Is He Falling In Love With Me? Here’s How You Can Tell

It is almost impossible to decipher what the average man is feeling at any given time. You want to learn to read the signs of a serious relationship because you are tired of getting hurt by romantic encounters that do not work out.

The signs that a man is falling in love with you are usually pretty clear, but if you have had confusing relationships in the past, you may be worried that he is leading you on. What are the signs he’s falling for you? How do you know if he really loves you or if he is content keeping things casual? Keep reading to find out!

10 Signs He’s Falling For You

The man that you are currently dating may not be passing you love notes the way your fourth-grade crush did, but he could be trying to tell you that he’s falling in love with you. Here are ten signs to watch out for.

1.     He starts to discuss the future with you

This is one of the first signs that he’s falling for you. When a man isn’t seriously interested in fully committing to a relationship, he isn’t going to take the time to talk with you about the future you two could have together. It might start with something small like planning a vacation that won’t happen for a few months.

Young couple talking by the streets.

When a man starts to discuss his future plans for a house, marriage, and children, then you know that he is in love with you and can’t imagine a future that you are not in. His use of language will also change. If he sees you as just a friend or a casual date, the way he talks about his plans for the future will not include you. However, when you start hearing him using “we” more than “I”, it means that he sees the two of you as a pair.

2.     He drops hints about his feelings

A man’s feelings can be a mystery, but you do not need to be a detective to figure them out. A lot of men are not going to tell you about their feelings right away. This does not mean that they are not interested in you. Many men are not good at expressing their emotions. Some men were raised to think that talking about their feelings isn’t a manly thing to do.

Unfortunately, this makes it hard for them to tell a woman they are falling in love with them. Instead, he may talk in a way that makes you feel like you are important to him. He may let you know that he is thinking of you every day or tell you how much he misses you when you don’t see each other. Sometimes, you have to learn how to read between the lines.

3.     He tries his best to make you happy

Another very common sign that a man is falling in love with you is that he makes an effort to bring you as much happiness as he possibly can. If he goes out of his way to put a smile on your face or if he enjoys making you laugh, then he’s probably falling for you. As mentioned above, many men will express the way that they feel through how they act around you instead of simply telling you.

For example, he may pick up your favorite meal without you asking for it or buy you a gift that you’ve been wanting without waiting on a special occasion. If he’s trying really hard to make you happy, then you can be sure that you are very special to him.

Lust is selfish, but love is not. When a man is in love, your happiness makes him happy. When a man is falling in love, he will often take part in activities that he does not enjoy just to show you that he supports the things you care about. If he takes time to do things he doesn’t care about to make you happy, that is a good sign that he is falling in love with you.

He also won’t be able to stand for you to be sad and will go out of his way to turn a bad day into a good one. He might even come up with ridiculous jokes just to make you laugh. Making your happiness his priority does not always mean that he will put you above every other thing in his life. It simply means that your happiness is just as important to him as his own.

4.     He can’t stop looking at you

It had been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is especially true for a man in love! When a man is falling for a woman, he cannot take his eyes off her. Men tend to be visual people, so when they are with the woman they love, they cannot help but stare!

If you notice or meet his eyes back with yours, he might look away if he isn’t ready to have a conversation about the status of your relationship yet. If you find that the man you are dating can’t take his eyes off you, it could be a sign that he is falling hard. Even when you are in a crowded space, he will find a way to only look at you. The way he looks at you may also get more intense as the relationship continues to grow and change.

5.     He spends a lot of time with you

Even the busiest man is able to find time for the woman he loves. If he takes time to talk to you and to spend time with you. that is a clue that he is falling for you. He might call or text you daily despite his hectic schedule or make plans to stop by your house every day after work. These are definite signs that he is looking for more than just a causal relationship.

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His free time is likely very precious to him, so if he consistently gives some of it to you, you are close to his heart! Keep in mind that it is not healthy for either of you to skip other commitments just to spend time together. You both should keep your own friends and hobbies.

However, if he makes space for you in his day-to-day life, it means you matter to him. When a man is in love, he will never be too busy for you. If he keeps making excuses as to why he can’t spend time with you or even take a few seconds to send a text, then he isn’t serious about the relationship.

6.     He offers his total honesty

If a man has a loving and considerate heart, he will offer up complete honesty. A man who is falling in love will not lie to you. Instead, it will be easy for him to always tell you the truth because he does not want to hurt you. He will want to build a relationship based on honesty with you.

Offering total honesty also means that he will tell you if you do something that hurts his feelings or your relationships. A man who wants to keep you around for a very long time will not keep quiet when things aren’t going as planned because he will want the two of you to work together to fix them.

Constant disagreements may indicate a lack of compatibility, but there will be a few road bumps in even the healthiest relationship. When he’s falling in love with you, he won’t think these disagreements are too much of a hassle. He’ll want to know how you feel and he’ll also tell you how he feels.

7.     He can’t stop touching you

Initiating physical touch is often a clear sign that a man is interested. If you are dating someone that takes every opportunity to put his hands on you, he is likely falling for you. Look out for small touches on your shoulder or arm. For instance, if he gently grabs your hand to look at your newly painted nails or if he lightly grazes your lower back when you go through a door before him, he is into you.

A man may make these little touches seem accidental, but he really wants to be near you. He might even plan date locations like a bowling alley or a pool hall in order to have an excuse to touch you without it being creepy. If he wants to hold your hand or kiss your cheek in public, that is also a sign that he’s falling for you.

8.     He is loyal to you

Loyalty is an extremely important part of any serious relationship. When he’s falling in love with you, he will end casual sexual relationships with other women and ignore women who try to hit on him. However, it does not stop there. He will also defend you if someone says something negative about you.

When you are spending time with your boyfriend and he is willing to shut out the world around him to focus on you, then you know that you have his loyalty and attention.

9.     He wants you to meet his family and close friends

This is a huge sign that your relationship is starting to progress into something more serious. In most cases, he will not start introducing you to the other important people in his life until he knows that he is serious about having you in his future.

Family and friends sitting at a dining table.

He is introducing you to his family because he wants to see what his loved ones think of you and how you fit into his family. If he genuinely wants you to be part of his life, he’ll want to get you involved in family activities and gatherings.

10.     He says, “I love you”

Men tend to fall in love differently than women do. A lot of women spend their whole lives excited to find the person they will fall in love with. On the other hand, a lot of men are frightened of falling in love. When he says the words. “I love you”, he probably means it.

How Does A Man Act When He’s Falling In Love?

A man who is falling in love will start to act differently. He might smile and laugh more when you are around. He may even fidget and have trouble sitting still in a chair because he is nervous that he might make a mistake that affects what you think about him.

As a man becomes more comfortable with you, he will start to let down his guard and be himself around you. He may also start to tell anyone who will listen how wonderful you are! When a man is falling for you, his thoughts and actions become focused on you.

How Do You Know If A Guy Has Strong Feelings For You?

Men can be very reluctant to talk about their feelings. When a man has strong feelings for you, he may start to soften up emotionally. He will be more willing to share his emotions and he will listen to your feelings as well. He will try his best to keep you happy. He will treat you like you are special and he will make you a priority in his life.

When a man has strong feelings for you, he will want you to feel safe around him. There will be no need to force the relationship to move along because it will flow and strengthen naturally. Most of all, he will work to make sure that he does not hurt your feelings.

How To Tell If A Man Is Falling In Love With You Secretly?

Many times in my life I have seen women not even realize that a man is falling in love with them. The most obvious and universal way to tell if a man is falling in love with you is if he wants you to listen to music that he likes, or has chosen especially for her. These days, that might mean making a Spotify playlist, downloading music to give to her, asking her to a concert, or just asking her to listen and give a reaction to some specific music.

In the old days, whenever a guy made a mix tape and gave it to a girl, that was a clear, blazing sign that he had a crush on her. It is funny how many times I have talked to women who never realized this – even though a man-made and gave them a collection of music, they never perceived that he had a thing for her.

How Long Does It Take For A Man To Fall In Love?

Growing up in a broken home in a small town, I did not want to get attached. Even after escaping to a big city, I had nightmares about being married – somehow trapped into marriage, winning a wife I could not refuse in a lottery and other ridiculous scenarios. I would wake up frantic, sweating in fear.

Despite having what I thought were real love affairs, I planned to be thirty-five before considering marriage. When I was thirty-two, I met a girl who was perfect for me. It was love at first sight and from the first words she spoke.

That night, I joked about our honeymoon plans. On our third date, she said she only wanted to date men who would consider getting serious. I misheard her, thought she said she did not want to date unless I was serious. I slept on it. The next day to her surprise I said I would marry her. She is now my wife of thirty years.

What Makes A Man Fall Deeply In Love With A Woman?

For a man to fall deeply in love with a woman, he must see her as having many different qualities all coming together at once. Missing just one important aspect can break the magic that is falling fully in love. Of course, physical chemistry and good looks help a lot.

A woman exudes confidence while sitting at her desk.

In truth, men may not admit it, but they have “types” they prefer – short or tall, light or dark skin or hair, eye color, a scent, etc. Confidence, along with a fashion sense, self-care and the right amount (not too much) of makeup makes more difference in sex appeal than men even know.

For deep love, ultimately, a woman’s mind, heart, and character are the most important attractions. Intelligence is the biggest key, being smart and flexible opens up the door to a much larger, more fun, and less boring world together.

A loving heart is essential to feeling like a woman will not destroy a man who gives her his heart. Character is the final requirement. A man wants his woman to have strong morals and ethics, compatible with his, that will never shame him.


After reading through all of the signs above, you probably have a better handle on what your man’s feelings are towards you. Remember not to go by these signs. Do not forget to also listen to what your gut feelings say. If you still have questions, don’t forget to leave a comment!

When a man is falling for you, there will be some sure signs! If he makes you happy, can’t keep his eyes or hands off you, and truly cares about your future, it is likely that he is in love with you.

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