Read Receipts Tinder: Does Tinder Have Read Receipts?

Many of the difficulties of dating have been reduced by Tinder, but some new ones have also arisen. While using the app shouldn’t be any more complicated than it already is, many social applications establish other expectations that can make it so.

One of these expectations is the fear of rejection, which can make using the app harder than it needs to be.

Timid people, naturally reserved or introverted, may find it just as challenging to meet people on Tinder as in real life.

To function, Tinder depends on user-to-user communication. However, there is no way to tell if the other user has read the message using Tinder’s free features, so how do you know?

How To Know When Someone Views Your Message?

Over the past year, Tinder has developed a ton of fantastic features, both free and paid. The capacity of Tinder to innovate and create new features is one of the reasons it has been able to maintain its dominance in the mobile dating app market.

Seeing when someone reads your messages is one of the new capabilities they have added to their app. Although it is common in text messaging on iMessage, this feature is uncommon in mobile dating apps.

The “read receipt” function on Tinder lets you know when someone has viewed your message. A read receipt is a notification you receive after sending a message. Depending on whether the user sees it, this receipt will say read or not.

Tinder’s Read Receipts

Tinder started launching a paid “read receipts” feature in June 2019. Every time the function is turned on during a discussion, which can be done in groups of 5, 10, and 20, read receipts counts as one use. In their settings menu, everyone can toggle Read Receipts on or off.

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If you leave the default setting (on), anyone who purchases read receipts will be able to apply those receipts to your discussion and begin receiving notifications that you have read their messages.

If you disable the feature, no one can utilize a read receipt in your discussions. As a result, even if one person paid for the read receipts, they won’t show up unless the intended receiver has their read receipt notifications set to “on.”

The good news is that Tinder won’t let that usage go through, so the “bounced” read receipts can be utilized for another chat.

The receipts packages are per match, which means that if you’ve enabled read receipts for a game, you’ll continue to receive tickets for any messages sent to that match for the duration of your chat.

How To Get Read Receipts?

Unfortunately, Tinder read receipts are not free. They are a premium service that has a cost. The user must first select the double-blue checkbox to the right of their message to receive read receipts.

For reading receipts, Tinder uses a double-blue checkmark as its logo. Tinder’s premium read tickets can be purchased by tapping on those two double-blue check marks on the screen.

You can only have read receipts on specific chats on Tinder as a paid option, only on some of them. As the pricing graph demonstrates, users must select between 20, 10, and 5 matches. Each game has a set price and can only be used in the particular chat you activate. Click the double-blue checkmark displayed under the incoming messages to turn on the read receipt feature.

Once you’ve made a purchase and tapped the icon, you can turn on read receipts. You won’t read or read beneath your message after it has been delivered. This will change when the user clicks on your statement and reads what you sent them.

What Do Two Ticks On Tinder Mean?

On Tinder, read receipts are represented as double-blue checkmarks. Tinder users may determine whether or not their match is genuinely interested in them by looking at read receipts, which is why they are crucial. Ghosting can happen much too frequently on Tinder.

When someone reads your message but doesn’t or only occasionally engages with you, this is known as “ghosting.” If the person is interested in you, the read receipts will let you determine this more clearly so that ghosting won’t happen. When you send a message, most people who are interested in you will reply.

On the other side, there’s a good potential that you might be left on reading if the individual is uninterested in you. You may save time using these read receipts so you won’t waste it on someone who always leaves you reading. After that, you can invest that time in someone else who will genuinely read and respond to your messages.

If you want to test read receipts, we advise starting with a lower order, such as 10 or 5, to see how it works.


You must buy the read receipt option Tinder offers to find out if someone else has seen your message. You may access the read receipts feature by clicking on the two blue checkmarks located beneath your Tinder messages. Users must pay for 20, 10, or 5 matches at a time to access the read receipts.

Therefore they are expensive. Select the blue checkmarks to enable the read receipt for the specific individual in whose company you are interested and conversing. Whether the user interacts with your message will activate the read receipt, which will display “read” or “not read.”

At the moment, this is the only way to tell whether someone has read your message on Tinder or not.

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