Purple Shirt What Color Tie: What Matches?

Every guy should be well-versed in the art of pairing ties with suits and shirts. However, it might take some time to learn and master. For example, if you have a shirt in an uncommon hue, like purple, it might be difficult to find a tie that goes well with it.

The first guideline for wearing purple apparel is to pair it with other subdued colors for contrast. Gentlemen Center is here to assist you in your quest for combo ideas if you are still struggling to find them. Here are some suggestions for matching purple ties with purple shirts.

Tie and Purple Shirt Combination

Purple is a color that goes well with a variety of neutrals, including black, gray, navy blue, and beige. These are four of the most traditional and adaptable colors for men’s clothing that one can keep in their closet.

Navy Blue Tie and Purple Shirt

A shirt in purple and a tie in navy are a classic combination that will never go out of style. This pairing never fails to create a look that is both macho and elegant. The use of these colors together will lend an air of sophistication without making the ensemble appear overly daring.

Gray Tie and Purple Shirt

It’s always a safe bet to pair a tie with a shirt in a lighter shade and purple if you want to give off an air of sartorial sophistication. This color scheme is not only easy on the eyes, but it also works well in professional as well as more social settings.

Business executive with coat over his shoulder.

Beige Tie and Purple Shirt

If you wear a beige tie with a purple shirt, you will be able to achieve an attractive and sophisticated appearance without having to go too far outside of your normal style range. This pairing is a fail-proof and simple method to get a fashionable appearance.

In addition to this, it may be used in any environment, including the workplace, presentations, meetings, and even more formal social occasions like weddings.

Black Tie and Purple Shirt

Try wearing a black tie with a purple shirt for a look that has a little bit of an edgier edge to it. Because of its daring nature, this combination is best utilized in social settings, as its use in the workplace or other professional environments may give the impression that it is inappropriate.

The combinations of ties and shirts that are shown above are the most common ones. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid to try new things when you are choosing how to match your tie with your purple shirt.

Outfits with Colored Ties and Purple Shirts

We have included some looks that we think you are going to pull off perfectly with colored ties and your favorite purple shirt. You can view these looks in the gallery that’s located below.

Creative Look

Purple-striped shirts and thin ties provide individuality and quality to the workplace. This outfit will represent your style when paired with white chinos. Brown leather monks dress up every ensemble.

To achieve yet another original look, you might consider pairing your purple shirt with a necktie that features vertical stripes in purple, black, and white. When worn with gray dress pants, this combination will also have a pleasing appearance.

Brown leather loafers are the finishing touch to this ensemble, and they are sure to garner some admiring glances from your coworkers and friends as you pass by.

Purple shirt and tie in a gift box.

If you want to produce a creative and preppy style, another combination that you really have to attempt is geometric purple with a fashionable pink square necktie. This may be an unconventional pairing, but just wait until people start complimenting you on it before you change your mind. Combine it with a pair of torn skinny jeans and a pair of leather brogues in a beige color.

Minimalistic Look

The combination of a wool chambray burgundy tie and a purple striped dress shirt is both understated and novel. With this bold color scheme, you’ll have an urban, minimalist look that everyone will want to copy.

The juxtaposition of different fabric textures and weights is both eye-catching and on-trend. Wear with charcoal wool dress pants and dark brown leather derby shoes for an alternative look.

As an alternative, a polyester eggplant-purple tie may be worn with a white or very pale purple shirt to get a pared-down appearance. If you want to seem sharp and put together, try on some purple chinos. Add a pair of black leather loafers for a more refined finish. You’ll look and feel modern and edgy with this ensemble.

A young guy reading a red book by the river.

Purple polyester satin skinny necktie and shirt also look dapper. This will help you achieve a minimalist look at work or a special event.

Fashion Forward

Match your khaki tie with a light purple striped dress shirt for a professional look. This blend is unique and trendy. Wear it with chinos or a navy suit.

An orange necktie with purple dots will match your quirky personality. Mix it up with white chinos and suede loafers.

Grouping of four mens dress shirts.

Pair a purple textured woven fashion necktie with a purple shirt for a trendy but casual look. This goes with gray chinos. Completing the ensemble are dark brown leather loafers.

Tie and Shirt Coordination: Points to Keep in Mind

The options above show how to coordinate your tie and shirt. Here are some things to keep in mind when matching your tie and shirt.

  • Gingham shirts complement solid ties beautifully. It’s popular.
  • White ties match every shirt color or design.
  • Never match tie and shirt sizes and prints.
  • Floral ties and shirts clash.


It is quite difficult to find a colored tie that goes with a purple shirt, but once you figure out which color goes best with it, you will undoubtedly be able to pull it off.

What kind of shirt and tie do you plan to wear today? Tell us what you find out.

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