Mid Fade Vs Low Fade: Which One Will Suit You?

The low fade vs mid fade debate is one of the most contested ones in the world of haircuts. And for a good reason—the difference between the two can be subtle, but it can also make a huge difference in how your haircut looks!

The fade haircut is a popular style for men of all ages. This hairstyle is an excellent alternative to more complicated hairstyles. It’s not just a trend, though—it’s a timeless look with plenty of variations.

You can characterize the fade haircut by the fade between the hair’s most extended length and its shortest length. The longer portion of the hair often sits on the top or sides of one’s head, while the shorter length runs down the back of one’s neck.

A barber can style the fade haircut in various ways, including slicked back and combed over to the side. We recommend this hairstyle for men with curly hair who want to wear it straight or keep it straight without having to blow-dry or curl it daily.

Low Fade vs Mid Fade: Which One Is Right for You?

The low fade vs mid fade debate has raged on for years, and it’s not going anywhere. But what’s the best way to tell which one will look best on your head?

First off, low fade and mid fade are two different haircut styles. The low fade is a style that is usually associated with hip-hop culture, while you can commonly see the mid fade in the military. They’re both versatile and dependable, and you can wear them in a variety of different ways.

If you’re unsure which haircut to get, we’ll help you decide by comparing low fade vs mid fade. And consider your lifestyle and look when making this decision.

When Should You Wear Low Fade?

In a low fade haircut, the hair on the sides of your head gradually gets shorter from the crown down. This haircut is a good option for men who want to maintain a professional look while still showing off their hairstyle. You can often see low fade haircuts on athletes and other people in the entertainment industry.

Handsome man in a low fade haircut.

When should you wear this style? This hairstyle will look especially good on you if you have a round face. It’ll give you an angular look that emphasizes your cheekbones and jawline while also giving your face some definition. An oval face shape may be well suited for the low fade. You can wear it with some stubble or keep it clean-shaven—your choice!

The low fade is also significant for men with thick hair who don’t want to have too much of their scalp visible, as they’re an excellent way to keep your hair looking full while still giving you a more conservative look. The low fade is a great hairstyle for men with curly hair because it will help keep their curls under control.

The low fade is great for guys with small foreheads or who want to look like they’re in a boy band. It’s also an excellent way to wear your hair if you have thick hair and are looking for something that will stay put.

The low fade is also good if you have a receding hairline and want to hide it. It’s also easy to maintain; keep it trimmed every couple of weeks or so, depending on how fast your hair grows, and you’ll be good to go!

Tip: You should not wear a low fade hairstyle if you have thin and straight hair. This haircut will make your hair look even thinner and straighter than it already is.

When Should You Wear Mid Fade?

Mid fade haircuts usually have the hair on the sides of the head cut higher than it is in the front. The high and tight haircut is sometimes referred to as such because it is very short on the sides but longer on top. A mid fade haircut starts longer on top, then gradually gets shorter as it goes down toward the nape of your neck.

Man with a mid fade haircut.

The mid fade is a popular hairstyle because it combines the best of both worlds: an easy-to-manage look without sacrificing the length or style. It’s perfect for guys who are looking to maintain the length and texture of their hair but want to keep it neat at the same time.

If you want to wear a mid fade hairstyle, the first thing to consider is your face shape. A mid fade will look good on anyone, but people’s faces have different shapes, so it’s essential to know your shape before deciding on a hairstyle.

For example, a mid fade may be a perfect style if you have an oval face. This haircut will make your face appear longer and thinner. However, a shorter length might be better for you if you have a round-shaped face.

The next step is choosing the correct hair length for your skin tone. If you have light skin, it’s best to choose something that will make your skin appear brighter and more vibrant.

If you have dark skin, or if you want something edgier or more trendy with less maintenance required (because let’s be honest: not everyone has time to spend hours styling their hair), then consider going with something longer instead of shorter, like a buzz cut or pixie cut

The mid fade hairstyle is perfect if you have short or medium hair. The length of the hair should be between 3 inches and 6 inches long. You also need to have thick hair so that it can hold its shape well throughout the day.

If your hair is too thin or delicate, this style might not look good on you because it will look limp and lifeless without any volume or bounce.

A mid fade is also a great style for anyone who wants to showcase their hairline without being forced to deal with the maintenance of a razor-sharp line or extremely short sides. It also works well for clients with thick hair, as it helps to add some volume and texture that can otherwise get lost in longer styles.

Low Fade Haircut Styles

Men have different types of low fade haircuts, each having a different look. Here are five examples of the most stylish ones:

1.     The Low Fade with Long Fringe

The low fade with long fringe is a low fade haircut popularized by rappers and hip-hop artists. It is an excellent low fade haircut because it features a high-quality fade, blending hair from the top of the head to the sides and back. It creates a seamless transition between your hair and scalp and looks more natural than a high-quality fade.

The low fade with long fringe also has long fringes, also known as bangs. They cover some or all of your forehead and help frame your face. The longer they are, the more they can do this, but it should never be so long that they obscure your vision or block out part of your face.

Young student sporting a low fade haircut.

The fringe can give you a more rugged look, especially if you have thick or wavy hair; it’ll help keep your hair out of your eyes when you’re working out or playing sports.

Plus, it’s a good hairstyle for men who want some length in their hair but don’t want to look too feminine or effeminate.

2.     The Temple Fade

The temple fade is a clipper-based hairstyle that leaves the sides and back of the head longer than the temples. Both men and women can wear this haircut, but it tends to be worn by men more often.

The temple fade is an excellent style for someone who wants to keep their hair short on top but still has it look full and thick. It is because it allows you to keep your hair long enough to look full and thick but short enough so that you can still style it easily. It can help maintain your hair’s shape and create a more polished, blended look.

This haircut also works well if you have a round face shape or any other face shape where you want to draw attention away from your cheeks.

3.     Classic Taper Low Fade

The classic taper low fade is a hairstyle that works best for men with short to medium-length hair. It’s a great way to add a modem twist to your look while maintaining a classic vibe. This style features a low fade along the sides of your head.

This haircut is ideal for men who want to showcase the natural texture of their hair. The style is ideal for men with thick hair because it adds some volume at the top of the head without requiring too much styling.

The classic taper low fade is perfect if you want an easy-to-style hairstyle that looks great with any outfit or occasion. It’s simple enough that even the laziest man can take care of it himself!

4.     The Side Part with Low Fade and Hard Part

The side part is a low fade, and the hard part is a hairstyle that combines a side part with a low fade and a tricky part. This style is best suited for men with medium-to-long hair, but if you have short hair, you can adapt it by combing it down into a side part.

This haircut is perfect for those who like to keep their hair short but want to add some texture to their look. This style works well for guys who want to show off their facial features in an attractive way or who have robust facial features that they want to emphasize.

This hairstyle works well on everyone, from younger guys looking for something trendy and modern to older gentlemen who prefer traditional styles. It’s also suitable for people with round faces because it draws attention away from the cheeks and chin.

Styling this cut requires a lot of products, and you’ll need to use a comb or brush to style it If you don’t have time for touch-ups, this isn’t your hairstyle but if you want something that looks good with minimal effort, this is a great option!

5.     The Undercut Low Fade

The low undercut fade is one of the most popular haircuts for black men. You can distinguish it by a shaved or bald fade at the top and a longer length on the sides and back. The low undercut fade is also known as an undercut with a short fade because it combines two popular styles: an undercut and a fade.

Young man having an undercut hairstyle.

It’s incredibly flattering for those with round faces, as it helps to create the appearance of more angular features. You can also wear this style with bangs and swept to the side. It will help elongate your face shape.

The low undercut fade is an excellent choice if you are looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain but has enough style to make you stand out in a crowd. The low undercut fade is easy to style with gel or pomade, so you can slick it back or forward, depending on your mood!

This hairstyle works best on guys who have thick hair. If you have thinning hair or have trouble growing out your sides, this may not be the right style for you. It’s also important to consider how long it takes for your hair to grow out—if it grows out quickly, you can do this cut every six weeks; if it grows out slowly, you might need to wait 12-16 weeks between cuts.

Mid Fade Haircut Styles

Mid fade hairstyles are the most versatile and are ideal for men who want to look sharp but aren’t too keen on standing out in a crowd.

Whether you’re looking to keep it short or long, any man has a mid fade haircut. Here are five different types of mid fade hairstyles for men:

1.     The Classic Mid Fade

The classic mid fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for men because it’s easy to wear, looks great on various face shapes and hair textures, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This style involves cutting hair at an angle with a clipper guard halfway between a regular fade and shaved sides. It’s a high skin fade with a little more hair left behind on top.

The classic mid fade is perfect for guys with thick or wavy hair. The cut is sleek and stylish but not too avant-garde. Some might think this style is just another buzz cut with a little length on top—but it’s so much more!

The classic mid fade has plenty of volume and texture throughout the sides and back of your head but ends with a clean line right above your ears. It is an excellent choice if you want something that looks good all year round without fussing too much about styling every day (or even every week).

2.     The Drop Fade

The drop fade is a hairstyle that involves cutting the hair on one side of the head at an angle while leaving the other side uncut. It’s a popular style among men and women who want to show off their natural hairline more dramatically than just having long, straight hair.

The drop fade also works well on people with fine hair because it adds texture and helps make thin strands seem thicker and fuller. If you have thinning hair, adding volume might be an option without making your head look too full.

For people with thick hair, letting it air-dry is more effective than using a gel or mousse to cover the hair’s natural texture. It also brings attention to your face because people draw their eyes to you upwards.

3.     The Pompadour Mid Fade

The pompadour mid fade is a hairstyle that is great for men looking for a style with a little edge. It’s a variation of the traditional pompadour look, but it’s still easy to pull off.

Stylish man with pompadour mid fade hair.

The critical difference between this style and the original is that instead of having all of your hair cut at one length, you’ll have some pieces cut short and some cut longer. It creates an asymmetrical look that can be worn easily in any setting—whether you’re going out with friends or taking your girl out on a date night.

4.     The Textured Mid Fade Cut

The textured mid fade cut is a great way to achieve the look you want without too many restrictions. You can wear the style with or without the product. It’s versatile enough to work in any setting and can suit any face shape or hair type. It’s also easy to maintain and style, so you won’t spend hours in front of the mirror every morning getting ready for work.

A textured mid fade cut is an excellent option for men who want to add dimension and texture to their hairstyle. This cut works well with naturally curly or wavy hair because it adds definition to these natural textures.

This hairstyle works well on men with oval or longer faces, adding height and movement to the overall look. It also looks excellent on balding men, as it helps to conceal the receding hairline by framing the face in a more flattering way.

The textured mid fade cut is perfect for men who want a hairstyle that is both professional-looking and easy on the eyes. This hairstyle will give you a polished look without being too formal—perfect for those who want something that looks good but doesn’t require them to spend hours styling their hair every morning before work!

5.     The Comb Over with a Mid Fade

The comb-over with a mid fade is a hairstyle that combines the famous comb-over fade and a traditional comb-over style. It’s a great way to keep your hair long enough to style it but still have a clean cut that you can style in many different ways.

A comb-over with a mid-length fade works best for those with thick hair. The same style can be worn by those with fine hair, provided you add some volume for the look to work. It’s also suitable if you want to add some length to your style.

The mid fade means that this style will end right above your ears, making it easy to pull back if you need to—but also allowing it to stay out of your eyes when you’re working at your desk or behind the wheel!

This look works well on most face shapes, though if you have an oval-shaped or longer face shape, you may want to consider pairing this with a beard so that your face doesn’t look too narrow.

Frequently Asked Questions: Low Fades, Taper Fades, And Mid Fades

What’s the difference between low fades, taper fades, and mid fades?

A low fade is a haircut that starts at the bottom of your hairline and goes upward. Depending on your preference, you can cut the hair on top in varying lengths. A taper fade ends in long hair on top. In contrast, a mid fade ends in short hair on top.

How do I know whether to get a low or mid fade?

The best way to decide whether to get a low or mid fade is to consider what style you want to achieve. A low fade will leave plenty of length in the front, so it looks like you have long hair on top, while with a mid fade, there will be less length in front but still enough to style it up into spikes or blonde highlights!

I have thick/curly/wavy hair – should I still get a low/mid fade?

Yes! Low/mid fades can look great on different hairstyles – even if yours has more volume than others! If your hair tends to frizz ask your stylist for a cut that follows the natural wave pattern and not against it. Ask for a few layers around the sides of your head so that it looks more natural when styled.

What is the length of time for a fade to grow out?

The answer to this question depends on where your hair is at when you get it cut and how often you come in for trims. For example, if you need a low fade and have thick hair that doesn’t grow very fast, we recommend coming in every three weeks until the length has grown enough to look good with the rest of your style.

If your hair multiplies and you don’t like getting trims often, we recommend coming in every month or two until you reach the desired length.

What should I do before getting a fade?

Before heading to the barbershop for a fade, ensure your hair is clean and dry. You’ll also want to ensure that it’s been at least three days since you washed your hair, so there’s not too much product buildup.

If you have curly hair, then make sure you have set your curls with rollers or some other heat styling tool before styling them into place because this will help create volume at the top of your head, which will create more contrast between your skin and hair color when it comes time for styling.

How do you get a fade?

You can get a low fade by asking your barber for one at any time during your appointment. Tell them to change it if you don’t like what they do! They’re there to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Final Thoughts: Low Fade vs Mid Fade

When it comes to the topic of low fade vs mid fade, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s hard to find a consensus when you compare low fade vs mid fade hairstyles.

But in the end, the best hairstyle is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. If you’re looking for a new style, don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths—you never know what might look good on your face!

We hope that this article has been helpful for you in your quest to learn more about the low fade vs. mid fade debate. We know these are important choices, and we appreciate you taking the time to read our thoughts on the subject.

Let us know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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