Superstars vs Stan Smith: What’s The Difference?

Adidas is a great place to start if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers. This well-known brand has provided us with excellent footwear ideal for many different occasions for many years.

We’re looking at two icons in comparing the Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith today.

What Are The Differences Between Stan Smith And Superstar?

1.    Materials

Both alternatives were originally high-quality, long-lasting footwear made entirely of leather. Sadly, competitors like Stan Smith still use a combination of leather and synthetic materials. Both still have rubber outsoles and sewed seams, which provide them some traction on various surfaces.

Adidas Boost technology is seen in more recent Stan Smith and Superstar iterations. The modern running shoe has undergone a slight revolution thanks to this inventive idea. There are microscopic air pockets surrounded by thermoplastic polyurethane particles that expand to form closed cells.

Compared to other materials like gel pads or EVA foam, the energy return produced by boost technology is substantially higher. As a result, you will stride with minimal power loss. With Stan Smith, Adidas hit the right note by incorporating a sole resembling the Pure Boost line.

Model wearing a pair of Stan Smith.

A full-length Boost sole is used here, giving the sneaker a sleek appearance and significantly improving comfort. Although Boost technology is excellent, Adidas’s use in the Superstar feels needless.

According to critics, it takes away from the simplicity of its appearance and generally looks and feels a little weird.

2.    Stan Smith Vs Superstar Sizing

The two sizes differ somewhat. They used to run large, so you need to size them down. The more recent iterations of Superstar, though, have evolved. It fits more closely, indicating that you must size to attain the proper fit.

Some people think the rubber toe cap is to blame for the closer fit. If you go on the Stan Smith, be careful to size down because it still runs large. We have a detailed tutorial on discovering the right size for you and how Adidas shoes fit.

3.    Design

One may contend that Stan Smith and Superstar resemble each other in appearance. They do, however, have differences because they come from different eras. In comparison to the Superstar, the Stan Smith shoe is relatively straightforward.

Its absence of the iconic three stripes on most Adidas shoes makes it distinctive. Instead, where the lines should be, there are perforations. The image of Stan Smith on the tongue is another unique characteristic.

The original layout is still straightforward and uses only two colors. Later variants, however, come in a variety of colors, including various shades of yellow, black, and blue. It has a tight suede heel cup with the Stan Smith name and Adidas badge.

You have the leather upper of the Superstar with the three recognizable stripes and the Adidas emblem on the tongue. The rubber toe cap is located at the front and is typically white in all color variations.

Adidas Superstar in camouflage variant.

In contrast to Stan Smiths, the Superstar comes in various hues and materials. Everything from burgundy to scale-like black and camouflage is available. Instead of the basketball floor, Adidas aims it at the fashion world.

4.    Comfortability

If you choose the proper size, both shoes function admirably in terms of comfort. Both boots have comfortable leather uppers that perfectly enclose and support the foot. They move with you because there is a small amount of give in them.

Both rubber outsoles have cups or bumps for grip and are comfortable. These have some flexibility and provide some stress absorption. You should think again if you have wide feet because the Superstar runs narrower than before. Always measure your feet beforehand, and abide by Adidas’ instructions.

5.    Versatility

Versatility is a specific keyword used when looking for these two models. Each adopts a simplistic look, making them simple to match practically anything for any occasion. They look fantastic with casual and dressy outfits and are perfect for everyday wear.

6.    Value For Price

The fact that the Stan Smiths are reasonably priced is enjoyable. The sneakers have a retail price of just $85, which is reasonable. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Stan Smith regarding value.

There are numerous more expensive white sneakers available. Purchasing the Stan Smith to use as your daily sneakers is quite acceptable. They won’t just perform the work; they also look good.

Woman in the shop to buy shoes.

Considering how legendary and timeless the Adidas Superstar shoes are, we occasionally like to be grateful that they cost only $85 each. However, the durability aspect is what we value more than the shoe’s aesthetics.

The boots are made with enduring materials, including premium leather, rubber, and traditional shell toes. Adidas Superstars can last for well over five years. Additionally, because the shell toes and midsoles can be easily bleached, you may wear the Adidas Superstar sneakers with confidence and less fear.

Are Adidas Superstars Good Quality?

This modest low-top basketball shoe may appear straightforward, yet it has drastically changed both on and off the court. The Superstar, now in its 50th year, is widely recognized as having been a spark for sneaker culture, and the early adopters of hip-hop style have further added to its iconic reputation.

The Superstar’s ongoing popularity comes from its ability to be straightforward, almost minimalistic, without being monotonous or lacking in personality. It’s distinctive without being intrusive, which is advantageous in terms of adaptability. It’s a good option for everyday wear and one of the few shoes that improves with time.

Why Are Adidas Superstars So Famous?

These well-known individuals propelled sneakers from the realm of sports to the streets. The Superstar has endured in popularity over time, partly due to how simple it is to wear.

Although it may have started as an athletic shoe, it does not resemble a basketball sneaker by today’s standards. Furthermore, they’ll look great in any type of clothing, including work attire, athleisure, and sports performance gear.

The fundamental design of the sneaker has stayed the same, but Adidas has released new colorways over time, so you can always find a pair that matches your style. Additionally, this timeless shoe is now a crucial component of Adidas’ environmental mission.

Some Superstar iterations use materials created from production waste fragments that were later processed into materials. In general, employing recycled materials is a more environmentally friendly method of making shoes (and reducing their carbon footprint).

It’s an iconic shoe that has maintained the style characteristics that have distinguished it while continuing to develop into a shoe for all seasons and all situations.


Two iconic sneakers, the Adidas Superstar and the Stan Smith are hard to decide between. Both of these models have influenced pop culture by being worn on the feet of some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

But because they are inexpensive and classic, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were still in style in ten years. They are strikingly similar in terms of construction, comfort, and functionality.

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