Schick Hyrdo 5: Everything You Need To Know

Being a necessity in men’s daily grooming routine, every man deserves the best when it comes to getting a decent shaver. As one of the leading pioneers in the smooth shaving industry, Schick has established its name as the one to watch out for.

Launching its latest product, Schick Hydro 5 features three razors (Energize, Hydrate, and Sensitive) that offer men a unique shaving experience. Equipped with the company’s most advanced technology, Schick claims that its shavers offer precision, durability, and efficiency.


As its name suggests, Schick Hydro 5 is a 5-bladed razor with a range of cartridge styles containing a lubrication strip that provides users with a much smoother shave. With countless research and development put into the product, this new product of Schick stands up to men’s expectations worldwide.

Schick Hydro 5 close-up photo of blades.

With its blades lasting twice as long as compared to other brands, the Schick Hydro 5 can get at least 10 shaves in a single blade. Although its cartridge razor might not be ideal for people with sensitive skin, most still consider Schick as one of the best in the shaving industry.


Comes in an eco-friendly cardboard box, its packaging is all for ease of opening and can be recycled. Each box contains 1 razor handle with 2 sets of 5-blade cartridges and 4 replacement packets with 4 blades each packet, which totals to about 17 razor blades.

In contrast to its competitors such as Philips, Wilkinson, and Gillette, Schick Hydro 5’s handle is slightly larger thus giving those with larger hands a better grip. Not only does the product boasts of its anti-glide feature, but its sturdy and ergonomic rubberized handle makes it lightweight and manageable.

Key Features

Schick Hydro 5 classifies its gel formula on its lubrication strips into three categories: Energize, Hydrate, and Sensitive. Energize, one of the most popular out of the three is the popular choice among men due to its cleaning ability.

Shaving Experience

Equipped with a unique “Shock-Absorbing Technology”, this enables the razor to give the user a personalized shaving experience as it automatically follows the face’s contour, thus ensuring that the user gets an incredibly close shave based on his shaving style.

The idea is that the more pressure applied, the more its pivoting head will help keep the razor away from your face. In short, users can adjust the pressure to their desired level while still providing a close shave experience. This technology helps minimize skin irritation and friction as it keeps skin from cuts and nicks.

When it was first released, the feature seems reasonable and interesting but as time went by, many Schick users began complaining about how it was uncomfortable for them as the device didn’t provide the same pressure on the skin, thus switching it off was a better choice.

Another feature located at the razor’s neck part is the “Lock-out Button”, which can easily be enabled and disabled by sliding it up and down. Its 5 blades help control the blade’s contact with the skin thus reducing skin irritation. With the herbal elements found, your skin gets to be hydrated instantly while shaving.

Lastly, the “Flip-Back Trimmer” gives the users a precise trim.

Is it Worth Buying?

A huge advantage of this product is its price, for only $16 it is quite affordable as compared to similar products that offer similar shaving performance. Its fellow competitor, Gillette, can serve only up to a maximum of  7 times, whilst Schick razors allow up to 10 shavings.

Surely a great investment for those who love an efficient grooming product that won’t hurt their pockets. Though the Schick Hydro 5 may have its flaws, you surely won’t get disappointed if you’re someone who just wants a razor that can do its job, this product is surely worth your budget.


When we talk about shaving, the Schick Hydro 5 is pretty much capable and more affordable than its competitors, making it a top choice among grooming lovers. Having a 5-blade design allows for close shaving and grooming each time.

Hope this guide will be a big help for your next razor purchase, comments, questions, or concerns are greatly appreciated.

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