Watches For Big Wrists: How To Choose The Best One

Finding the perfect watch for big wrists can be difficult, but not impossible. There are a few things to keep in mind while searching for the best watch for your big wrist, find what style you prefer the best, find a size that suits you the best, and a color that you love.

Most watches for big wrists come with amazing features for heavy-duty conditions and high-intensity work environments. This gives you great quality considering the watches are made to endure plenty of physical activity and gives you the reliability to use the watch without worry about it breaking or having water damage.

The shape and size of the watch could be important if you’re picky with the style and the way it will look on you. The strap must fit comfortably and the dial must sit nicely on your wrist. These watches for big wrists are great examples of something you would want to purchase for either style or professionalism.

Best Watches For Big Wrists

1.     Diesel Men’s Mega Chief Quartz Watch

This watch is beautifully designed with a quartz crystal inside the dial. It is business appropriate but can also work for personal style and comfort. It has a 54-millimeter wrist band which is great for big wrists, and it sits comfortably on the wrist. It is prepared to endure heavy-duty, and high-intensity work and activity.

A young man wearing a Diesel Mega Chief watch.

This watch is put together to resist water and scratches, it is water resistant up to 100 meters and has minimal chance of scratching. It comes in a gun-metal case, which comes in a range of styles. The color of this watch is unique as well, it is very subtle which is great for workplace interaction, the subtle pop of color on the hands looks clean and fun.

This watch has been described as modern due to its simplicity and comfort making it perfect for styling a big wrist. This watch may not work for everyone but it is a great option for the big wrists out there.

2.     Casio Protrek PRW-7000-1AJF Men’s Watch

You might be the type of person to need a perfect watch to remind you to get your to-do list done, this watch for big wrists would be perfect for you. It conveniently has five independent daily alarms for reminders of appointments or activities and an hourly time signal.

It has world time for anyone who loves to travel the world and can endure great measures of physical activity. This watch is also water resistant to up to 200 meters of water. It also comes with a stopwatch and a countdown timer on the dial to time a workout or an activity you are working on.

This watch is also very stylish and can be worn for business or personal use. There is a 22-millimeter black fabric band that fits comfortably on the wrist ad hols the dial in place perfectly. Most reviews say that this watch for big wrists is high-quality and well worth the higher price.

3.     Fossil Nate Men’s Watch

Although this watch is predominantly made for men but can also be used by women with bigger wrist sizes. It contains stainless steel quartz inside the dial that looks clean and stylish. The band is a beautiful leather that fits comfortably and feels soft on the wrist and comes in different colors to choose your perfect version of the watch, it comes with 22 millimeters around the band which makes it sit comfortably.

Like the other watches mentioned, this watch is able to endure high-intensity environments, is water resistant up to 50 meters, and has floating lugs and a gear-edge bezel. This watch is definitely more for style rather than for heavy-duty work and play.

A close-up photo of Fossil Nate watch in a brown leather strap.

There is a chronograph, date, hour, minute, and second to see the exact time and take reliable time stamps. The date is displayed at the four o’clock mark for quick access to that important information. It has sword-shaped hands for a stylish look to the watch, the hands look immaculate with the matte black finished dial.

4.     Luminox Men’s LM8822 M1 Recon Black Watch

If you’re more active and acquire a high-resistant watch for your activities or work, this might be the watch for you. This watch is heavy-duty and made for high-intensity work and play, with the 45-millimeter molded rubber band it sits comfortably on big wrists and looks great.

It has a very balanced look to it, also the quartz movement with analog display makes this watch even better. Another great thing about the look of this watch is that it glows brightly when in a darker space, this is very convenient for certain times of the day or even certain activities.

This watch is amazing for extreme water sports such as bodyboarding, windsurfing, flyboard flying, water skiing and so many more. If you are at all interested in water sports like these, it is highly recommended to purchase this watch; however, this watch is only water resistant for 200 meters, which would exclude scuba diving into the activity list, which you may have to take into consideration depending on your hobbies.

5.     Seiko SRPA21 Prospex X Padi

If you have trouble finding a watch that fits you perfectly, maybe your weight fluctuates often and the size of your wrist can vary, this watch is perfect. Not only is the metallic band sized 20 millimeters but it comes with a bracelet extension, this is perfect to adjust your watch to make it fit perfectly and comfortably.

In order to snap this watch on your wrist, there are three-fold clasps to hold it comfortably in place. The case is 44 millimeters which is great for viewing quickly. The dial colors can vary; however, the two main colors in this watch are red and blue, most reviews say they prefer the majority of the dial to be blue, you can also have them be equal if that’s your personal style.

The Seiko Prospex x Padi SRPA21 on a man’s wrist.

This watch is great because it has manual winding, which is good because depending on the purpose it can be very useful. It is a very powerful watch, the power reserve is of 41 hours, and it shows the date on the dial which is very convenient on the go.

It has an analog display and a stainless steel clean case. This watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters, again, great for water sports! This watch has been described as a handsome and the most precise movement.

6.     Diesel DZ4328 Mega Chief

The Diesel brand has some of the best watches for big wrists. This specific watch has a beautiful, stainless steel case with a width of 54 millimeters. It also has thick lugs and a convenient fold-over clasp. This watch is wide, and will most likely only look as good as it does in the pictures on a big wrist.

Most say that is it the perfect size for their big wrists and it looks professional and can be worn casually. The watch is a shiny silver tone with a band size of 26 millimeters. It is an analog display with the date on the dial at three o’clock.

If you are into snorkeling or swimming this watch will work for both activities, the water resistance is up to 330 meters! This watch will look handsome and is very convenient for many activities.

7.     Nixon 51-30 Chrono XL

As you can already see in the name of this watch, it is an XL which means that it is made for larger wrist sizes. It is available in a variety of colors and styles, having options is always a factor when purchasing a watch and can be a deal breaker for some.

Like most of the others, this watch has a stunning stainless steel case with dials on the left side for easier time changes. It has been described as a more masculine watch, it is important to keep that in mind when shopping, you need to find a watch that suits you best.

The Nixon 51-30 Chrono in the yellow and black model.

The watch is 54 millimeters and has double locking clasps for easy to throw on and remove when needed. High-intensity work and play environments can work for this watch, it is water resistant up to 300 meters which is great for adventures with style.

8.     Invicta Pro Diver Scuba 50mm 22340

Even if you’re not a scuba diver, this watch is eye-catching and exquisitely made. This is part of Invicta’s scuba collection and even includes a warranty for up to two years. This is quite a bold choice for a watch; however, there are some amazing qualities on this watch that you may like better than the others.

It has thick lugs, large crowns, and crown guards. The band size is 26 millimeters and has a buckle clasp to make it easier to put on and take off as needed. Obviously, this watch was made for scuba diving so it has a water resistance of about 300 meters, most views say that this watch is not for diving, but rather for swimming only but you can be the judge of that.

The chronograph on this watch measures 24 hours, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds which can be useful for timing your activities.

9.     Seiko SNE329 Sport Solar

This watch is different than the others, it is powered by a solar quartz movement and has Arabic numerals. This watch has been called very versatile and can be worn for business or casual. It has a common stainless steel case with a 43-millimeter diameter. There are large hands making it easier to see the time and the date. The date is located on the dial and is very useful on the go.

It has a gorgeous satin finish and could go with any outfit or activity you choose. The band is blue nylon and is very comfortable to wear every day, and the date is on the dial at the there o’clock mark.

It is again water resistant up to 100 meters, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet while wearing this watch. This watch is also affordable which may be important to you, the feature on this watch makes it hard to believe that it is so affordable! It is perfect for basic requirements like workplace or casual and looks great on.

10.     Tissot Chrono XL T1166171104701

You might be a businessman looking for a watch for your big wrist, this watch is described as elegant and would be perfect for the “businessman” look. While you’re hard at work, you need a watch that is good quality and looks amazing. This particular watch is 11.02 millimeters to make it look classy but still useful.

The Tissot Chrono XL watch on male model.

The Arabic numerals make this watch superior in the business world and look classy and timeless. It has three links stainless steel bracelet and a blue dial for a simple yet eye-catching look to it. This watch is extremely durable and can survive any mishaps that may happen during the day.

It is scratch-resistant which will keep it looking classy and elegant on your wrist. It is also water resistant up to 100 meters which means it will survive if you fall in the water or get it wet at all. This is a great watch for anyone with a big wrist and an elegant style.

Final Thoughts

Overall, each watch has its own unique look and durability. Most are water resistant for all the swimmers out there and some are even scratch resistant! The watch of your dreams could be on this list, as long as you know what you are looking for, any of these could be your perfect match.

These interesting watch styles for big wrists have so many different ways to be used and so many different people wear them. If any of these watches for big wrists don’t interest you, there are plenty of other watches for big wrists out there, these are just the top ten that were found.

If you have any questions about the watches, please feel free to ask in the comment section! I hope you find your dream watch.

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