What Is Tinder Shadow Ban & How To Tell If You’re Shadow Banned

You’re getting a few matches; your matches aren’t responding to your messages, etc. Well, you’re not alone; many individuals have been complaining about the same problems without knowing what symptoms they might be.

Are you being shadowbanned? If so, what even is a shadowban? Check it out now.

What Is Tinder Shadow Ban & How To Tell If You’re Shadow Banned?

Tinder’s “shadowban” is when the app penalizes you without your knowledge for doing something wrong (such as violating the app’s community rules). When your profile virtually disappears, you won’t notice anything is genuinely wrong for a while.

The official Tinder is silent on the subject. If you encounter passiveness on Tinder, whether it be a lack of matches, likes, or even enough profiles to scroll through, you will be shadowbanned from the app.

Here’s how to determine whether you’ve been shadowbanned on Tinder:

1.    You are shown almost no profiles

The number of persons you can swipe each day is undoubtedly limited. But this time, the story is of a different kind. Both you and other people are not shown to one another. No profiles are displayed to you, regardless of the city’s size.

2.    No one responds to your messages

Imagine that you suddenly stopped receiving their messages after engaging in a few chats with a few people. No matter how often you try to text them, it might not be coming through. Alternatively, your profile completely vanished from their list of matches.

3.    You can’t delete your account

When you try to deactivate your account after being shadow banned, you may run into problems. In essence, Tinder doesn’t want you to bother other people, but it also wants you to hang out a little longer so you can try to change the app’s passiveness.

To make it clear, among other things like an absence of profiles to swipe through and a lack of likes, you cannot cancel your Tinder account after receiving a shadow ban.

4.    You [Tinder Gold members] receive either no likes or extremely few likes

You were delighted when you first noticed someone like you, but now the narrative has become depressing because you aren’t getting any more likes. You can only gain likes if people view you. If you are shadow banned, you are invisible but are unaware of it.

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5.    You frequently encounter the same profiles

Whether you swipe left or right doesn’t make a difference because the same profiles keep displaying, adding to the app’s glitchy experience.

6.    You only get a small number of matches if zero

Before, you received many matches, but now you’re not. This is because, as your majesty, no one is seeing your profile. You are undetectable.

7.    The software begins to feel like it needs to be fixed as you try to use it

You sense something is wrong with the software, almost as if it were glitchy, even though you can’t entirely focus on what it is. Certain things are impossible for you to accomplish, your profile has been taking too long to be validated, you cannot update your images, and everything is driving you crazy because nothing seems to work.

How to remove your Tinder shadow Ban?

A shadow ban on Tinder doesn’t simply disappear. Waiting three months in the hopes that Tinder will erase your data and forget about you is not going to be effective.

What you can do to get your Tinder shadowban lifted is as follows:

New phone number, email address, Facebook account, Apple ID, IP address, bank information (if you intend to use premium subscriptions), and new device

Tinder also restricts your device, so we need everything new; nothing from your prior account, not even images, are allowed when you create a new account since Tinder remembers you.

Download Tinder using your new IP address, Apple ID, or Google Play account

There must be no indication of a previously shadow banned person (you). Everything you used on your prior Tinder account needs to be renewed.

Create a new Tinder account

You should follow the Tinder guide this time to prevent getting shadow banned once more. Consider using one of the other dating apps if this requires too much work.

Why am I shadow Banned?

There is something you’ve done with or without knowing you’re doing something wrong, or perhaps it’s just Tinder. You may haven’t heard of Tinder Etiquette, which you should be aware of before downloading Tinder.

What caused your shadow Ban?

1.    Tinder no longer wants you around

Tinder chooses to keep you roaming throughout the app to stop you from slipping back into the app rather than banning you. When Tinder doesn’t allow you to use the app without actually excluding you, you’re stuck trying to repair something that can’t be fixed or waiting for the software to fix itself.

2.    You have been flagged (multiple times)

A disruptive person will not be allowed to use Tinder. Getting reported indicates that you’re troubling people by demonstrating inappropriate behavior through your actions on Tinder. You may receive a warning. You might be expelled. You might experience a shadow ban.

3.    You reset your account too frequently

Tinder will know that you’re up to anything wrong, so take action.

4.    You communicated an identical message to numerous recipients

More robotic movement! Sending the same message to several people will flag you as a robot, which Tinder does not appreciate.

5.    You instinctively swiped right

It might be identified as a “robotic” gesture, in which case Tinder will be upset with you because you know the drill and have no standards.

How long does a Tinder shadow Ban last?

The three-month Tinder rule has gained some notoriety. It is based on the fact that after three months of an account being deleted, Tinder deletes all your data from its servers. The account has been deleted. This means waiting for three months only works if you deactivate your current Tinder account.

A Tinder shadow ban remains in effect until your account is completely deleted. In other words, it will last forever if you don’t manage to deactivate your account.

What’s the difference between the ban and the shadow Ban on Tinder?

Ban is so obvious that your eyes begin to burn a little once you recognize what’s happening. Your matches, likes, and chats are lost, and you won’t be able to reaccess your account. Adios. A ban on Tinder means that the company will stop letting you use the app and remove you from it.

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On the other hand, a shadow ban is a ban in which you can still use Tinder rather than being entirely “expelled” from the service. Once you start using the app (in a broken way), it initially seems fairly regular before you begin to notice anything fishy—no messages, likes, or matches.


A ban would prevent you from identifying issues and contributing to their resolution. You are shadow banned instead of being banned for several reasons, including that. To sum up, Tinder won’t block you.

You pay for the premium subscriptions, and if you learned that Tinder had banned you, you’d be enraged and furiously tap to cancel every single one of them! If you don’t have a subscription and see that you’re not getting any matches, you could feel down and consider purchasing Tinder Gold in the hopes that it will fix your “small issue.”

You’ll remain long enough to believe that all is well with your account and that only a tiny boost from premium memberships is required.

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