Tinder Swipe Surge: What Is it & How To Use It

Tinder activity naturally increases because something exciting might happen, and you don’t want to miss it.

The party known as Swipe Surge is unique. It occurs during celebrations, Spring Break, and whenever someone shouts “open bar” from the rooftop pool party, everyone is required to “meet a friend” who is already inside. Any time Tinder is being used in your neighborhood, it occurs. And yes, there are countless opportunities.

Activity is up to 15 times higher during a swipe surge. Keep your clever banter up, and make sure your phone is charged. With that many more people at the party, your chance of finding a date increases by 250%, which means you’ll meet a cutie 33% faster. Do you want to know how to get invited to the party that’s going on right now? You certainly do.

What’s a Tinder Swipe Surge?

The Swipe Surge is a new feature that Tinder just released. This function was developed to let you know when Tinder users are overrunning the app. There are generally more individuals on the app, which increases your chances of finding a match.

It’s a tool that sends you updates in real time when user activity in your neighborhood surges. So you know when to join in on the heated matching action.

Depending on the user’s activity levels, Swipe Surge may last a few minutes to many hours or more. The well-known dating app claims that during a Swipe Surge, your chances of getting matches on Tinder increase by 250%, and you enter Tinder conversations 33% faster.

What Triggers A Swipe Surge On Tinder?

The dating app claims several factors, such as when the proportion of active Tinder users in your location is two times higher than typical, will cause a surge. According to the app’s preliminary data, activity surges tend to happen on Monday nights, although they can happen anytime.

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These surges often correspond with significant events, such as concerts, festivals, holidays, parties, etc. Users in such markets may typically anticipate receiving a Tinder Swipe Surge notification once every week or so, as the app is only currently being tested in a few locations.

How Do I Sign Up For Swipe Surge On Tinder?

The function is now only available on iOS. It has only been made available in a select number of foreign locales in addition to big US cities, including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. It’s simple to sign up once it’s accessible in your area. To begin receiving real-time updates, enable the push notifications.

You’ll be enrolled in swipe surge immediately via Tinder. Your profile will thus be automatically displayed to other users while the surge is in progress. This is how you activate or deactivate the Swipe Surge. The settings menus should be your first stop. You’ll see “Manage Swipe Surge” after about halfway down scrolling.

When you select this settings option, a screen allowing you to choose whether or not to be shown during a swipe surge will appear. Your profile won’t be displayed in the card stack when someone swipes on Tinder if you decide not to participate in the Swipe Surge.

This indicates that your profile will not profit from being 15 times more visible than other profiles. Unless you intend to keep your profile secret, in which case you should turn this off, we strongly advise against doing so.

Get More Dates During A Swipe Surge

Getting more people to see your Tinder profile is simple with Swipe Surge. But to find a match, you still need to have a profile that prompts people to swipe right and, ideally, encourages them to reply to your message.

You can get a ton of professional Tinder advice here, but for the time being, let’s concentrate on the two key elements that can make or break a match: your primary photo and your conversation opener.

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During a swipe surge, Tinder claims that your chances of getting matched increase by 250 percent, and you enter a discussion 33 percent more quickly. Depending on the user’s activity levels, they can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Other users will still be able to see your profile first when you respond to the push notifications because your profile jumps to the front of all those who aren’t using the functionality.

It functions as a free Tinder Boost. People are ready to swipe quickly when they respond to a swipe surge notification, so choose a primary photo that will stand out since there will be more competitive than usual.


The best course of action would be to regularly check Tinder or enable push notifications to receive updates when there is a rise in swipes. Due to the more significant potential, as stated by Tinder, you will have a greater possibility of finding more matches.

A 15x increase in Tinder activity characterizes a Swipe Surge compared to normal levels. The number of people actively swiping or conversing on the network has increased. Using a Swipe Surge to sign up will increase your chances of finding a match and having a better Tinder experience.

You never know when a Swipe Surge will occur, so enable your push notifications to receive real-time information that will let you know when it’s safe to swipe. The fun can continue for minutes or hours, so launch Tinder and settle in.

The Swipe Surge members who have already signed up will move to the front of the line, and we’ll even let you know who’s online right now. There is never a guest list, no dress code, and BYOB is always allowed. Be prepared, therefore.

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