Tinder Super Like: How To Use It Properly

Tinder is one of the most widely known dating apps, and it’s one that my single self has used on and off for the past several years. Tinder challenges the traditional dating culture, which often requires you to meet strangers in public places. Rather, it offers that broad dating pool to you, which you have or haven’t had access to in a bar or restaurant.

Today, we’re going over another component of this dating app that might be intriguing: Tinder Super Likes.

What exactly are Tinder “Super Likes”? And, most importantly, do they work, and are they worth the extra cost that you need to pay?

Let’s get started.

What are Tinder Super Likes?

Tinder has added a few additional features since its introduction in the market to give aspiring singles more alternatives. The first is “Super Likes” – you may Super Like somebody by hitting the blue star banner or swiping up on their account – unlike a typical match, this will immediately give them a notice that they’ve been Super Liked and the chance to view your account.

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It is a debatable paid function in terms of efficacy, with few users saying that it can even lessen your matching rate. Tinder announced that acquiring Super Likes raises your possibility of matching by three hundred times and that messages with Super Likes continue seventy percent longer than average conversations.

When somebody Super Likes you, you will receive a Tinder notice, and they typically appear closer inside someone’s matching queues after providing a Super Like, allowing them to swipe on you immediately.

How Do Tinder Super Likes Work?

You may “Super Like” a person you like on Tinder by swiping up, or by pressing on the blue banner found at the lowest part of your screen. If the super-liked person views your account, she will see a blue banner as well as a star suggesting that you super liked her.

A new update introduced to Super Likes makes it ten times better than before. You may not only signal that you like somebody but also give them a letter with a super like. Keep the Tinder opener highly successful, and you may obtain a connection that you might not have gotten otherwise.

How Much Do Tinder Super Likes Cost?

Super Likes may be purchased in packs. Click the account icon > Settings > Get Super Likes to purchase Super Likes.

You would also receive one free Super Like every day, which you should spend on somebody whose profile sticks out. Tinder Plus ($9.99 per month) and Tinder Gold ($14.99 per month) members receive five per day, and you can purchase more Super Likes for $1 each.

The Super Like has a maximum period. You may only grant one each day, and you only have one day to reply to a Super Like before it disappears

Do Tinder Super Likes Work?

The only way to know if the Super Like is functioning is to give it a shot using simple statistics and an analytical technique.

Try Super Likes every day for at least one month and monitor how many matchups you gain from it. Then this may be contrasted with ordinary swiping matches. If you are an active user who is not a paid subscriber, your regular swiping limit is restricted to one hundred swipes per day and three thousand swipes per month.

To identify which technique produced a higher matching percentage, perform simple calculations. You can try this feature for a longer time if you like to get a greater significance level and be much more certain about the impacts of Super Likes on your matching percentage.

If you have Tinder Plus or Gold, you may utilize five Super Likes each day without paying any more credits. This provides you a more additional swipe in a smaller duration of time, letting you conduct the tests stated above much faster and determine if Tinder Super Like is beneficial.

Benefits of Using Tinder Super Like

1.     When you like someone, your chances of getting a reply increase

According to the study research survey, people who are “liked” are 3X more likely to swipe right on those who have “Super Liked” them. Because let’s face it, if somebody likes you enough to use one of their Super Likes, they may as well provide them with at least a minute of your attention.

2.     There is a better chance of making more deeper connections

While simply throwing two matches together might lead to a few talks before going on a date, with the Super Like feature expanding interactions by 70%, you’re developing something intimate and more important. This suggests that Tinder isn’t always just a hook-up app, and romance is in the air?

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3.     Conversations last significantly longer

Perhaps it’s because one person is so captivated that both individuals become conversational and extra long-winded, but interactions between two individuals seem to last longer if one of them has been Super Liked. It’s because going out of their way for you to notice them shows they’re genuinely into you, and you must at least allow them to get to know them well, right?


In conclusion, Tinder Super Like is not the greatest premium feature. To be frank, I wouldn’t spend for a paid service merely to receive four more Super Likes every day. However, if you have one or five each day, you should not try it.

So, no, purchasing extra Super Like is not as essential generally; Tinder Boost is much more helpful. If you like to acquire more matches, as suggested previously, start from the beginning: utilize amazing images of yourself and create a brief, witty profile. If your matching number is poor, think about employing extra features like Boost. If you’ve explored those possibilities, Super Like is worth a go.

We also recommended that you give Tinder Super Like a shot to see how useful it is for you. We won’t stop you from getting additional Super Likes if it functions well for you.

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