution when wearing Crocs. While not being worn, keep your Crocs in cool, shaded areas. Remember that Crocs should be tight enough; they should be roomy.

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