How To Tell If A Girl Doesn’t Like You? 15 Clear Signs

If a girl or woman likes you, she will show this through her body language and by how much she interacts with you. One of the most obvious signs that someone is attracted to another person would be when they get close to them, whether it’s standing next to them in line at Starbucks or sitting right next to them on an airplane flight.

The closer two people are together, the more likely one of these parties has some level of attraction for the other party. Signs she doesn’t like you will automatically show you she has no interest in you.

15 Signs She Doesn’t Like You

1.     She Ignores You When You Are Talking To Her

She has no interest in hearing about your life. She would rather be sitting on her phone than talking to you. She never laughs during your conversations with her, even if you make a joke that’s supposed to be funny. If she doesn’t want to talk to you or hang out with you, she is not going to try to convince herself that she is attracted to someone she isn’t because it would only make her feel weird doing so.

Girlfriend talking on phone beside an upset boyfriend.

If a girl doesn’t even want to be friends with you, she doesn’t like you. If she ignores you when you’re trying to talk to her, it means that there isn’t mutual attraction between the two of you at all.

2.     She Makes Excuses Every Time You Try To Hang Out With Her

Girls make excuses like “there’s something wrong with my hair” or “I have too much homework” if they can’t make plans with their boyfriend or significant other. If she goes out of her way to say that she has no date planned on a Friday night, then it’s safe to assume that this girl is not interested in spending time with you.

If she has an excuse as to why your relationship is still going on, then it will definitely stay the same in the long run as well because chances are if this girl doesn’t want to be with you, then there’s no real reason for them to continue being together.

3.     She Never Wants To Spend Time With You

When two people don’t like each other very much in real life and remain friends for years without any progress towards getting together and dating each other, it means that neither party actually likes each other all that much.

Some people will stay friends with a person who doesn’t like them in hopes that they might eventually change their minds and start liking them. However, some people will just be friends with someone out of obligation. If a girl isn’t interested in hanging out or being around you for any length of time, then she isn’t interested in being with you.

While this is more common among teenage girls, it’s still important to note that no girl wants to spend time by herself when she doesn’t want to be around anyone but her girlfriends.

If a girl is hanging around her other female friends because she’s not into your guy friend, then she may have interest in you as well if things go that way; however, if she is only doing so because there are no other single guys around her, then there’s nothing special about you that would make her want to spend time by yourself.

4.     She Makes A Point Of Not Sitting Next To You

lt’s a no-brainer that you want to sit next to somebody. If you’re with a girl, she’s most likely sitting next to you so she can talk and flirt with you. However, if she makes a point of not sitting next to you, that means she doesn’t want to be around you.

When girls feel the urge to chat up guys or hook up with them, they usually do it when nobody else is around because they know that nobody else is watching them and there are no nosy onlookers who will run up and ruin their fun. Girls like the excitement of trying things and testing out new scenarios in which they can play out their scenarios with different guys.

Couple sitting away from each other.

If a girl like this is around, then odds are that guy isn’t into her as much as he might be into other girls who aren’t always hanging off other guys’ arms because of how much attention they give these other guys when they’re around them.

5.     She Is Always Rude To You

She is always on your case and does not try to make things better even when you are being nice. If someone is always mean to you, they do not like you.

6.     She Tries To Close Off Her Emotions

She constantly makes things seem like they are better than they are, or refuses to talk about something that is bothering her. This person does not want their feelings touched and if you do touch them, she will become upset and angry or will shut down completely.

7.     She Is “Cool” About The Situation But Clearly Is Sad Inside

If a girl acts like everything is okay when in fact it isn’t, she does not like you! She has become so used to playing this game with men that she no longer cares if she loses or gains anything as long as she gets a man into bed and out of her house some time soon!

A girl who lies on purpose to get people into bed has no respect for them at all and will jeopardize anything they try to build with a girl over time emotionally because she has no respect for them whatsoever!

8.     She Avoids Eye Contact Altogether

This means the worse thing in the world! It shows that this person can’t stand being near someone they don’t want to be near AT ALL! Again, if a woman who likes you stares at your eyes when talking to you, she likes you!

Smiling couple looking at each other while enjoying coffee.

9.     She Is No Fun To Be Around

She is not very friendly, even when you are doing something that they like or want to do. She won’t go out of her way to help anyone and will make comments whenever something bad happens or when you don’t do something she wants. If she refuses to be social with you and won’t even try, that girl doesn’t like you at all!

If a girl doesn’t try to have fun with others, does not go out of her way for others, and makes rude comments about others often enough for it to become annoying for them, then there is no possibility of the girl liking you!

10.     You Feel The Pressure From Her Parents To Date Her

You are pressured if you are still in high school or college because she will get married early and get pregnant by the time she’s 18 if you don’t start dating now. This means this person does not want anything serious with anyone right now!

11.     She Tells Stories About How Abusive/Cruel/Oppressive Her Exes Were

She tells this even though they were not abusive with her at all while they were together except in a sense of control. If a girl lies about how bad someone was during their relationship it’s because she knows she was the abuser in the relationship, but she is doing this to make herself look better and more “passive” to catch your attention.

12.     She Is Extremely Jealous Of Other Women You Are Close To

She gets jealous of the amount of time you spend with them. If a girl gets jealous over the amount of time you spend with other people, chances are, their not really interested in you and more about controlling your actions.

13.     She Has A Severe Dislike For Strong Independent Women

If a girl has an obvious dislike for strong independent women chances are she didn’t like her ex because he was one and it’s insecurity she has about herself that grows from that experience with him.

14.     She is Insecure

Worries insecure young woman on city street.

She is an extremely fat girl or a girl who acts like one or is overly concerned with how they look while they’re around you which would make her not attractive to most guys.

15.     She Does Not Commit

You ask her out but she says no several times so then when you finally ask her again she says yes, but then never plans on doing it which is not keeping up their word by just saying yes. So that’s why they said no in the first place as well as to control your actions and make sure you don’t do anything too impulsive. It tells you they want attention but don’t like you enough to give it.

Signs She Likes You

When a woman likes you, it is the time to show your interest in her. If you don’t, she will move on and find someone else who does. This may not be a perfect formula for every woman but there are some general guidelines that all women follow when it comes to guys they like, or might want more from if given the chance.

One thing that stands out about how girls like guys are their vulnerability around them. Girls feel safe with people of lower status than themselves because these types of men won’t put up any resistance even if she ditches them at a later date, so this means he has everything invested into getting something from her which makes him easy prey.

She won’t follow you on social media, or won’t respond to your messages This can be a sign of either one of two things: First, she simply doesn’t want to get attached to you at all or she is repulsed by the thought of liking you.

She has dropped you

This is a common occurrence if she likes you but doesn’t want the baggage of being involved with someone who is less attractive than her so she makes sure he knows that now by ditching him once he gets too close or sees something in him that he liked.

She disappears for long periods of time

This means she’s either shy about being your friend, or not ready for you to see her as more than that. The longer she spends away from you, the more likely it is that it’s the former and not the latter.

Friends talking over a lunch date.

Body Language and Behavior

When you want to know if a woman likes you, there are some subtle signs to look for. You should pay attention to her body language and also how she speaks with other people.

If she seems interested in your opinions or talks about things related to who you are as an individual, then chances are that the girl is attracted to what she sees of yourself so far and wants more time with it by getting closer through conversation.

But If You Want To Keep Her

Do not initiate a conversation with her for at least one month after the date you met her. A man says to himself that he must approach the girl but really thinks only of what will be a failure because she probably left to a friend, despite his feeling still alive. Well, this is what does not work. Take a position of absolute submission towards her and wait for her to request if she comes.

Do not forget also one tip in order to make the difference between someone who wants something and you want something: do not visit someone just at random. You can read from your mirror all the conversations she will maintain with you to determine who she serves or does not serve you economically.

It is true that there is a girl who always influences and encourages men. Like females think that a potential boyfriend who leaves her attracted, charming and trying substances by inviting him to the coffee shop will be the most interesting person ever met in their lives throughout his life.

But they forget they turn into objects like beads, which only last one day after detachment because it is clear that relationships have to have meaning, especially so real as love ones and economic means cannot exist together without consequent meaning wrapped around it due to lack of sexuality which takes place quickly before it loses speed .

How to Love Someone

For a woman to be in love she has to be happy, free from doubt and anxiety, peaceful with herself. A woman can’t love someone else when she doesn’t even know who she is or what exactly it was that made her unhappy in the first place. One cannot give of oneself if one does not have themselves- therefore a woman needs time to get acquainted with herself before opening up their heart again.

What the woman belonging to the above mentioned is giving and loving to her is not just her personal integrity and essence but all her dark inner world that she is unable to express out of fear or sadness. If a woman wants to love someone, then how can she accomplish this if she doesn’t first love herself.

For this reason, women nowadays need a lot of time and space to start loving themselves again to get rid of these negative beliefs about oneself. I find it more practical that women don’t open up about their true selves but uses an indirect manner for expressing themselves.

The truth has many aspects therefore don’t attribute the faults found on other people to the one who loves them the most- yourself. Always try and analyze who are in a very pleasant manner, even if they are unpleasant. Try to maintain your inner self as self-centered at all times but be able to see things objectively and without any prejudice.

Having the knowledge of what is best for your own well being is indispensable in order to love someone from thirty million miles away just like you love them only from one foot away. Whether the other person involves a situation those truths that hold within you, bits and pieces of knowledge that you may have never discovered on your own ever.

So if we want to be loving on a whole we don’t need to know all that much anything at all. Just have the attitude already and all will take care of itself. Love can only be fulfilled when you trust yourself and know who you are and what you should stay or go. So together with these truths the key to happiness and appreciation of who you are exists.

If a person intends to pass the time on hitting random overdrive, does not stop at all but just goes on making random mistakes then one will never get anywhere in life. Living only for the moment and for this modern time schedule we never think ahead about ourselves and we always rush ahead, trying to get too many things done so as to be a perpetual guest at the busy body’s bash because of what one thought was going to happen whether it actually did or not.

And if at least someone is there all they want is everything that can possibly go wrong so as just to make their selfishness visible. Totally devoted only aimed at catching something, like that one incident that would let them forget everything else happening.

What Do You Do If A Girl Doesn’t Like You

It’s tough playing the field when you’re a guy – not knowing exactly how to approach a girl, how to come across, or what to say. It can turn into pure agony and be one of the most difficult things about being male.

Man wants to kiss a woman who doesn’t like him.
  1. First of all, realize that not every girl you approach is going to be into you. Just because you want her to be, doesn’t make it so. Take this as a challenge and move on with your life.
  2. Don’t give up! Remember, most women only date one or two guys throughout high school and college. Don’t wait around for a girl that doesn’t appreciate what you have to offer her. You will run out of time before she notices the spark in your personality.
  3. Move on! In the end, what do if a girl doesn’t like you? Go after someone else.
  4. You know how to flirt…flirt! If she’s going to turn you down, she’ll turn you down now. Everyone enjoys flirting, so go ahead and do it!
  5. Don’t worry, there is plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t settle for the one that won’t take your bait. She does not deserve your time or attention.

When Should You Back Off A Girl?

It’s a question that many men find themselves asking, especially when they’re interested in someone and don’t want to risk losing their chance with her. So, how do you know when it’s time to back off?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the timing will vary depending on the situation and the girl in question. However, there are a few general guidelines you can follow to help you make the decision.

Woman signaling to back off from her.
  • If the girl is clearly not interested in you, or if she’s made it clear that she’s not interested, it’s time to back off. Trying to pursue her further will only lead to rejection and heartache, so it’s best to move on.
  • If the girl is already involved with someone else, you should back off. It’s not fair to pursue a woman who’s already in a relationship, and you’re likely to get hurt if you do.
  • If the girl is new to you, give her some space. When you first meet someone, it’s best to take things slow and let her get to know you first. Trying to move too fast can be a big turnoff, so back off and let her take the lead.

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to back off, err on the side of caution and give her some space.


Learning what to do if a girl doesn’t like you can be rewarding and help you avoid a lot of pain. If she’s not feeling it, either she doesn’t know you well enough or she just isn’t that interested. You’ll never know until you try, so go ahead and take the plunge!

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