Stealth Attraction: Is It Any Good?

Few people have mastered the art of subtlety. While looking for a date, most males use overt approach techniques. I want your number or the standard “May I have your number?” It’s challenging to stand out amid this chaotic melee of gentlemen.

Men who want to “get some” without being in a committed relationship belong to a particular group. But trying to seduce random ladies every other day can force you to read the playbook from cover to cover in vain.

The covert attraction program is designed specifically for men like you who have just failed three nights in a row.

What Is Meant By Stealth Attraction?

Richard La Ruina (aka Gambler), who developed this ingenious and seductive phrase, presented a course on approaching women for hookups and the laws of casual dating. La Ruina, as cunning (and occasionally tricky) as ever, concentrated on the unconscious brains of women.

He sought to draw attention to qualities that women found appealing but were unaware of. The stealth attraction secret, therefore, revolves around discovering the factors that subconsciously draw a woman to a man.

Stealth attraction is the art of wooing a lady, although overt (direct) approaches are more common today. Stealth value, stealth opening, stealth seduction, stealth arousal, and stealth extraction were the five elements of his thesis.

Attractive young couple in love sitting at the lounger.

La Ruina asserted that secret attraction was impervious to rejection. And a great deal of other research does point to the importance of unconscious factors in sexual attraction.

Everything we do or say, including our body language, has the potential to attract a companion. It teaches you always to say “I love you” at the appropriate time. But before you say those three words and receive a response, there is a lot of ground to cover, so let’s take our time.

8 Ways To Use Stealth Attraction

Here’s a sad fact regarding stealth attraction techniques: persons naturally timid or apprehensive may not fully benefit from them. Stealth attraction techniques aren’t meant to assist you in developing a well-rounded personality or support your individual mental health needs.

Hence, before you go ahead and get the stealth attraction program online, remember that it can’t break in and make you more outgoing. The good news is that with this method, you can soon say “Hello” to a beautiful woman without stuttering or struggling with approach anxiety.

1.     Self-assurance: Do I deserve it?

According to Becca Fitzpatrick, the difficulty of human attraction is that one never knows whether it will be reciprocated. Who among us has never felt nervous when approaching someone we like romantically?

All of us have experienced having sweaty palms and a damp forehead. Your hesitancy and nervousness can prevent you from moving forward. Confidence is beautiful, but do you know why? You’ve undoubtedly heard that a gazillion times. This is evident in your superiority over the other men vying for her attention.

You are in a class all your own; you don’t need to compete. But first, you must persuade yourself before you can persuade her. Develop your confidence and self-worth; it’s necessary before learning how to employ covert attraction to your advantage.

Once you stop rejecting yourself, she won’t be able to leave you. Carl, a friend of mine, spent a very long time having difficulty approaching women. Even when he could come them, he would retreat or stammer.

Confident man lifting his fist high.

Yet he decided to use self-affirmations to tackle this issue. He stopped comparing himself to other people, which significantly reduced the pressure. I see him becoming a more confident person. He is currently dating a woman exclusively. Work on becoming satisfied if you want a girl to like you.

2.     Act mysteriously

Potential matches will suffer from oversharing. Stop telling someone you just met your life tales, please. Prioritize listening over speaking, and when you do speak, avoid waxing lyrical. Women enjoy males that exude mystique and are intriguing.

The essence of stealth attraction secret words lies in that. You only need to pique someone’s curiosity to hook them. She should consider, “I wonder what’s on his thoughts“, “How much does he like me?”

Please don’t reveal your level of interest because it will make you appear desperate. Mystery always amplifies the tension between two people and gives the scene a seductive feel. Before long, it will be difficult to ignore the indications of a romantic interest.

Women also prefer to be around good listeners. Being a little mysterious indicates that you are not clinging. Thus you must be easy to get along with. Non-verbal cues fill the silences in spoken communication. Let the chemistry reach its optimum without disrupting it by talking nonstop.

The stealth attraction trick is not laying all your cards on the table at once. What’s the point of employing stealth attraction to attract a woman if you don’t express interest subtly? Just be aware of your stopping point.

You risk coming out as uninterested if you stop yourself too soon. If you push it too far, you could come out as pushy. The secret strikes the right chord between intrigue and interest.

3.     Clearly stated intentions

Being explicit from the beginning can help you avoid embarrassing situations the following morning. Are you looking for a hookup or something more serious?

Whatever your intentions, be upfront and sincere while expressing them. No woman should ever feel like she was forced into sleeping with you, and a study reveals that our subconscious finds honesty more attractive.

Smiling woman talking to a guy in a cafe.

If we are honest, we are perceived as having more excellent physical attractiveness. Your stealth attraction phrases are thus the facts you speak! When you respect her and express your thoughts, a lady will think it’s hot. Establish the parameters of your connection and up your attractiveness factor by 10 to her.

4.     A few steps here and there

At a cafĂ© or a club, I’m generally a little nervous when someone I don’t know approaches me. I’m in the middle of something, and out of nowhere, a man asks me if I’d like a drink. I must immediately think of an explanation, or else I mutter, “Ummm, hmmm, hmmm.”

Avoiding this overtly direct method is an excellent stealth appeal tactic. Make eye contact, smile slightly, and go by a girl you’ve caught your attention in a public area. Get in line and move over if she is putting an order at the counter. Start a brief dialogue about a general topic.

Please give it 15 to 25 minutes, so she knows you are there (and maybe even your intentions). She will only return your small favors if she is interested. You’ll be able to see if she tends to like you or not. This is a clever technique to get her number because it will give her time to consider your request (unconsciously).

The girl will have been ‘primed’ before you approached her, and knowing your presence will affect her choice. After all, you know it has to succeed when you have such a classy move up your sleeve. Next time, use this priming strategy before making your move to observe how well this covert seduction technique works to pique a woman’s interest.

5.     Jack becomes bored when he does nothing but chat

If only your body could speak for itself. Unaware that quietly speaks much louder than noise, most guys yap along. Your overused pickup line, Jason, won’t get you any dates. Non-verbal cues include body language and facial emotions. The appropriate use, intention, sincerity, and timing are necessary for the charm of stealth seduction words.

To prepare for it, you must first cultivate your attraction to the woman your sights set on and make her aware of your feelings. Using these suggestions for different forms of communication will give you an advantage.

As we watch someone, specific physical indicators catch our attention. See the sneaky arousal triggers light up as you take in the slow development of powerful chemistry. When used in conjunction with the stealth attraction hidden phrases list, this tactic will only increase her desire for you.

There are two things to keep in mind when using non-verbal communication. First, calm down. Take a chill pill, please. Being forced to gaze at tense muscles, a clenched mouth, or folded arms is very uncomfortable. Maintain an open body language (no, this does not mean man-spread).

Young man smiling.

Don’t slouch or lean back when speaking to someone; keep your face toward them. Next, say “cheese.” What people perceive of you is mainly based on how you portray yourself. If you want to be liked, you must appear approachable. Put a warm, seductive, or sinister smile on your face and allow the sun to beam from within.

6.     Never attempt a swoop

It seems counterintuitive. Yet, it’s also the secret to effectively using covert attraction. The concept of “micro-escalation” is crucial to stealth attraction. You risk assuming she will permit you when you pounce at the end of a date.

Be patient; don’t rush. I describe a fictitious circumstance. You and she are in the car right now after your date is finished. You believe the time is right to lean in for a kiss as a discussion continues.

How should I proceed? How do you make her want you? The stealth attraction hidden words list is especially useful in this situation.

First, give her a sincere compliment. Skim her face with your eyes (FACE ONLY), then move on to her lips. Hold her eyes and then express your desire to kiss her. Tell her that’s true (the stealth seduction words could be as simple as vocalizing your thoughts and desires). Go ahead if you receive the green light.

This slow descent into the kiss is preferable to a rapid, abrupt, and nonconsensual lean-in. Consent ensures that your date doesn’t feel insecure around you, conveys respect for your partner/date, and demonstrates your dignity and moral character.

Further to improving communication, it also increases the safety and comfort of your sexual experience. Do not neg her if you want to avoid her tossing you out of the car in the middle of a busy street.

Negging is a pickup phrase that denotes making an offensive remark about a woman’s appearance to win her over. Yet, in actuality, no self-respecting woman would be duped by a derogatory comment made in an attempt to be complimentary. Hence it’s best to avoid using such methods if you want to stay with her until daybreak.

7.     Initial impressions matter most

They may not endure, but they unquestionably reign. We quickly develop our initial judgments of others, called “snap judgments.” You have one-tenth of a second to make an impact if we are being technical (YES!). According to research, nonverbal communication is your best friend right now.

Because it significantly affects how others see us, our appearance is also a component of covert attractiveness. Because appearances matter, conventionally beautiful people often excel in life. In addition to having a sound body and symmetrical face, appearances also refer to how we carry ourselves.

Can this covert attraction work, then? Absolutely. Even something as minor as a man’s suit cut can affect how women view him on five dimensions, according to a study! We draw conclusions based on a person’s appearance and beard.

It’s time to trim your hair, shave and style your beard, and wear your best business attire. The best methods of covert attractiveness are good cleanliness and fashion sense. To create an excellent first impression, bring out your most outstanding physical and psychological features (confidence, kindness, etc.).

After you’ve nailed that, you’ve won half the battle in your attempt to pique a woman’s interest.

8.     Boost your confidence

As you learn how to use stealth attraction to your advantage, your self-esteem is a necessity. Until you stop rejecting yourself, she won’t accept you. Never evaluate yourself against others.

Develop your confidence so that you may be a man. Improve your faith if you want people to like you. Research has shown that many people find confidence a desirable quality in their love partners.


An excellent strategy that will undoubtedly help you have someone to lean on is stealth attraction. You can interact with as many girls as you want without worrying about rejection if you use the reasonably easy-to-use strategies just mentioned.

Also, the approaches will assist you in developing better social skills, assisting you in becoming the man that all women desire. Remembering to constantly tell potential partners what you’re looking for and try to be as sincere as possible with them.

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