What To Wear With Navy Shorts?

Leveling up your style with navy blue shorts is a great choice for men because of their style versatility. Yet, pairing it with just any shirt color that you have in your wardrobe can be tricky. The good news is you have many options you can try to find the perfect combination that will make your outfit look stylish and cohesive.

In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect shirt color to match your navy blue shorts. We will also provide you with some tips on how to explore not just one, but several stylistic ideas that you will want to fit. We will also tackle some mistakes you should avoid when wearing navy blue shorts so you can look more dashing than ever.

Colored Shirt and Navy Blue Shorts Combinations

Navy blue is a classic color that works well with several other colors, navy blue shorts were probably first presented as a fashionable and practical option for men’s casual wear. Modern men’s summer wardrobes must have navy blue shorts, which come in a variety of styles. They remain popular because of their versatility and capacity to go with various shirt colors and designs.

If you’re wondering what color shirts go with navy blue shorts, you’re in the right place! The first thing you should know is that light and neutral shirt colors like white, light blue, or grey go well with navy blue shorts. These shirt colors can complement your navy blue shorts without overpowering them.

Listed below is a list of shirt colors that you should try on:


A white shirt with navy blue shorts is a flexible and timeless combo that you can always rely on. This look is ideal for more formal settings like business functions as well as more casual outings with friends and family.

Light Blue

Light blue shirt color will give you a relaxed style outfit that goes well for swimming kind of outings. It’s the perfect color that oozes cool breeze and calmness.


A light grey shirt is an excellent choice if you’re going for a casual and relaxed style because it creates a delicate and modest look when paired with navy blue shorts. It works well in formal events or more comfortable settings since it complements the color of your shorts without overpowering them.

Man wearing grey t-shirt and navy blue shorts.


Pairing a pink shirt with navy blue shorts is suitable for casual gatherings or events. While light pink gives a bright element and gives you a fresh, trendy look, darker pink colors can offer depth to your overall look.


A light green or mint-colored shirt combined with navy blue shorts can make you look fresh and vibrant. It is a perfect fit for outdoor activities and outings.


A pale yellow shirt with navy blue shorts is ideal for casual and summer trips. This shirt color gives a splash of color to your shorts, displaying a relaxed look perfect for a vacation.


A lighter orange shirt color gives off vibrant and playful elements that can fit well with your navy blue shorts. It is a kind of style you can go for when going to midday events and outdoor gatherings.

Navy Blue Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

You should realize how adaptable and stylish navy blue shorts can be now that you know what shirts go with them. Knowing when to dress up is also critical skill anyone should have. So, let’s go mix and match to find the look that’s unique to you and the occasions you’ll be wearing it to.

Here are some outfit ideas for men wearing navy blue shorts:

Casual Classic

Pair your navy blue shorts with a plain white shirt or polo shirt for a classic casual look. Next put on your stylish white sneakers or loafers, sunglasses, and a baseball cap to complete the seamless look.

Beach Day Fit

Young man in swim short at a white tropical beach.

Wear your navy blue shorts with a white or light blue shirt and flip-flops or sandals. To obtain the beachy vibe, pair it with fashionable sunglasses and a hat.

Summer Picnic Outfit

For a casual summer picnic look, pair navy blue shorts with a light green or pink tee and white sneakers or boat shoes. Then, wear a watch or bracelet for a stylish touch.

Backyard Barbecue Clothing

When going to a backyard BBQ party, you can pair your navy blue shorts with a grey or white polo shirt and brown leather shoes or loafers. To finish the look, add your best belt and sunglasses.

Evening Out Attire

Wear navy blue shorts with a navy blue blazer, a white shirt, and brown leather shoes for a night out. Style it up with a handkerchief for a touch of class.

Preppy Style

Combine your navy blue shorts, light blue button-down shirt, brown loafers, and brown leather belt altogether to achieve the preppy style you want to go for. This look is ideal for a day at the country club in the summer or a casual dinner with friends.

Sporty Attire

For a workout or a run, wear navy blue shorts with an athletic shirt or sports jersey and running shoes. Add a fitness tracker or headphones to complete the active and sporty look.

Streetwear Outfit

For a fashionable and casual streetwear outfit, match your navy blue shorts with a graphic t-shirt, a denim jacket, and white shoes. To complete the style, add a bag or a beanie.

Styling Tips for Navy Blue Shorts

It’s time to provide you with styling advice now that you know what color shirts go with navy blue shorts and the outfit ideas that go with them. Experiment with several combos to determine which suits your taste and the occasion the best as you create your navy blue shorts look.

To style navy blue shorts, follow these tips:

Consider the occasion

Depending on the occasion, you can dress differently in navy blue shorts. Throw them together with a t-shirt and sneakers for a laid-back day out. Choose a suit jacket and formal shoes for a more formal setting.

Choose complementary colors

Many various colors, such as white, light blue, pink, grey, green, and yellow, go well with navy blue. To create a coordinated look, pick complementary colors for your shirt, shoes, and accessories.

Experiment with patterns

If you want to spice up your look, mix your navy blue shorts with patterned tops and shirts. Consider patterns like stripes, plaid, geometric forms, or floral prints. Avoid going overboard, though. Wear a solid-colored shirt with patterned shorts if you’re wearing them.

Man wearing navy blue shorts with a pink pattered shirt.

Accessorize appropriately

Any outfit can be polished with accessories. To go with your navy blue shorts, you can wear a watch, a belt, or sunglasses. A black or brown belt can help define your waistline and give visual appeal to your look when worn with a pair of navy blue shorts.

Play with textures

Your outfit can offer texture and appeal by incorporating a variety of materials. Try wearing clothes with different textures materials like a linen shirt, a denim jacket, or leather shoes to pair with your navy blue shorts.

Consider the fit

Make sure your navy blue shorts are the right size and neither too tight nor too baggy. Incorporate them with shirts that fit well and match your body type. To avoid a sloppy appearance, they should fall just above your knees and comfortably fit around your waist.

Layer appropriately

Layering can give an outfit depth and complexity. To dress up your navy blue shorts, think about layering with a blazer, cardigan, or denim jacket.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Navy Blue Shorts

Of course, you don’t want to mess up your looks because of mistakes you’re not aware of. Below are some mistakes you should avoid when wearing shirts with navy blue shorts:

1.     Wearing navy blue shirts with navy blue shorts can result in a monochrome style that isn’t visually pleasing.

2.     Wearing highly-contrast colored shirts, such as red, can clash with navy blue shorts.

3.     Shirts that are too tight or too loose will look unpleasant with navy blue shorts.

4.     Wearing professional shirts, such as dress shirts, with navy blue shorts is inappropriate due to the casual style of the shorts.

5.     Pairing shirts with contrasting colors or patterns with navy blue shorts are not pleasing to the eyes.

6.     Wearing wrinkled or stained shirts detracts from the overall appearance of your look.

Does a Black Shirt go with Navy Blue Shorts?

Black t shirt hanging on a white wall.

Yes, they go well together actually. In this getup, you will actually emerge looking smart and fashionable, especially in a breezy casual atmosphere. Enhance this ensemble more by wearing below navy canvas high-top sneakers and black sunglasses above, to complete a to-die-for appearance.

You will look like you just got out of your yacht and preparing to go to your informal social functions in the late afternoon and evening.

If you do not have a totally black shirt to pair with your navy blue shorts, go for a black and white striped shirt or sweater and the magnetic effect will just be as mesmerizing to whoever will be setting their gaze upon you.

Spring is all around us, and summer is fast approaching. The black shirt and navy blue shorts combination will always work for you during these seasons. Go to your closet now!

What Does Dark Blue Shorts Go With

Dark blue shorts can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Whether dressing up for a formal event or keeping it casual for a day out with friends, dark blue shorts can be paired with various tops and accessories to create different looks.

In this article, we’ll explore outfit ideas and styling tips to help you make the most of your dark blue shorts.

Neutral Tones

Pairing your dark blue shorts with neutral tones such as white, beige, and grey can create a classic and timeless look. A white t-shirt or blouse with strappy sandals can make for a great daytime outfit, while a beige blazer or cardigan can elevate your face for a night out.

Bold Colors

If you’re feeling bold, pairing your dark blue shorts with bright or bold colors can create a fun and vibrant outfit. You can try a yellow or red blouse or top with your shorts, or even a patterned shirt with some matching accessories such as earrings or a scarf.

Denim on Denim

Consider pairing your dark blue shorts with a denim shirt or jacket for a trendy and edgy look. This “denim on denim” look can be balanced with neutral shoes or accessories to keep it from overwhelming.

Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Dark Blue Shorts

Dark blue shorts are a versatile staple that can be dressed up or down, making them a must-have item in any wardrobe. However, figuring out how to style them can be a challenge. We’ll share some helpful tips to make the most of your dark blue shorts.

Whether you’re looking to create a casual daytime look or a more formal outfit, these tips will guide you on how to style your dark blue shorts and elevate your overall business.

Two men barbecuing food and drinking beer.

Consider the occasion

Consider where you will wear your dark blue shorts and choose your outfit accordingly. For example, a more casual company might be appropriate for a day at the beach, while a dressier outfit might be better for a night out.

Play with proportions

Dark blue shorts look great with fitted and loose-fitting tops. Experiment with different ratios to find what looks best on you.


Adding accessories such as jewelry, hats, and bags can elevate your outfit and make it look more put-together.

Choose the right shoes

The shoes you wear with your dark blue shorts can greatly impact the overall look of your outfit. Sandals and sneakers are great for a casual look, while heels or dressy flats can make your business more formal.

Layer up

Depending on the weather, you should layer your outfit with a cardigan, jacket, or scarf. This can also add visual interest to your outfit and make it look more polished.

By following these tips, you can create a variety of stylish and versatile outfits with your dark blue shorts.


Styling navy blue shorts can be difficult, but it is possible to overcome this by knowing what color shirts match well with them. Navy blue shorts should be worn with light and neutral shirt colors such as white, light blue, grey, and others.

There are also other outfit ideas to assist you to dress up for different occasions or activities. Finally, you should understand the importance of styling your navy blue shorts in improving your overall look.

Men who wish to boost their style with navy blue shorts must follow these tips to learn about numerous shirt color combinations and outfit ideas that will guide them in achieving a stylish and unified look.

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