How To Reset Tinder: A Simple Guide

Over 26 million connections are made daily on Tinder, one of the most widely used dating apps worldwide. In addition to other accessible and restricted functions, it contains a few intriguing features that premium users must pay for.

If you have used the program without purchasing a premium or gold subscription, you may have had issues like your swipes expiring or needing help to undo a left swipe.

This article explains how to use the popular website, whether on a smartphone or computer, and how to reset swipes and clean Tinder’s cache.

Can I Reset my Tinder Swipes?

To start anew, you can reset your Tinder swipes. If your values have altered and you no longer find these folks attractive, you must take this action. When the app offers you matches, it will otherwise consider them.

You have two options for removing conflicts: go into your profile settings and select “unmatch all,” or manually delete each match you have.

How Do I Start Over on Tinder?

First, imagine you’re getting fewer matches than you’d want. In that case, it’s preferable to start over. To refresh your account, follow these steps:

Here’s the right way to get it done:

1. Open the Tinder app, click App Settings, and choose “Delete Account.”

2. Remove the Tinder app from your phone.

3. Go to Facebook’s Settings > Apps page, find Tinder, and delete it.

4. Open a new Facebook account.

5. Re-download Tinder and register with your new Facebook account.

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How long does it take for Tinder to reset?

There is a zero-effort alternative if you want to reset your account but can’t take creating a new email address and Facebook account. Although patience is necessary. Tinder deletes the information from deleted accounts after around three months.

Therefore, Tinder will only remember your past if you deactivate your account on January 1st and open a new version on April 2nd (using your old email and Facebook).


Following a few straightforward guidelines will help you increase your chances now that you know the fundamental guidelines for how Tinder works. You can see that trying to manipulate Tinder policies is only sometimes worthwhile.

Occasionally, the only method to get out of a shadow ban is to delete your account. According to our research, creating a new account after deleting your old one—even if you use the same phone number and Facebook—might be more effective than resetting your Tinder preferences.

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