Roleplay Text Ideas: Smart & Hot Ideas To Roleplay On Text With

There is a young lady that you want to get to know better, but it seems that she is always too busy to have you come to her home. What is a great way to communicate with her and let her know how you feel about her?

Text roleplay is a great way to get engaged in a conversation between the two of you. What is text roleplay? How do you start a text roleplay conversation? What are good text roleplay topics? What are examples of text roleplay?

What Does Text Roleplay Mean?

Many people have never heard the term text roleplay because of its sensual nature. Text Roleplay simply means that the two of you are playing pretend characters via text messages. Think of all the many characters that can be created with your love interest.

Pretend to be a doctor who wants his nurse to answer an emergency call. Does she answer with a response text about what you need her to deliver to get the party started? Now she is at your fingertips for anything you desire.

Cheerful guy thinking of a text message while on vacation.

Text Roleplay means that men or boys need to be good writers because this is the medium they will use to communicate with their female love interest. Men are trying to get closer to women by giving them something interesting to do, should keep text messages concise, engaging, and easily understood by their love interest.

Text roleplay can be intensive, intimate, dramatic, interesting, and exciting all at the same time. It is just the two of you developing a scene about anything you want where the two characters get to design the role-play between the two of them. It is a great way for two strangers to break the ice and get more comfortable in what could have otherwise been an awkward meeting.

How Does a Man or Boy Start a Text Roleplay?

Starting a roleplay conversation must be well thought out by the sender of the text message. Begin by asking your female love interest a question suggesting where you are and would like anything else from you? If you are passing by a movie theater, then ask her if she wants to be the leading lady for the movie role?

Let your imagination run wild when starting a text roleplay conversation. She will either think that you are the strangest man in the neighborhood or that your quirkiness makes you a uniquely special man who enjoys life and would be easy to love.

Girl smiling while reading text on phone.

Before starting your roleplay, make sure and text her a few times to get to know more about her. A girl loves a guy who wants to get to know her. Show her how much you care by first telling her how beautiful she is and how much you enjoy texting her. If she is into you texting her all of the time, then she will answer every text without complaining.

She will always make time for you, no matter what the next topic is about. As you get to know her personality and what makes her laugh, begin text roleplay ideas to see how she responds. If she responds with an affirmative message, then she is hooked like a fish.

What Are Some Good Text Roleplay Topics?

The great thing about text roleplay is that there are really no topics off the table. However, you may want to start with a topic that you have heard her often speak about, like traveling to a certain destination. Talk about topics about her passions in life. If she loves music, then pretend to be one of the members of her favorite band and let her know that you appreciate her being a fan.

Text Roleplay ideas can go as far as your imagination will take you while allowing both of you to see a new side of your personality. Keep the topics simple and easy to understand by her. As you both develop your text roleplay skills, the text messages may become more complex.

Stay with topics that are positive and not doom and gloom. The ultimate objective is to get her to like you more and possibly go out on a date. However, dark topics tend to frustrate women and drive them away.

What are Examples of Text Roleplay?

There are 4 ways examples of text roleplay. These include the Serious Opinion, Future Adventure, Fake Adventure, and the Hire Her or Fire Her text roleplay message. Let’s examine each one of them to help you decide which example works best for your love interest.

Asking For Her Serious Opinion

The “Serious Opinion” text roleplay idea asks her a serious question from the character you are playing to see if you get a response. You may text her that you are at an electronics store and need to know if she would like a radio? She will obviously be perplexed by your text message and respond yes or no.

A young man with a radio enjoying music.

Once she responds, ask her out on a date to a radio station to see a professional disc jockey spin records and talk all day. Her response to your text will tell you if she is willing to play along or not. Of course, you are taking a risk that she will either laugh and enjoy the moment or tell you that she never wants to see you again. Either way, it should be a risk that you are willing to take for the woman you are trying to impress.

Future Adventures for the Two of You

The “Future Adventure” text roleplay is one of the best of all. Text your love interest that you want to fly to Paris France and kiss her under the Eiffel Tower. A girl who is into you will play along. Text each other about the different things you want to do in Paris, see the shows, taste the food, meet the people and yes kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

Love birds by the Eiffel Tower.

Talk about the good times that can be had by the two of you and about some specific things you have always dreamed about. She will tell you her innermost thoughts and dreams about how she loves Paris. From there, it is just a hop skip, and jump in getting to know more about her.

Fake Past Adventure for the Two of You

The “Fake Past Adventure” is another great text roleplay to do with your love interest. Text her old pictures of a couple that looks like the two of you. Text her as if the two of you have been lovers for many years. You can get an old black and white picture to really bring a lot of history into the characters. Talk about the way you met and how you have gotten to this point in your life.

You can text her about your children, grandchildren, family members that have come and gone, and other things you used to do together. Talk about being in love as high school and college classmates. Laugh about old pretends memories to really get into text roleplay. What a fun fake adventure to break the ice with the girl of your dreams.

Hire Her or Fire Her

Text roleplay can be fun for the girl you are trying to get to know. The more you text roleplay, the more comfortable it becomes. A simple roleplay can develop into more substantive characters that can bring validity to a text message. As she tells you her text roleplay strengths and what she is good at in life, then tell her that she is hired.

Woman for job interview and assessment.

If she tells you that she is bad in a certain area, then tell her that she is fired. The ultimate objective is to create a fun experience that will be enjoyed by the two of you. Laughter is the best medicine for any relationship and if you can learn how to laugh together, then the two of you can get through any crisis.

Your Text Roleplay is a Hit, Now What?

Text roleplay has more objectives than just playing two characters. It helps to break the ice and help your girl interest become more comfortable in the relationship. She can see another side of you that she may not have seen before. And if she is playing hard to get, she will probably soon realize that you are a pretty nice guy who likes to have fun in life.

This alone can be attractive to girls and draw them closer to you. Once you have accomplished your text roleplay ideas goal, make sure and tell her that she is beautiful and special. A woman loves being complimented and treated like a queen.

Text role play ideas will soon be so common in your relationship, that the adventures you once texted about may become a goal to make them a reality. Role-playing allows you to be the character you always wanted to be while giving her a chance to stretch her imagination. You will both be surprised at what interesting text messages the two of you can come up with as a couple.

Shy Boys and Text Roleplay Ideas

Shy guy seating apart with other people.

Text roleplay ideas are great for boys and men who are shy and want to get to know a girl better. Shy people are sometimes great with speaking in groups, but once the time for one on one interaction is required, they tend to curl up in a ball and not be able to effectively communicate.

Text roleplay gives shy men a chance to be someone outside of themselves. They are men and boys who do not fear the outside world or the beautiful girls standing in front of them. They can express their thoughts and ideas without the stress and anxiety that often comes from being face to face with their love interest.

What if She Does Not Respond to Your Text Role Play?

if your love interest does not respond to your text roleplay, then you may have to try another alternative to meet her. Continue to let her know how special she is and how you want to get to know her better. Tell her that you like her and would love to be in a relationship with her. If she is interested then she will respond with an affirmative answer.

Beautiful woman enjoying a conversation with her date.

As she becomes more comfortable with you, there may be an opportunity in the future to begin text roleplay. Once she gets to know your quirky personality, she will realize that your text roleplay ideas are only an extension of the essence of who you are. It is your way to try something new in the evolution of your relationship. While initially, the text roleplay ideas may seem odd to her, eventually she will begin to understand that these ideas are just another part of your couple’s journey in life.

Summary of Text Roleplay Ideas

Text Roleplay is a great way for a boy or man to try and engage with a girl that he likes. It can also be used to take a friendship to the next level of love. It is great for a shy boy or man because he is not required to meet his love interest face to face. Text roleplay is simply texting your love interest as a character of your choosing to see if she will respond and play along with the adventure.

It is an odd way to break the ice in a relationship and show your girl another side of you. Text roleplay requires the sender of the text message to be a great writer. The texts to his girl interest must be concise, engaging, and able to tell the girl how he feels.

Starting a text roleplay can be challenging, particularly if this is your first time doing the activity. Start with a topic that is interesting to her. If she loves music or traveling, then begin with a character that discusses an adventure centered around these two topics. Try to be as exciting as possible to keep her interest through the text roleplay.

There are 4 examples of text role play that include: Serious Opinion, Future Adventure, Fake Adventure, and Hire Her or Fire Her.

Serious Opinion is a great way to have her choose what she wants and eventually encourage her to go out on a date with you. An example of Serious Opinion is that you are in a grocery store and text her to see if she wants an apple pie? Of course, she will be perplexed at your text message and answer yes or no.

Take this opportunity to really exert your character and tell her that you are a pie-making man and want to take her to your factory. She will either think you are the strangest boy in the neighborhood, a great actor, or the funniest person she has ever met. Her response to go along or not tells you the level of interest she has in you.

Future Adventure is the text roleplay experience of a lifetime between the two of you. Tell her that you want to take her to the Bahamas and sit under the sun drinking tequila. She will tell you about the things she wants to do while there including shopping and riding the waves.

Go all out in describing to each other what the two of you will do together under the tropical sun. It is a great way to be in the moment and break the ice with the girl of your dreams.

Fake Adventure pretends to like you and your love interest have been dating and possibly even married for many years. Send her a classical picture of a couple that looks like the two of you. Talk about how you both met, when you started dating, when you got married, had children and grandchildren, and other things you have done as a couple over the years. Fake Adventure allows you to see yourselves as already long-time lovers or man and wife.

Hire Her or Fire Her based on her strengths and weaknesses. When she tells you things that she does well in her character role, then tell her she is hired. If she has things that she does not do so well, then tell her that she is fired.

It will bring both of you to a new level of love. Bring your creative juices with you while becoming more intimate with each other. You are building a relationship between the two of you that can be only be made stronger with text roleplay.


Text Roleplay ideas are a great way to get to know that special someone in your life. Build your character around things that are pleasing to you both. You may want to incorporate romantic music in your text messages to take it to another level.

Once she responds and goes along with your text roleplay ideas, you will know that you have a girl who is willing to go the distance for your love, while giving you an exciting ride on the journey to your destination of true love.

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