Second Date Ideas: 15+ Irresistible Second Date Ideas

The only thing scarier than a first date is a second date. Once you move past the first date jitters, the pressure is on to get to know your new love interest. While first dates are all about getting to know the person at surface level, the second date gives you the chance to delve deeper into who they are as an individual. What are their hopes and dreams? Favorite foods? Where did they grow up? What do their parents do?

What are their talents? Hobbies? Other passions? Keep reading to discover some of the best second date ideas to impress any new romantic interest.


Sometimes the most daunting part of the second date is planning it. There are a lot of factors to consider, but by selecting one of these recommended ideas, you should be able to conjure up an idea for an unforgettable, swoon-worthy event.

However, the best advice is to select a date based off of what you learned about this person on the first date. Try to remember if they mentioned their favorite food, a love for animals, the outdoors, or gaming to give your love interest a personalized date they will remember forever.

A couple laughing while having a game date.

1.     Dominate a Local Trivia Night

A trivia night at the local bar gives you and your date the perfect opportunity to let loose, grab a drink, and show off your smarts. It’s a great choice for brainiacs. There won’t be any awkward lulls in the conversation since the two of you will be scrambling for trivia answers.

It offers prospective couples a great chance to work together towards a common goal. It’s also the perfect opportunity to show off your pop-culture prowess or adoration of ancient Greece. You’ll learn plenty about your date and leave with some invaluable trivia tidbits.

2.     See a Comedy Show

Everyone loves a good laugh, and your date is likely no exception. Nothing brings two people together like sharing a joke. Most major cities (and even some smaller ones) host stand-up comedy events. Some are even themed! You can gauge your date’s sense of humor and hopefully walk away with a few inside jokes.

Even if the comics bomb, there will still be lots to talk about at a swanky dinner after the show. Comedy shows are a great option if you’re afraid of running out of conversational topics. There won’t be much talking during the show you can loosen up with some drinks beforehand, and you can discuss some of the material you heard on stage afterward.

3.      Attend a Sporting Event

Did your date mention their love of the hometown football team? Are you an avid athlete? Do they just love ballpark hot dogs? Maybe a sporting event is the right second date for the two of you. There will be lots of conversation starters as well as plenty of action to keep both you and your date entertained.

You can also learn a little bit about your partner as a person. How do they react when their arch-rival is up in the final quarter? How do they respond when their team is run-ruling their opponents? Plus, it gives a great segue to a third date, you can ask to catch the next game with them!

4.      See a Psychic

You don’t have to believe in the supernatural to have a scary great time at a psychic reading. Palm reading and fortune tellings can make for a mystically wonderful second date. Plus, the psychic might just reveal that you two are soulmates! You don’t need a crystal ball to foresee the fun you’ll have on this unique date.

After this date, there will be plenty to talk about. Were the psychic’s guesses accurate? Does your date believe in psychic stuff anyways? What about ghosts? Or fortunetelling? This date idea opens the door for fun, compelling conversation that probably wouldn’t come up elsewhere.

Fortune teller reading hands.

5.     Visit an Animal Shelter

Did your date mention a love of puppies on their dating profile? Did they list hating dogs as a dealbreaker? A visit to the animal shelter is the perfect chance to talk to your new love interest and pet some furry friends. You can see if your potential partner is a dog or cat person and spend some quality time together.

If you’re really lucky your shelter may have birds and reptiles as well! Another benefit of an animal shelter date is that you can see how affectionate this person is by observing how they treat the animals.

6.     Try a Dance Class

Even if you have two left feet, a dance class can be a fun way to get to know each other and try something new together. It’s the perfect opportunity to let loose and not take yourself too seriously.

Your date will likely appreciate the romantic atmosphere and you will get to hone a new skill together. Most studios offer a wide variety of classes. Some popular examples are salsa, ballroom, and swing. The two of you can waltz the night away!

7.     Sample Some Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. If you are a dessert enthusiast, this is the second date for you. Every town has at least one ice cream joint, and most have a ton. The two of you can sample all the local ice cream offerings together and scour your city for the best ice cream it’s got to offer.

Happy couple eating ice cream.

You can grab and cone and go sightseeing in your community. You don’t have to limit yourself to ice cream either. Most areas have frozen custard, gelato, and shaved ice too!

8.     Try Axe-Throwing

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, axe throwing might be the perfect second date. It’s unique enough that your date might have never gone before. The two of you will likely get to share this new experience together. You’ll also get a boost of adrenaline, which experts say is good for forming bonds. If you’re not a naturally gifted axe thrower, the two of you will have something to laugh about at dinner afterward. It’s a win-win!

9.     Visit an Arcade

If your date casually mentioned their videogame pastime, they will probably fall head-over-heels for an arcade visit. It’s the perfect opportunity to chat, laugh, and most importantly, PLAY!

Work together to beat a frightening dungeon or keep your date on their toes (literally) with a game of Dance Dance Revolution. Better yet, win a souvenir at a claw machine. Some of these games offer you an opportunity to see how well you work together and walk away with some cool prizes. How many date nights can say the same?

10.     Karaoke

There’s nothing that gets your heart racing like karaoke on second date, so why not combine the two? Karaoke can be a fun, light-hearted second date. You’ll get to laugh with the other participants and sing your heart out to your favorite tunes.

If you’re nervous, you’ll also be able to grab a bit of liquid courage. You will get a chance to learn about your date’s music tastes, but more importantly, see how far out of their comfort zone they are willing to go. After this date, you two can plan your next duet!

11.     Go Mini Golfing

A mini-golf outing is a great way to see if your date has a competitive streak. A touch of flirty competition can keep the date fresh and exciting.

18 holes go by quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time for dinner afterward. It’s just plain fun, which makes it a great second-date idea. It’s also a tried-and-true date choice that your potential partner will swoon over. You can’t beat a classic!

12.     Take a Hike

Were all of your partner’s Tinder photos on a mountaintop? If so, this might be the perfect first date. You get to enjoy some beautiful scenery as well as precious one-on-one time. You can find a local hidden gem or travel to a more well-known trail. Bonus points if they have mentioned a love of the outdoors prior to this.

If you are feeling extra creative, you can bring picnic supplies and have lunch on the trail. Hiking gives the two of you time to explore each others’ interests, as well as the great outdoors. Bring a camera to snap photos of any wildlife you see on the trails or try something new like geocaching together.

13.     Visit an Amusement Park

Are you a thrill-seeker? Love the weightless feeling of roller coasters or feel queasy just thinking about it? Science shows that adrenaline can make us fall in love faster. What could give you more of an adrenaline rush than flying down a roller coaster with your date?

There’s a whole day of fun packed into an amusement park plus, plenty of delicious fair food to munch on during your visit. Who doesn’t want to split a funnel cake? This science-approved date is great for daredevils and forging great memories together.

Couple enjoying their rollercoaster ride.

14.     Head to the Bookstore

Do you love being curled up with a good book? Better yet did your date mention a lifelong love of literature? Visit a bookstore and find a book that you think your date will enjoy. You can go based off of first impressions or choose something you loved as a kid. After you get your books, you can head over to a local coffee shop and read them.

This will inspire good conversation, and your date may reach out after for another one of your book recommendations. If you are trying to save money you can always borrow the books from a local library instead of purchasing from a book store.

15.     Enjoy a Quiet Night In

Last but certainly not least we have the perfect date night for a pair of homebodies. Pick a place and cook a meal together. After dinner, the two of you can watch a movie. This atmosphere is perfect for people who want to get to know each other in a comfortable and lowkey environment. You get to show off your cooking skills and your impeccable movie taste. The best part of a night in is that you two can do whatever you want.

If you don’t want to cook, you can order take-out. Not feeling a movie? Play a board game. You know your home best, and it can be a great chance to show your date your space. Be forewarned, you will want to make sure your date is comfortable visiting your place or having you at theirs.

Should You Kiss on the Second Date?

Is the second date the right time for a kiss? Only you and your date will know. If the two of you are really hitting it off during the date, don’t be afraid to ask if they would like to kiss you. If you’re unsure about how your date is feeling, you can wait until the end of the date to go in for the kiss. If your date is making long eye contact looking at your lips or is leaning into you, it is a good sign that they want to kiss you!

If the kiss doesn’t happen on the second date (or they reject your kiss), there is no need to worry. There is no timeline for relationships and all of them move at different speeds. The date is not ruined and you can still have a great time. Just try to relax and have fun. If the mood is right for a kiss, you will know!

What Does A Second Date Mean To A Guy?

If a guy asks you on a second date, it means he’s still interested after the first one. It’s a good sign – even if things were a little awkward, you didn’t scare him off.

Unlike the nervous first date, the second date is an opportunity to have a more relaxed and fun time. You’ll be more comfortable with each other’s company, but there’s also still a lot to learn. Don’t expect fancy dinners just yet; good second date ideas include outdoorsy and daytime activities that give you a chance to talk more.

If you had a good kiss on the first date then it’s natural to expect another, but don’t push the boundaries further unless both of you are clearly ready. If the guy didn’t go for a kiss, he may just be shy, in which case he may appreciate it if you take the lead when there’s a good moment.

The 222 Rule

What is the 222 Rule? It is quite simply going on a date at least once every two weeks, going away on a weekend alone together every two months, and taking a vacation for one week every two years.

These rules are simple and can help couples to have a longer, stronger, healthier relationship. The thing is that many couples become complacent in their relationship and they tend to forget about the small things that attracted them to their significant other in the first place. You should always remember to continually try to keep the spark alive in your relationship, each of you doing your part.

If 2-2-2 does not work for you, you can adjust the numbers to suit your lifestyle, but the concept remains the same and that is to make time for one another and to make time to spend time together at least as often as once every two weeks, two months and two years.


The most important part of a second date is selecting second date ideas that show your date you paid attention to them during previous interactions. Nothing will impress your partner like showing that you took the time to think of something special for them to enjoy. Ultimately, there is little to worry about. Just have fun and enjoy yourself!

Have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or a killer second-date idea that you cannot wait to share!

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