High Socks With Shorts: How To Wear It The Right Way

Shorts and socks are the height of fashion experimentation. Shorts should only sometimes be worn with socks visible, but this fashion trend is on the rise.

So, are crew socks compatible with shorts? Crew socks can go with shorts, but only in a casual setting; avoid wearing them to formal occasions. Plain or patterned socks are okay as long as they complement the rest of the outfit. Sneakers and casual shoes work best. Do not fold or roll your socks down.

Can You Wear High Socks With Shorts?

Yes, it’s alright to pair shorts with socks, even tall socks. Shorts, especially denim shorts, are very fashionable with high socks. Everything hinges on your attire and the style you’re looking for.

7 Tips To Wear Crew Socks With Socks

1.     Do an experiment

There is much room for experimentation with the socks and the shorts because of how contentious wearing shorts with crew socks is. For instance, if you’re daring and want your socks to make a statement, you can wear feature socks with shorts. However, staying consistent with color, patterns, and designs on your outfit is imperative if you choose feature socks.

As a result, you should refrain from using them on the remainder of your clothing. This will keep your outfit looking wonderful while allowing your feature socks to stand out and make a statement.

Additionally, the contrast between your feature socks and the rest of your outfit’s minimalist style makes them stand out even more. This is acceptable in a very informal setting, but you shouldn’t wear this clothing anywhere.

Young man stands against a black wall wearing denim shorts.

Trying out several shorts styles is another method to experiment with your ensemble. Although chinos are the preferred shorts, denim shorts can also look excellent, despite being a little debatable. Crew socks should always be paired with primarily white sneakers when worn with denim shorts.

2.     Choose The right shoes

It’s crucial to consider your purpose while choosing the right shoe style for every outfit. Is it to make your business more fashionable? Is it because you have to dress up because you’re going to a formal event?

Shorts and crew socks should be avoided if dressing for a formal occasion, and shoes like Oxfords, Derbys, and Dress shoes are typical since there would be too much difference between formal and informal apparel.

You should always wear casual shoes with crew socks and shorts, stylish or simplistic. Crew socks are best with sneakers since they are hip, easygoing, and often have lots of personalities.

Crew socks and shorts go great with high-top sneakers, a version of the classic sneaker where the shoe barely covers the wearer’s ankle. Because high-top sneakers have higher height, the length of unrolled and unfolded crew socks is more proportionate to the boots, lowering the chance of an unpleasant appearance.

Conversely, low-top or regular shoes can also look fantastic with crew socks. Your socks can be worn as a fashion statement because they are more visible than high-top sneakers. Avoid donning patterned socks with brightly colored shoes by keeping one simple (such as white crew socks or low-top sneakers) and making a fashion statement with the other (like colored, high-top sneakers or patterned crew socks).

3.     Think about shorts-style ideas

There are many various kinds of shorts. Therefore it’s critical to know which are most suited for which situations. The sort of shorts you wear when wearing crew socks is essential. Contrary to popular belief, wearing shorts has different levels of formality. Even though shorts are often considered to be casual clothing, there are different levels of informality for other shorts.

Although there are many different kinds of shorts, they can generally be divided into six varieties. These include sports, chino, board, cargo, denim, and checkered shorts. Each has its qualities and circumstances in which it would be appropriate.

Young man in a fashionable summer T-shirt in chino shorts.

The finest shorts to wear when combining crew socks with shorts are chino shorts. Chino shorts, arguably the most formal shorts type, are suitable in most circumstances. Chinos and shorts strike a good balance between being smart-casual and casually cool.

Additionally, since chino shorts are nearly always one color, there is more freedom in choosing the design of your socks and shoes. As long as your socks and shoes are plain, without any patterns or vibrant colors, plaid and denim shorts are also acceptable.

Denim and plaid shorts should not be worn with other patterned clothing, especially crew socks, due to their texture and pattern.

4.     Socks length matters

Crew socks often range in length from the ankle to the mid-calf. Because of this variance, picking the right length of crew socks to go with your outfit might take a lot of work. Because of this, it’s crucial to know what sock size to wear with shorts.

Choose longer socks if you want to give your ensemble a little flair. Mid-calf-length socks will make them stick out and attract attention. This works particularly well if your shoes, shorts, and socks are all the same color.

Shorter-length socks are advised if you prefer to dress more simply when wearing crew socks with shorts. The shortest crew socks offered are normally ankle-length, and they go well with shorts.

Additionally, shorter socks will help you stay cooler than longer ones, which is significant when wearing shorts because you’re probably wearing them to keep cool. No matter how long your socks are, it would help never to roll or fold them down because it can seem awkward.

5.     Consider the color of the socks

Another crucial aspect to consider is the color or pattern of your socks. Making the wrong color or pattern choice for your accessories can ruin the effect. There are a few rules to follow while donning crew socks with shorts; it must be done correctly because it is such a divisive look.

If you’re wearing colored or patterned shoes or shorts, you should generally wear plain-colored socks. This is due to the possibility of looking excessive while wearing a lot of different colors and patterns at once.

If your shoes and shorts aren’t extremely vibrant or patterned, you can wear colored or patterned socks. Make sure your socks have a moderately subtle pattern that doesn’t go crazy if you want this look to shine.

Man putting on stylish socks.

Similarly, the light hues of colorful socks look the finest. Bright colors can still be a wise choice, though, if you’re feeling brave. To make this outfit seem excellent, you must strike the correct balance among the three pieces of clothing—your crew socks, shoes, and shorts.

6.     Keep it simple and unique

Shorts are typically too informal for a formal function, making them inappropriate. Additionally, it is customary for socks to be covered at formal gatherings.

As a result, wearing crew socks with shorts on anything other than a casual occasion is inappropriate. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that you wear this style only to entirely informal events and follow this rule.

Such experimentation might involve wearing socks with patterns or features, varied sock lengths, and diverse shoe designs. Exceptions can be made if the item is required for a uniform or if you’re in a tropical region where it’s too hot to wear anything else.

7.     Have some socks inspiration

It’s difficult to ignore a trend when celebrities embrace it. Even today’s most prominent fashion celebrities use crew socks; Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale, and Kristen Stewart have all been spotted wearing them.

Crew socks are frequently worn with loungewear, but they go well with a wide range of fashions, whether you’re wearing a maxi dress or shorts. They will keep your ankles toasty while adding a more casual touch to this traditional, professional style.


The most popular and adaptable sock length is, without a doubt, the crew length. Crew socks are a comfortable intermediate option between the short and sweet ankle sock and the skyscraping knee sock since they are worn around the mid-calf region of the lower leg.

To pull off the crew socks with sneakers look, you don’t need to be a professional athlete. One can wear the socks and sneakers trend in various ways to suit their unique style and preferences while prioritizing comfort and utility.

With your newly acquired crew sock knowledge, you are more than prepared to join the excellent crew as a full-fledged member.

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