Gillette Vs Schick: A Complete Comparison

Many companies produce and sell razors today. Gillette is probably the most familiar among these. Gillette has been around since Proctor and Gamble introduced the razor line in 1901. Today, they make razors for both men and women to use.

Schick is another brand of razors, aside from Gillette, that is popular among men and women today. Jacob Schick found Schick in 1962. Today, Edgewell Persona Care owns Schick.

Gilette and Schick compete with one another in the market. Every year, it has always been Schick vs Gillette. So now, let’s look into the differences and similarities of razors from both brands and then decide which of the two is better.

Differences & Similarities

Both Gillette and Schick have been around for a long time now. They have been making all sorts of razors for men and women for decades. These are, of course, good-quality razors used to shave and trim the hair growing in different parts of the body. People have been buying their products from razors to trimmers every year, too.

A man choosing between two razor brands.

But what makes Gillette different from Schick? Why should we buy Schick over Gillette and vice versa? Now, let’s look into some differences Gillette razors may have from Schick on this part of the article.

Branding Presence

In brand value and market share, Gillette comes out on top among many brands of razors today. They have been trusted by most people in the market for razors for a while now. Schick comes second with about 10% of the market share among razors-making brands today. In a few years, Schick may, one day, catch up to and overtake Gillette’s popularity among men and women.


There are also unique features that make both Gillette and Schick stand out among razor-making brands. Gillette razors have the Flexball located by their razors’ handle. Schick, meanwhile, has the Flip trimmer and Slim-head design. Both Gillette’s Flexball and Flip trimmer and Slim-head design features contribute to their respective razor line’s flexibility.

Special Features

Gillette Flexball technology (left photo) and Schick’s Flip Trimmer feature (right photo).

Gillette’s Flexball helps one shave conveniently from one’s chin to the neck. Schick’s Flip trimmer helps trim the hair in tricky spots of the face and neck or the body in general.

Comfort and Glide

A man shaving comfortably using a razor.

Gillette and Schick have lubrication systems, too. These lubrication systems keep the skin moisturized as people shave with Gillette and Schick’s razors. Razors in the past did not have this feature and made shaving harder for their users. 

Skin Friendly

Schick’s Hydro 5 razor.

Schick has the 7 Gel Pool feature in their Hydro 5 razors line. The 7 Gel Pool feature release moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth with every shave. Schick’s Hydro 5 razor users even say that they don’t need cream anymore when shaving with it.

Gillette’s razors also have moisturizers on their blades to keep the skin moisturized while shaving. Razor users, however, are still of the opinion that Schick as better lubrication that makes shaving a comfortable, safe, and painless activity.


Schick’s Hydro 7 has an anti-shock absorption feature that allows just enough contact with the skin. It automatically backs off the razor’s head and blades if it senses it is pressed firmly into the skin. Gillette’s Fusion5, meanwhile, is equipped with anti-friction blades that give the user the barely-there feel.

Gillette Fusion5 power handle (left photo) and Schick Hydro 7 shock absorb grip (right photo.)

The anti-shock absorption technology of Schick’s Hydro 7 makes shaving with it safe. If, however, you want a lighter shaving experience, you can go with Gillette’s Fusion5 instead.

Gillette Fusion5 razors’ cartridges are said to be better for a close-cut. The Fusion5 cartridges have thin and sharp blades. These cartridges give one cleaner, closer, and stronger shaves one desires with very minimal work.


Schick Hydro5, meanwhile, has a unique design of its cutting surface that helps it come into contact with the skin for a deep shave with only a few marks left. And aside from that feature from the Hydro5, there, too, is the Schick Quattro Titanium.

The Schick Quattro Titanium possesses a wire that wounds itself over the razor’s edge. This feature keeps the blades from being in direct contact with the skin. It keeps the users from nicking themselves when shaving with it.


If deep cleaning with less labor is what you’re after when it comes to razors, you should be good with Gillette’s. But if you want to shave safely but still keep some signature hair around the regularly shaved area, you can go with Schick’s razors.

A man using a Gillette Skin Guard razor for sensitive skin.

The Gillette Skin Guard 2-bladed and Schick’s Hydro 5 razors are for people with sensitive skin. Schick’s Hydro 5 razors have the Hydrate gel they secrete with every shave that keeps the skin free of rashes, redness, and bumps. Shaving with it leaves skin smooth and fresh. Aside from that, the 5 ultra-glide blades that Schick has have skin guards that cause minimal friction when used.


If you want a razor with multiple blades that still keep you from getting nicked when shaving with it, you can go with Schick’s razors.

Schick and Gillette’s blades.

Schick and Gillette’s razors are top-notch when it comes to blade quality. The former is known for accuracy in shaving with minimal labor. The latter is a crowd favorite for its super-glide feature.


Gillette and Schick’s razors withstand long-time use. Both have razors with replaceable cartridges. You can use fresh cartridges to replace worn-out ones after some time.

Which is Better?

It’s hard to tell whether Schick or Gillette has better razors. It all comes down to the kind of shaving experience one wants to have. Either way, both brands offer a good shaving experience to their users.

You may look into the similarities and differences between Gillette and Schick razors to compare. Doing so can help you find the right razor for you. You can also test the different kinds of razors both have. This way, you get to experience for yourself what, among Gillette’s and Schick’s offerings, is better.

It is not enough to read articles like this when researching if Gillette’s razors are better for you or Schick’s. It’s still best to test them out yourself.

Most indeed prefer Gillette’s. Their razors are time-tested. Time and again, they have been proven to give their users excellent shaving experiences. But you can never really know until you experience using both Gillette and Schick’s razors yourself. Try them out so you, yourself, can find the correct answer to the Schick vs Gillette debate.

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