Tinder Deleted All My Matches? Here’s Why You Lost Your Tinder Matches

If you enjoy using mobile dating apps, you may be familiar with Tinder, an online dating and geosocial networking app. And you should be aware that this app’s best feature is how simple it is to use.

With Tinder, you may quickly “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike the profiles of other users to find a match. What will happen if all of your Tinder matches vanish overnight?

Why Did My Tinder Chat Suddenly Disappear?

Let’s first investigate why Tinder deleted all of my matches. While it may feel terrible when you open the app, and there isn’t a match on Tinder, things will improve if you figure out why.

Hence, you should study the list below and choose the situation that will most likely result in this problem.

1.     Tinder matches vanished because of bugs

The most frequent cause of a sudden lack of matches on Tinder is a technical issue, typically fixed with a quick reboot.

2.     Internet connection issues caused lost Tinder matches

One of the most frequent issues you should look into when discussing an issue with an online platform is the internet connection. Occasionally, switching from your data connection to WiFi or vice versa may be a good idea.

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3.     Due to a server problem, Tinder matches vanished

You will comprehend it if you check the server status via Tinder help on Twitter. It is also possible that all of your tinder matches vanished due to a server fault.

4.     Due to the user’s inappropriate behavior, Tinder matches vanished

After you lose a Tinder match, the following explanation you might hear is that the other person broke one of Tinder’s tight rules and was consequently banned.

5.     Your open search bar caused your Tinder matches to vanish

If you utilize the search feature on Tinder instead of getting bored going through your list of matches, you should be aware that some matches may vanish if you accidentally leave the search box open and do not close it.

6.     As a result of quitting Tinder, their matches vanished

There are occasions when you won’t find a match on Tinder because the user has canceled their account, and occasionally they’ve even uninstalled the program entirely.

What To Do If Tinder Deletes All Your Matches?

Here are three solutions to the Tinder matches issue. You are not required to try each one. Just move down until you discover the solution that works.

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1.     Examine the server’s status

If all of your matches vanished, Tinder might be at fault; typically, a server issue is to blame. Just use Tinder’s Twitter customer service to check the condition of its servers. Nothing more can be done if it is maintained. You should be able to see your Tinder matches once the service is back on track.

2.     Log out, then re-login

If your Tinder matches have vanished from the list, but you are still receiving message notifications, trying logging out and back in again can help. If you’re unsure how to take the following actions:

  • Open the Tinder app, then navigate to your profile.
  • Choose Settings. Go to the bottom of the settings page and select Log out.
  • Go into your account, restart the app, and then check the progress.

Try the following approach if the problem still exists.

3.     Conduct a user search on Tinder

The likelihood that a single user has deleted their account or unmatched you increases if only one or a small number of that user are missing. This account may have been suspended due to detected bogus profiles. A professional, influential people search tool would be helpful if you were trying to locate someone in the actual world.

Even though Tinder does not let you search for particular users when they are not matched, it is still possible to do so. Choose the proper instrument. A specialized online dating investigation service called Social Catfish searches social networks and dating websites for millions of pieces of information.

You can use it to confirm someone’s true identity hidden behind a profile and uncover any online relationships you may have lost. Use it as follows:

  • Enter the Social Catfish search engine.
  • Pick the kind of search you like best. For instance, you can search using a username or a full name or pick Username and enter a Tinder username.
  • After a short while, you’ll get a thorough people-to-search report. Contact information, social media profiles, criminal histories, and other details should all be included.

Do Matches On Tinder Expire?

Tinder texts are permanent. They might still vanish, though, for a few distinct reasons. You weren’t a match, which is the first reason. If a match results in a lack of interest, Tinder offers this. Although it can be unpleasant, it can happen to anyone. There is little you can do but go on.

They removed their profile, which is the second explanation. It’s possible they just wanted to get off Tinder for whatever reason, which doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t want to hook up with you anymore.


Disappearing your matches is unpleasant, whether the issue is on your end or with Tinder. Making a new account or contacting the Tinder team can be beneficial if you still need to solve your problem.

There are situations when the match deletion has nothing to do with your account. Only contacting the Tinder staff or requesting will work under these circumstances.

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