Never Had A Girlfriend: Here’s 16 Reasons Why

Most men without girlfriends come close to snagging one but always fail at the last hurdle. Many people have never had a girlfriend, and some have obvious indicators that they never will. They appear to be checking in with their lady pals when they are out and about with all of their friends, leaving them to wonder why it’s not them.

This is because acquiring a girlfriend is most challenging during the shift from “kind of dating” to “in a relationship.” Continue reading if you’re tired of being ignored by your friends, seeing the woman you like to become involved with jerks, and being the only single guy in your group of friends.

16 Reasons Why You Haven’t Had A Girlfriend

The 16 reasons you don’t have a girlfriend are about to be revealed, along with the new behaviors you must adopt to attract one.

1.    You are the main pursuer

Turning the tables entirely and making a female chase you is the last thing you need to do to keep her interested. Encourage ladies to match your level. Because you were constantly seeking them, they perceived you as being of the lower class and lost interest.

They had no difficulty pinning you down. You were available to them if they desired you. They never had to struggle to accept you. You now know how to keep a female interested in you by saving your feelings to yourself, seeming uninterested, and prioritizing your purpose. You’ve already raised the bar for girls to win them over.

2.    You are too needy

Women will rate your status on a scale. They’ll assume you have a lower standing if you show too much need and eagerness that they have the upper hand. Women are eager to cooperate with you. They seek an obstacle.

It would help if you strived to be less interested in women. The absence of need is the essence of indifference. You will only be easily impressed if you’re needy and eager. Compared to other guys, it is harder for her to elicit emotion from you.

Young boy and girl looking at each other.

She starts to view you as a threat. Therefore, you must fight her attempts to elicit an emotional response from you.

3.    You often express your feelings immediately

When a female seems to be drifting away, you may believe that telling her how you feel will make everything alright and entice her to return.

Don’t get me wrong; you can text her after you’re finally together to let her know you miss her, but NEVER when you start. The key is to keep the complicated feelings in each other at a 50/50 level. Women will run a mile from you if you come across as being more emotionally invested in them than they are in you.

The secret is to express your sexual appreciation for her rather than expressing your emotions and frightening her away when you want to show her how much you value her.

4.    Always available

Women will grow tired of you if you consistently put their needs before your goals or mission in life. Women are naturally predisposed to believe that a good man will choose his mission over her. #1 is his present life’s purpose. She always wants to battle but never wants to win this ultimate challenge.

Therefore, avoid making ladies the center of your attention. Your goal must come first because if you constantly reserve a small portion of yourself for her to attempt and win over, she will always have a plan to strive for.

5.    You Push Girls Away At The Last Hurdle

This is the stage after a few dates when you’re still getting to know each other and aren’t quite at the holding hand girlfriend/boyfriend stage. You’re still contacting each other every day at this point.

Most guys with girlfriends typically reach this point but fail because they are very available and put women before their goals or missions in life. Let’s dissect each of these points so you can identify your past mistakes and learn how to avoid falling short at the finish line in the future.

6.    You dress like you still need to be laid

Unfortunately for women, millions of men appear uninterested in seducing the other sex by dressing that way.

Young woman flirting in the shopping center.

So they never show up to a party wearing the same dress twice, and women spend hours on their hair, makeup, and wardrobe. When you next cross the street, pay attention to how many ladies you make eye contact with before they look down at your feet.

7.    Women often friend-zoned you

Women need to understand their motivations and know they primarily want them, not just because it makes sense.

Therefore, even though you may think it’s unsafe, you should allow your natural urge to appreciate without feeling guilty or ashamed about your sexual wants. Even if you may feel like having a sexual encounter with a woman will completely ruin your chances, the truth is that you’re more likely to spoil things permanently by keeping them a secret.

Previous girlfriend candidates likely lost interest in you during the “kind of dating phase” because you failed to maintain the sexual tension and veered into polite talk that produced no results. Your responsibility is to take action. Even if it backfires, she will still admire you for it, and anything is better than losing her friendship!

8.    You Are Too “Safe” With Women

Most likely, you’ve been overly cautious around the girls you fancy. Waiting for the ideal time as opposed to making the moment happen now. Men who aren’t afraid to take chances are beautiful to women. Men who are proactive in pursuing their goals.

Women will appreciate you for having the guts to attempt, even if you are turned down after approaching a girl in a bar or if you go in for a kiss and are turned down.

Additionally, tenacity is a highly desirable trait. As long as you don’t cross the line into borderline stalker behavior, a man who pursues his goals and never gives up is an incredibly alluring attribute.

Now is the time to start taking some chances. Since you have nothing to gain from constantly playing it safe, you have nothing to lose.

9.    You always agree

If you don’t hold a leadership position in your social group, you always support the leaders’ preference to avoid conflict.

Women seek muscular, assertive guys who won’t back down from a fight or risk rejection to accomplish what they want or what they believe is right. Be bold and inform folks when they’ve gone too far the next time you see yourself mindlessly accepting someone’s point of view (especially a woman’s) or agreeing to do something you’d rather not.

10.    You lack confidence

Women adore self-assured men, and the fact that you haven’t had a partner yet makes you less self-assured now. You worry that women will find out you have been single your entire life and will feel sorry for you.

Additionally, breathing and body language have a role in projecting confidence. Set your shoulders back, extend your chest, lift your jaw, give people your full attention, and speak slowly but with conviction. You will seem more confident as a result and feel more confident.

11.    You have yet to find the right girl

It would help if you didn’t berate yourself for not having a partner. Simply put, you still need to meet the ideal woman for you.

No matter where you are, how you’re feeling, or how awkward you are with women in person, online dating applications like Tinder allow you to meet new women. Get out there and meet as many women as you can. Otherwise, you might settle for a poor relationship rather than the woman of your dreams, latching onto the first one who shows you any interest.

12.    You often assume that girls won’t like you

You gave up thinking she was no longer interested in you. But she had recently left a toxic relationship and thought she was falling for you. She was exercising caution. In the future, anytime you expect that you’ll be rejected, flip the switch and imagine a situation where you are a source of happiness for her rather than a cause of misery.

It would help if you chatted with the girl at the bar since she is begging you to do so. If she didn’t meet you, her night would be dull; she’ll be amazed by how great you are. This will enable you to respond to them positively and develop into an appealing guy.

13.    You’re not leveling up in life

You won’t attract the attention of high-value ladies if you don’t have much to give them in life. This is influenced by a person’s status, power, wealth, intelligence, physical fitness, ambition, and work ethic.

It would help if you continually level up in mind, body, and spirit to succeed with women. This requires making long-term investments in yourself. Start investing time each day to improve yourself to become the kind of man women lust for. Even today, you don’t have to take these things too far. Establish healthier routines and dedicate everyday effort to them.

14.    You don’t dress well

Your dating life will undoubtedly suffer if you don’t take the time to look your best. Even though it’s one of the things that men can most easily regulate, most guys need help doing so. Push the carelessness aside.

Man holding in his hands two tshirts.

Before leaving the house, start paying attention to your appearance and smell. Take frequent showers and use good soap. Establish a skincare regimen. Put away the locker room sprays from your school days and start smelling good. Learn how to escape and groom effectively.

15.    You’re desperate

Women are often elevated by desperate males, and doing so sends a powerful subliminal message. That woman is superior to you, which explains why you are so “hurried” to complete the transaction.

This scares off, ladies. Women are pretty promiscuous. They typically won’t settle for a man who feels inferior to them since they want the best man they can find.

Men who appear desperate convey a strong message through their actions. You might need to become a monk to change this thinking temporarily. For a few months, put women out of your mind, develop a life plan, and begin working on yourself.

You can re-enter the dating world and start re-framing your encounters with women in a genuinely manly frame after you regain your confidence and overcome your desperate state of mind.

16.    You don’t possess any dating skills

A man will communicate with women much more effectively and move conversations ahead if he knows these fundamental dating abilities and how to move from one to the next quickly.

You won’t progress with women if you become stuck on one, which increases the likelihood that you won’t be able to reach the “close” stage. You’ll likely be incredibly perplexed and frustrated.

How To Get A Girlfriend

If you haven’t had a girlfriend for a while, you may wonder how to do so quickly. Although there isn’t a magic formula to make a girl fall in love with you, there are a few ways you can make an impression and position yourself for success.

Find out where you meet possible dates and how to approach them to ask them out by reading on.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Has Never Had A Girlfriend?

The top five indicators that a man has never been with a girlfriend

1.    He’s terrible at talking about the relationship

One of the most apparent indications a guy has never had a girlfriend is this. He lacks the communication skills to express his feelings, your feelings, the relationship, and how to handle challenges that may arise effectively.

Additionally, he will typically need clarification about what you need and become very perplexed in basic scenarios, like when you need more time alone, space, or to talk about a problem. He will learn if you are patient and move slowly.

2.    He often displays excessive drama

Despite the prevalent clichés regarding women and their volatile emotions, a man who has never had a girlfriend is one of the worst violators in this area.

He will regularly react overly dramatically to everyday events because he frequently struggles to pace his feelings for you and approach the relationship in a measured way.

3.    He makes startlingly off-key responses

When a man is relatively inexperienced, some women make the mistake of believing that he is playing games with them or trying to manipulate them. One of the telltale signals a guy hasn’t had a relationship is when he gives you off-key, perplexing responses.

This can also be seen in his texts, where he might reply too quickly, misuse emojis, joke awkwardly, or communicate poorly about simple matters. He’s not a jerk; he’s just inexperienced at this.

4.    He’s the leader of the Friendzone Club

A man who has never been in a relationship with a woman is not always “terrible” with women.

There’s a strong chance he’s had a lot of women in his life as friends. However, he may also have personal problems and fears or have chosen to focus on other things throughout his years without a partner.

Men and women can be friends without issues, but being “friend-zoned” is another story. That happens when a girl a guy wants to date rejects him and chooses to be her friend instead.

5.    He’s awkward

Whether or not his name is Andy — and chances are it’s probably not — this man is an awkward Andy, which means that when he’s around you, he frequently stumbles, physically stumbles, blushes, and generally seems out of sorts. It’s reasonable that it can become a little irritating.

Young man and woman sitting on the sofa both feeling awkward.


Now that you know why you’ve been single your entire life, the next step is to start acting differently and changing your ways of doing things while this information is still fresh in your memory. It would help if you understood better why some men have never had a girlfriend.

In addition, I hope it has made you seriously consider why some men continue to appear “hopelessly single” despite the abundance of attractive single women worldwide.

Remember that the main objective is for you to keep improving as a man. Follow your goals, keep becoming better, and keep learning.

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