Guys Snapchat Numbers: Does It Matter?

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and getting the gut-wrenching feeling you may have become the stalkerish girlfriend? You’re probably wondering at this point if your actions are validated. Should you pitch a fit to your boyfriend and see if he is chatting up other girls behind your back? Would it make you look like a complete fool?


But what is all this self-reflection about? The one line that every girl dreads to think of—my boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up.

The girlfriend was shocked while looking at her mobile phone.

Breath, and think before you freak out. The Snapchat algorithm can start playing funny tricks on a girls mind late at night, but it is important to keep in mind that:

  1. The Snapchat score is generated from the sent and received snaps.
  2. Snapchat points don’t always update automatically.
  3. If you are gone from Snapchat for a while, then suddenly become active, the algorithm rewards you with six points instead of one.

If you use Snapchat to chat with your boyfriend then it increases your scores. There can be a delay when these scores are added. You can assume Snapchat doesn’t do this to stress out girlfriends, the system just takes time to update. Now that would be a silly reason to go throwing around accusations.

Why does my boyfriend’s Snapchat score keep going up?

There are many reasons why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score is rising faster than gas prices during the travel season. Not all of them involve cheating.

Promotional Snapchat content

Snapchat sends out promotional content whenever new features are released. This can be a video series or photos that contribute to the Snapchat score.

Creating a story

If your boyfriend creates a story on Snapchat for his followers to view, he will receive one point per story. So, this could add up pretty quickly for the avid storyteller or content sharer. It simply means he has an influencer mindset or likes to connect with people as a group.

Not logging in for 6 Days

If your boyfriend hasn’t logged into his Snapchat account in about a week, he gets bonus points. Your boyfriend will get one point for each of the snaps he opens up and six points for those he sends out.

Sending out bulk snaps

If there are a few massive jumps in his Snapchat score, your boyfriend could send out bulk snaps. These are the same photo or videos to multiple people. This is the fastest way to increase a Snapchat score.

Possibly cheating

Unfortunately, suppose your boyfriend’s score goes up by 100’s of snaps every day, and you don’t see any story pins and aren’t talking that much. In that case, you can assume he is talking to other people.

Whether he uses the notorious sexting app to talk to girls behind your back or just his friends is yet to be determined. You should remember that he gains a point for sending snaps, but that doesn’t mean the content is opened on the other end.

My boyfriend doesn’t use Snapchat, but his points keep increasing

If you took the plunge and approached your boyfriend about the Snapchat issue, he may have claimed he’s not using Snapchat much.

It could be true. If your boyfriend’s Snapchat points only go up every once in a while, it really isn’t anything to worry about. He could be:

  • Logging in every once in a while to check his messages and gaining the 6 points earning
  • Talking to roommates or gaming friends
  • Getting Snapchat’s promotional updates
  • Getting Snapchat from you
  • Opening the app out of boredom
Smiling young men sharing content on social media.

Give your boyfriend a little trust if his score isn’t rising very much. When you constantly hound him over a few points here and there, it will soon begin to break down the walls of your relationship. It can also:

  • It can change the way your boyfriend sees you
  • Put distance between the two of you due to your insecurities
  • Make him trust you less
  • Shows signs of immaturity
  • Seem controlling
Couple ignoring each other.

If your boyfriend is getting 10 or so Snapchat whenever you check the score, it shouldn’t be the end for both of you. Remember, there was a time when people used text messaging, and you couldn’t see their scores or the number of messages they were sending. Cheating was more confidential then. Would 10 text messages really be that big of a deal? They could be to work, cousins, or roommates. The same logic applies to Snapchat today.

Even though you don’t know who he is talking to, having the option to see how many times he is communicating can do a number on your self­time and trust. But sometimes you need to be mature about the situation and think about it logically before flying off the handle at him over nothing but communication.

Remember to ask yourself, is a score really worth a break-up? You should also try to remember that if you are on Snapchat using the app, looking at his score, sending and receiving messages, he has the right to do so too.

My boyfriend’s score keeps increasing every day

So you may be one of those girls with a social media-loving boyfriend whose Snapchat goes up every day. Some guys use Snapchat as a primary social account or even as a replacement for texting. He could be using Snapchat too:

  • Watch video
  • Send messages, photos, and videos
  • Create stories
  • Keep up with people and have fun with friends
Young man vlogging.

Like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, it is another platform to engage with and waste a few hours of the day on. Everyone’s friend group has a primary medium. Your boyfriends could just be Snapchat.

Where to draw the line?

You can paint a picture more than one way. While your boyfriend may just enjoy social media, he may also use it for scandalous reasons. To differentiate between the two, take note of times that he:

Sneaky young man chatting with his other lover.
  • Refuses to communicate with you about the app
  • Hides his Snapchat activity from you, like the people he snaps
  • Purposely hides his phone when he gets a message
  • Leaves the room to open a conversation
  • Blatantly refuses to show you his profile or friend you
  • Refuses to work on better communication in your relationship
  • Doesn’t like transparency

Suppose these moments are prevalent in your relationship. In that case, it means your boyfriend isn’t proud of what he is using the Snapchat app for. It could also mean he is concerned about what you might think of his activities. It could stem from his own insecurities.

Moments such as being confronted harshly about Snapchat activity in the past by his old girlfriend could set him on edge with the platform. However, he is actually doing something he shouldn’t like cheating. If he was cheating, he might go about it in a more inconspicuous method that doesn’t add to his score:

  • Messaging the person directly
  • Calling someone via Snapchat
  • Video calling someone on Snapchat
  • Watching someones story
  • Earning snap streaks with someone else
  • Adding friends
  • Using Filters without sending the snaps
  • Flirting with bitmoji

Your boyfriend may not be thinking about the visibility of his Snapchat score as he messages others, though. Suppose you have tried to open up the communication channels with him nonjudgmentally or accusingly, and he still doesn’t budge. In that case, you should consider drawing the line and getting out of this relationship.

If most of the notable bad qualities are present, but they aren’t getting better, then it is time to get out. You can now assume the worst of your boyfriend. He is cheating. But, if he does begin to communicate with you, have your conversation.

Suppose there is no cheating in his Snapchat messages, and you can openly communicate, in that case, you are succeeding in having a healthier relationship. Once you have had that conversation about his Snapchat and his scores, don’t just keep having it because it can get tiring and judgemental over time.

💡 Respect his privacy after that, and he will also respect you.

Guys with high Snapchat scores (what does it mean)

Did you just start dating your boyfriend and notice he has a really high Snapchat score? This isn’t always a cause to worry, and there are so common reasons for it:

  • A mark of competitiveness
  • A social media addiction
  • A long time user

Do you have a competitive boyfriend?

Is your boyfriend an athlete or a gamer? Overall, men are typically pretty competitive people, no matter what their hobbies.

A gamer wins at a match.

Did you know that some guys even bring their competitive side to social media? Some guys compete to see who can have the highest Snapchat score. In this case, Snapchat is all about goofing around, having fun, or being that classic show-off.

While you may think it is an odd competition or hobby, there are worse things he could be spending hours a day on, like porn or a seat at the bar.

Does your boyfriend have an addiction?

But, like the negative attributes of porn or alcohol, an overindulgence in Snapchat can be considered an addiction. Maybe your boyfriend has a Snapchat addiction. How does it become an addiction?

  • Snapchat is fun
  • It serves as a time filler between other tasks
  • It can be overused
  • Gives notifications to reel people back in

Has your boyfriend had Snapchat since the app launched in 2011?

Snapchat points accumulate over time and they never go down. As a result, guys with very high Snapchat scores may have just had Snapchat for a long time. Snapchat has been around for over a decade.

That is a long time tracking the number of messages you send and receive. If you are worried that your man’s Snapchat score is way too high, consider how long he has had the app.

Snapchat wants people to use the app

Snapchat is a business, and it needs to turn a profit. It turns a profit from its users. There are ads on Snapchat and various other ways it makes money from participants. So, essentially, it is a business benefiting from guys, like maybe your boyfriend, who is a little bit too involved in the app.

It also makes money from long-time users. So, whatever the case may be with your boyfriend, Snapchat wants him to come back for more.

To check or not to check

Do you remember wondering if your boyfriend had a Snapchat addiction? Well, you can very easily fall into the same trap. You can get a Snapchat score-checking addiction that makes you paranoid. If possible, it is really best to avoid paying attention to the Snapchat score of your significant other altogether. Remember, Snapchat changed it to just scores for a reason.

Small group of people too attached to their mobile phones.

Back in the beginning days of the Snapchat launch, you could see the top 3 people your friends sent snaps to. This really did a number on every girlfriend’s self-esteem that didn’t make a boyfriend’s top list. It also destroyed relationships when you realized three other girls vastly outranked you. So, be glad that the era of Snapchat is over, and stop looking at the silly skyrocketing number.

Key Take-Aways

You probably automatically assume the worst of your boyfriend when you see his Snapchat number jumping up. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of factors that go into the Snapchat number:

  • Time between logins
  • Snapchat algorithm
  • Bulk Snaps
  • Delayed Score Updates
  • Snapchat Story Posts
  • Promotional Content

Next time you think to yourself—my boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up remember it isn’t always another girl.

If his Snapchat score only goes up a few points every once in a blue moon, don’t panic. In fact, don’t even mention it. He probably isn’t using this app for cheating. The few points can come from looking at a snap from friends, family, or even you.

The time to worry and draw the line is when he acts secretively. Moments that might raise concern include:

  • Not sharing anything about the app with you
  • Hiding messages on purpose
  • Acting strangely with his phone

Overall though, Snapchat is an app used for fun. It has a competitive and somewhat addictive element that has made the platform so successful.

Just like you enjoy Snapchat, your boyfriend probably does too.

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