How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It?

Have you ever had a man in your life whose feelings towards you are a cryptic mystery? Or maybe you have that one male friend who’s always acting strange whenever you’re around?

Whether it’s one or the other, we’ve all experienced this confusing dilemma at least once in our life. However, believe it or not, there are many ways to determine the truth of a man’s feelings based on signs that he likes you but is hiding it.

Signs A Guy Likes You

Although it might not be apparent initially, you sometimes need to look for the signs to assess the situation accurately.

1.     He always wants to be with you

If a man sees you as more than just a friend, he’s probably the type to always stay close to you regardless of the situation. Maybe he always likes to tag along whenever you’re out for a walk or strolling around a mall.

If a man you know does this, it may signify that he sees you as more than just a friend, even if it’s just secretly. Because he has yet to confess to his true feelings, he’ll want to stay by your side as discreetly as possible.

A young man and woman enjoying a conversation on the city streets.

2.     He shares what happens in his life

Regardless of gender, we all like to share special events in our life with the people we love. If we genuinely like someone, we’ll tell them what made us laugh on a specific day or what we found interesting so that we can establish a special connection with them.

Men also do this subconsciously to gauge how much their crush is interested in them. If they listen intently, it might be a sign that their special someone is also interested in them.

3.     He formulates excuses to hang out

As mentioned, a man who has a crush on you will always think of ways to get closer to you regardless of how silly the reason is. Aside from tagging along with you to your errands, someone who secretly likes you will also constantly ask you to hang out with them at their gatherings.

For instance, he might invite you to an unexpected party or spontaneous date without stating his actual reasons for wanting to hang out with you.

4.    He gives you gifts

For men whose love language is receiving gifts, this might also be how he’ll try to approach you to make his feelings known. Maybe he’ll suddenly tell you he has an extra chocolate bar or a leftover bouquet he meant to give someone else.

Since receiving gifts is what makes him feel loved, a man will shower you with unique presents to also let you know how they feel. Regardless of the reason, a man who is “just a friend” but is constantly giving you special gifts may be expressing something romantic.

5.    He tries to make you laugh

If you are unsure of a man’s feelings towards you, he’s most likely too shy to admit it. Maybe they want to tell you but are just having difficulty. This is especially true if men don’t feel any reciprocation for their feelings.

A woman laughing while at the cafe.

If that’s the case, he’ll attempt to make you smile in other ways. As the saying goes, a man’s personality can hold more weight than his looks. If he can make you laugh, he’ll probably see this as an achievement since he could make his special someone happy.

6.    He makes an effort to get to know you

Those who want to get closer to us will always try to find their way to our hearts by knowing the little details that make us who we are. For instance, a man who secretly likes you might try to find your favorite color or sweet.

When he finds out, this will be information that he’ll use later to put an unexpected smile on your face when you need it. Since men are innately competitive, this is also how they try to brandish themselves as “the correct choice,” since women will likely prefer the guy who cares for them the most.

7.    He makes his presence known

As psychology states, our personalities often do a complete 180 whenever we are near someone we like. For shy men, a sudden confidence boost will probably occur when they are in a room with someone they are crushing on.

Maybe he’ll suddenly start being the life of the party, telling jokes and making everyone laugh. Nevertheless, when their crush disappears from view, they revert to normal as if nothing had happened.

8.    He is always there for you

For the people they love, there is no excuse for men not to attempt the impossible at their special someone’s request. In other words, even if they have to cancel an important appointment they have to attend, a man who likes you will always be there to prove his genuine feelings.

It could be something as minor as going with you to a doctor’s appointment or an unexpected event. Regardless of the reason, they will surely make ends meet to come for you if their love is genuine.

9.    He teases you

For the men who never grew out of their childish but genuine expressions of love, teasing may be one of the prime ways you can tell if a man is interested in you.

Teasing out of the act of love is especially true if the topic revolves around something that only the two of you share, such as an inside joke. This act is not only entertaining but also establishes a distinctive connection.

10. He’s always stealing glances at you

When a man is interested in a woman, they’ll most likely want to be aware of their every move.

A man looking at a woman.

Perhaps you’ll catch your male friend glancing at you sometimes while thinking you can’t tell. If you find a man you think is interested in you and they often steal glances your way, it might be because he finds you appealing.

11. He is always looking for you

Whenever you’re not present at a party or take a leave from work, a man who has a crush on you will always be asking what happened to you or where you currently are.

When men ask for you, it means that they immediately notice your absence out of a constant habit of glancing at you. Affirming that you are somewhere safe and sound also shows how genuine your male friend likes and cares for you.


Finding out a man’s genuine feelings for someone he likes may be a shot in the dark for some, but it sure is not impossible. Although some men are more secretive than others, there will always be signs pointing to the answer you may be looking for.

From something as small as being asked out to spontaneous dates to suddenly having a personality change whenever you enter a room, there are various signs you can look out for to get ahead in the game.

Who knows? Maybe that guy you’re crushing on also likes you back.

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